Jesse spent Saturday...all day Saturday....deep sea fishing with some buddies. It was a successful fishing trip. Lots of fun was had.....reeling in all these bad boys.

 I think a total of 16 Mahi and 2 Baracuda
 It APPARENTLY was a long, hard day of soaking in the sun, reeling in big catches, and swigging beer. ahem....tough life....I tell ya.
I took the kids down when the boat docked to show them all of the fish. 

 It was pretty tough work getting a decent picture of 6 goofballs.... aka drunkies. Haha
 But they were pretty impressed with the big packages they most men are.  LOL
 Can I get all of you to focus for just one second.....look at the camera.
 Finally a decent shot.

Pretty sure Jesse said this was the biggest catch all season.....But I bet the captain  tells every group that. Shhh...dont tell Jesse. It might hurt his feelings :)
 So glad everyone was able to enjoy themselves and each others company.
 Totally worth the trip for all the fish that is stacked in our freezer right now. Yum.
Thank goodness I like Mahi .

Great job guys but for the record....I am going next year. So find a babysitter!! 

Missing you.

It's been 3 months. Seems like yesterday. We think of you everyday wishing you were still here with us. But we cherish the time we had with you. All happy, fun memories......

We know you are smiling down on us!!!

Beach Babes

We have had a few beach days this year already. I do have a feeling we will be spending more time at the pool than the beach. But the kids really are loving the beach this year. No one has run for the dunes or gotten bored of it yet....which is a first. Finally getting to an age that everyone enjoys it. Ahhh...

 These guys definitely are NOT afraid of the water. They just run right for the waves.
 And this little guy isn't so sure. He doesn't LOVE the water just yet. But I have a feeling he will when he is bigger.
 My sweet boys....

 Even a princess in her bathing suit.

I just love this age. Everyone likes to get out and about....and half of them actually listen.   :)

These Days....

Our days lately consist of hanging out by the pool......and when we get chilly we run into the hot tub. I have a feeling we will get good use of our pool this summer. The kids love swimming and are really doing amazing with their swimming. Danner and Sawyer don't wear water wings anymore and I feel confident in their ability to maneuver around the pool safely. We are still practicing with Porter, but he isn't afraid of the water and loves to try to swim underwater. Danner and Sawyer start their swim camp in a few weeks and can't wait to see their progress. (Porter isn't old enough yet.)

 Miss Priss posing in the hot tub.

 This dog has a tough life, right??
 Practicing their swimming...

Relaxing by the pool.....


This super cutey seriously melts my heart.  He has a personality that fits somewhere between Danner and Sawyer. He isn't shy like Danner. And he isn't overly outgoing like Sawyer. He is a mama's boy for sure.

 He really aims to please. He loves to make me happy.
 He is so smart....he keeps up with the twins.
 He plays especially well with Danner.....she loves to boss him around.
 He always has a smile on his face.
 This kid can eat....he always is on the hunt for food.
 super long eyelashes that any woman would die for....
 This kid is so much fun. He likes to laugh, play, and always has the right words.....My favorite quote from Porter is "Mommy, I love you TOO much!!"