Well. Hopefully I am out of my blogging rut. Not that anyone is still out there. But in the small chance that someone still cares I'll share a rundown.

Danner is a sweet 5 year old. The sweetest I know. She loves fashion....clothes, shoes, jewelry. She still loves all things girlie. She has adjusted well to kindergarten. She is still quite shy and takes time to warm up to strangers but once she knows ya...she will talk your ear off. She really loves taking care of Porter. They actually play really well together. She pushes him around in the stroller and takes care of him when he gets a boo boo. Its so cute. She plays well with Sawyer also but they don't like playing the same things usually so Porter is always willing to play dolls or barbies. :) Definitely not an early bird. Getting up for school is tough for her. Maybe she needs coffee....I don't know!

She takes a tumbling class weekly and really enjoys it. She is helpful around the house. Loves helping me cook and clean. Loves doing crafts and reading. She is a great little girl. I'm sure her teenage years will be pure torture!! She is a really good swimmer. We spent lots of time in the pool this summer and she can get toys off the bottom of the deep end and swim the length of the pool underwater.

She is always hungry. Which means always eating. She only weighs about 32 pounds right now so she is just a little peanut. I usually pack a lunch for them at school everyday and she likes turkey sandwiches the best. She is good about trying new things and isn't too picky.

She is just a happy and sweet gal. Love her to pieces.


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