Hands off.....

Danner's hand after eating lasagna. This girl loves some lasagna and doesn't like to share....so watch out.

Or this might happen to you too. Took some serious scrubbing to get this hand print off Porter's head. Poor guy. Hope he learned his lesson.....don't try stealing lasagna from Danner.


9 Months

This face cracks me up.
It was only a second before the blocks were in his mouth.

Walking around

Check out those 2 teeth.

Where has the time gone? Seriously.....I can't believe that our sweet baby boy is already 9 months. He is no longer the tiny baby that just lays around and sleeps and eats. He is the big boy that walks and eats. He is walking full time now....everywhere and it is so cute. He weighs 17 pounds and eats like a big guy. This kid eats everything. He is not picky like his siblings. He loves veges, fruits, sweets.....I think I could put dirt on his plate and he will lick it clean. He is the happiest little guy ever. Sleeps good, eats good, plays good....couldn't have asked for a better baby. He will probably give us hell during his teen years but for now he is seriously perfect. He absolutely loves Danner and Sawyer, even when they gang up on him (which is quite often). His favorite hobby is getting into the dog water bowl which = one big mess. He loves water and even goes under water and comes up laughing. I think his favorite food is peas, but he really has no complaints with anything. Hard to believe in 3 months he will be 1....kinda is depressing. Slow down time!!!!


New York, New York

A couple weeks back Porter and I took a trip to New York to visit Jesse. I really would have loved for everyone to go, but let's face it....I can't take 3 kids on an airplane by myself. Taking Porter was a job in itself...not because of him, but me. I am not a good flyer to say the least. It makes me sick. I guess I have severe motion sickness in my old age. Blah. Anyway, Porter was an angel the whole time. The flight, the hotel, the strolling around. I think he kinda liked being an only child. We were only there a few days so did a little sightseeing, shopping, and of course eating. Here are a few pics of the trip.

Way up there.....Porter and Jesse loved it.....me? not so much!
Strolling through Central Park.

Central Park Zoo....Porter loved the duck.

Top of the Rock....even the elevator ride made me sick.

Porter wasn't too sure of Elmo.

Walking in the park.

Not sure if he even realized the cat behind him.

He snoozed through the first half of our trip to the zoo.

Family pic minus 2. And it would be an understatement to say that the twins were spoiled the whole time we were gone. New tricycles, new art easel, cookies, ice cream, and pool were all involved. But they were surely missed!!



Danner giving Papaw a new do.

Why is it so hard to get 2 year olds to cooperate for a picture?
Big kiss

Hugs for Danner

Fun with play-doh

Danner playing with play-doh.

Daddy's home. I survived the 2 months.....just barely. Seriously these kids have been out to get me. But I made it. I was certain that I might fall over dead from pure aggrevation. Sawyer has been wearing a red hat with horns lately. Maybe it is just being 2, maybe a typical boy, or maybe he has been missing his daddy. I hope it is the latter and behavior will just miraculously change....wishful thinking I bet.

The twins are just being plain bad when it comes to naptime and bedtime. Naptime is a joke most days but occasionally if i get 'em really good and tired they will nap. Their room is practically empty to keep them from destroying it, but that doesn't matter.....they find things to tear up. Curtains, sheets, blankets, carpet. No tricking them. I have several times gone in and sat there to make sure they lay down and sleep. The dr recommended NOT doing that because it will just lead to another bad habit of me having to be there when they fall asleep. And let's just face it.....I don't have 2 hours at nap time to sit there and supervise falling asleep unless Porter takes a nap at that time. They are still really cute and happy and I love 'em to pieces, but honestly, I can't wait til I can reason with them.......like "get your little butts in bed right now and if you even think so much as to get out, I will ____________!!!!" Not too sure what exactly I WILL do but if you have any suggestions let me know.

Porter is as cute as ever and every so sweet and innocent compared to the terrible twos. I will get around to posting his 9 month post soon.

I have been racking my brain with things to do to keep these kiddos entertained while Jesse has been gone. It is oh-so-hard to get everyone out of the house by myself.



Remind me when I have time to blog more....post more pictures.......and tell you what has been going on around here. I apologize for slacking on the blog....but I have been busy taking care of 3 kids, 2 dogs, a house, a yard, cleaning, cooking, painting (yes painting), and a quick trip to NY. I will hopefully be back to blogging soon. Jesse will be done with his training Friday so life should be relatively back to normal...if there is such a thing.


Guess who is a BIG boy??

Yep little man is a walker. Of course crawling is still quicker at this point but he will walk about 5-6 steps at a time. He is pretty good at walking back and forth between people. So at 8 months he is walking.......HELP!!!!!!!!!!!