We survived.....

Halloween...that is. You just never know what may happen when you give 2 five year olds and a 4 year old candy. I actually just threw out the rest of the candy yesterday. They only made it to a handful of houses to trick-or-treat. It was 80 degrees and poor kids were suffocating in those adorable minion costumes.


Halloween is Coming

Well of course that is the main topic of conversation around our house. Halloween......"how many more days" "what can I be" "can I be this or that" etc etc It's very draining. Especially the "is today Halloween? Tomorrow?"

Anyway....Jesse and I decided that they would be minions for Halloween this year. It took a bit of convincing because the boys wanted superheros and Danner a princess or a cat or something girlie.  I had a homemade costume idea. It would be simple yet cute. However....the hubs decided he needed to go above and beyond to make these minions. I was a bit worried because he just isn't a crafty guy. But I must say they turned out beyond cute!!! It took us the whole weekend to get them ready but totally worth it!  I can't wait for them to wear the costumes on Halloween!

So the finished product......


As for Me.....

Well, as for me I have basically been promoted to bus driver. I feel like that is ALL I do these days. Drive the twins to school. Go home. Drive Porter to school. Go home. Run errands. Clean. Workout. Drive to pick up Porter. Drive home. Drive to pick up twins. Drive home. Drive to t-ball or gymnastics or the library or birthday parties. DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE! And I know as they get older and get more hobbies this will only get worse. Ugh!

And as if I am not doing enough....I decided to add myself to the county sub list. I have been volunteering at the twins school every week in their class. And while Porter is at school I need something to keep myself busy. I thought subbing would be a great way to add to the kids college fund. I have only done it a few times....and to be honest it sucks! Bloody awful!!!!

On a positive note. I am taking care of myself! I have become a fitspo. I know most of you don't know what that is. I am really spending alot ALOT of my free time working out. Up to 2 hours a day most days. I have taken a path to clean eating. Of course not everyone in my family is onboard with this healthy choice...(cough.cough. JESSE) but it is a path that I am very passionate about. I have set up an entire room in our house to my home gym. And it is my most favorite place to burn energy, relieve stress, and it makes me happy!!

On the workout plan I really have become infatuated with lifting weights. I have always done cardio....but never have I seen the kind of results that I have gotten with weights. I have added cardio on top of weights as well.

SO prepare yourself! If I am going to blog.....you will be hearing more about my adventures with health and fitness!!




Porter is a character. He is so much fun. He definitely loves his momma (can't blame him...I'm pretty awesome). He really is a loving kid. Three was an awful age for him. He was a hellian. FACT! But as 4 is approaching he is really learning to listen better. Thank God!! In his defense Sawyer was awful at 3 too. I know it is totally just the age.

Porter just started t-ball. He is actually a good listener. He aims to please! He likes video games too but not quite as "passionate" as Sawyer. I think he will be good at sports. He really likes to play anything. He is an amazing swimmer for only being 3. He swims the length of the pool and can dive to the bottom of the deep end.

He just started preschool. He loves it. He was begging to go. This year he is doing 3 days a week 9-1 so it is just a short amount of time. He is doing so well. He is so happy to be around his friends. He is really very smart. Since he has the late birthday he is only in the 3 year old classroom. So he is pretty advanced I think in comparison to where Sawyer and Danner were in their 3 year old class.

Porter loves to sneak into our bedroom in the middle of the night. He shares a room with Sawyer right now but he usually sneaks into our room and we find him sleeping on the floor by our bed. At first this bothered me.......and I would drag him....kicking and screaming back upstairs. Then I gave up and always have a blanket and pillow down on the floor just in case. One day he'll grow out of it. And until that day comes......I refuse to lose sleep over it. Literally!

Such a fun and loving kid. Can't believe he will be 4 soon!



Sawyer is a cool kid. He loves video games and any kind of technology. I don't think he will be our sports kid (don't tell Jesse). He does play t-ball and is a decent hitter. But honestly I don't think he loves it.

He is doing great at school. Has lots of friends and such a social guy. He is very sweet to most everyone (with the exception of his siblings).

Most days he would prefer to be inside playing video games or watching dinosaurs. Honestly, I find the video thing annoying. I now use it as a bribe or take away his time as his punishment. He is just obsessed with technology. Loves the iPad, my iphone, computer, etc. I guess in this day it is totally acceptable. His school has kindles, iPads, and computers in the classroom to make learning "fun".

This kid does love football. He says he really wants to play. He isn't old enough yet and he definitely isn't big enough to be a football player. I will most definitely let him try it out because I am all for getting outside and playing.

He used to be quite the picky eater but over the past few months he really improved his sensory issues. He now will try most anything and actually has improved his list of foods he will eat.

He is quite the scaredy cat though. It is really annoying. He won't go upstairs by himself, won't go the bathroom unless someone is nearby. He usually has to drag someone (Porter or Danner) with him.

His personality has completely changed in the past year. He used to be difficult and had a bad temper when things didn't go his way. BUT somehow he grew out of that and is so sweet and pleasant to be around.

Gotta love him!!



Well. Hopefully I am out of my blogging rut. Not that anyone is still out there. But in the small chance that someone still cares I'll share a rundown.

Danner is a sweet 5 year old. The sweetest I know. She loves fashion....clothes, shoes, jewelry. She still loves all things girlie. She has adjusted well to kindergarten. She is still quite shy and takes time to warm up to strangers but once she knows ya...she will talk your ear off. She really loves taking care of Porter. They actually play really well together. She pushes him around in the stroller and takes care of him when he gets a boo boo. Its so cute. She plays well with Sawyer also but they don't like playing the same things usually so Porter is always willing to play dolls or barbies. :) Definitely not an early bird. Getting up for school is tough for her. Maybe she needs coffee....I don't know!

She takes a tumbling class weekly and really enjoys it. She is helpful around the house. Loves helping me cook and clean. Loves doing crafts and reading. She is a great little girl. I'm sure her teenage years will be pure torture!! She is a really good swimmer. We spent lots of time in the pool this summer and she can get toys off the bottom of the deep end and swim the length of the pool underwater.

She is always hungry. Which means always eating. She only weighs about 32 pounds right now so she is just a little peanut. I usually pack a lunch for them at school everyday and she likes turkey sandwiches the best. She is good about trying new things and isn't too picky.

She is just a happy and sweet gal. Love her to pieces.


Well Hello There.....

It has been soooooo long. Entirely too long. And the truth is it would be even longer if my hubby wasn't harassing me to update the blog! Life has been busy, hectic, and just passing all to quick. I haven't had the energy to sit down to blog. 3 busy kids, a husband, 2 dogs, and a cat.... a house to clean, mouths to feed, errands to run.......life doesn't slow down.

BUT this is for you, JESSE!!! Hope you appreciate the effort :)

And just so he doesn't lock me up in the basement.....I'll try my best to update more often!