I really don't have anything too exciting going on right now but I thought I would give you a few highlights.....remember it is nothing exciting.

-sleeping has turned downright painful for Sawyer. I get him to bed(which is still a fight) and he stands at the door whining and crying for me until he falls asleep. It is only about 5-10 minutes. I go in and move him to his bed. Around 2 am he wakes up crying for me. So sad. He says he is scared of his bed...poor guy. I don't really think he is scared. I usually have to go in several times to comfort him.....but each time I leave he starts the screaming process again. I don't want to take him in our bed. I am just mean like that, ha! No really, I have 3 kids and if I take one , thEn I will have to take three, and the bed is just not big enough. Any suggestions? I thought that this was just a phase but it has lasted for weeks now.

- I think porter realized he is indeed a puma. He now raises his arms and growls and chases the twins. Yesterday Porter was chasing Danner and Danner turned around and pushed him down. I made her apologize to him. She did and then ran to Sawyer and told him "I pushed down puma" . That made me laugh.

- Danner is obsessed with her pajamas. She will take them off to put on clothes to leave the house, but the minute we return home she strips down and must have her jammies on. She also has multiple personalities which reflects what jammies she has on. If she is wearing Dora...then her name is Dora. If her jammies has a butterfly, then she is a butterfly. And ideally she would wear the same ones over and over. Luckily for her I wash multiple loads a day therefore she can wear them again and again.

-we are basically living in a bubble. I am not taking them anywhere enclosed...church, museums, gymnastics. Our last round of stomach bug cost us about a thousand dollars after insurance. So I vowed to keep them in the bubble until further notice. We are still playing at the park, outside, and at family's house...so they aren't completely deprived.

-I scheduled their first dentist about in another month. Nervous to see how that goes.

- we have decided not to do a birthday party for them this year. I will have family over to celebrate, but we are going to take them to Myrtle beach to the same resort we went to in September with the indoor waterpark. I think they would have more fun doing that.

- I have a TON of girls clothes to get rid of. I was holding out hope that my friend ( who had her second set of twins Saturday) would have a girl, but nope all 4 boys. so now I have massive amounts of clothes that need a good home.

- my day started off with Sawyer spilling syrup on the floor. While I was getting something to clean it up with, porter stepped in it and ran....spreading syrup all over the house. Off to mop for the 2 nd time today.

See I warned you that there is nothing really exciting going on....happy Monday!



The twins are starting to play "pretend". It seriously cracks me up. Their favorite thing is to "pretend" that Porter is a puma. A bad, dangerous puma who is out to attack them. They scream "watch out, it's a puma. Run from the puma. Oh no, it's a puma."  Yea,  not a lion, snake, spider, tiger, monster, alien ...nope none of those. Must be a puma. Poor Porter has no idea that he is a mean, dangerous Puma. He is just excited that they are playing with him. And running from him, and talking to him. Even if it is frantic screaming..........ha!

Now I am not sure, but I am thinking when I was 2 I had no idea what a puma was. It definitely wasn't my enemy of choice. It is hilarious. I guess I have Diego to thank for this one.


It is completely crazy to me that in less than 2 short months the twins will be 3. 3 whole years old. They have come such a long way in those 3 years. I am just amazed at how time flies. They are so much fun. I love listening to their conversations and being able to understand them. It is alot easier now that they understand me and I understand them. They have completely different personalities. It is too funny.

 Sawyer is so outgoing. He loves playing with anybody. He is ACTIVE. He doesn't sit still -EVER. He doesn't like to sit and do crafts or learn colors, numbers, shapes, ABC's.....which drives me crazy. He would rather play trucks, karate kick, and shoot guns. He is just a typical boy.

Danner is quiet around people she doesn't know. She would rather play with Sawyer and Porter than other kids....so shy. She likes to boss Sawyer and Porter around. She loves animals. She has a collection of stuffed animals that sleep with her and she takes them wherever she goes. And she knows if one is missing....trust me.... I have spent hours searching for those darned animals. She likes doing crafts...coloring, glueing, cutting. She is good at counting, her colors, shapes.

I can't believe in 2 short years these 2 will be starting school.....now that makes me SAD!

Off to take my kiddos outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. Hoping it sticks around for a while.


So I paid to add the additional GB for more pictures. So here are pics from yesterday morning.
 Waiting on the Valentine's....2 out of 3 looking at the camera must be some sort of record for me.
 Porter looking in his bag.
 Sawyer playing Sheriff with his belt and guns.

Hmmm. Danner's pic won't show up. Oh well. I will try again in the next post.


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!! We have had a great day so far. I made the kids heart pancakes. They opened cards and had a small gift. Daddy brought them a balloon and me some beautiful roses and surprised us by taking the day off (well not really off, but working from home). We are going to lunch for my grandparents birthday and hopefully playing outside in this gorgeous weather.

Bad news is that I had some ever-so-cute photos to upload but apparently I have reached my capacity for photos on the blog. So I guess I  have to purchase more GB to hold them?! Not sure how that works?? Anyone else had to do this??

Anyway....hopefully I can figure that out and get the photos up.....or else the blog might just be boring ol' words....BOO.

Happy Heart Day!!


The twins have become nightmares at bedtime.....seriously!! Bedtime is bittersweet these days. First I can't wait for 8 o'clock to roll around so I can put these guys to bed.  They no longer take a nap so it is the first time all day that I have time to myself. But getting them to bed sucks. First, I partially blame my husband. He gets home shortly before their bedtime and when he does get home he plays- rough-housing, chasing, hiding, wrestling with them. Then comes the big-bad momma and crushes everyone's fun......

"time for night-night" I say.

"NO Night-nights" twins shout back at me.

And here starts the downhill progression towards bed. They run from me. They hide from me. They kick, they scream, they cry, they stomp....you name it- they do it. And it sucks.  BAD!!!  I manage to get everyone upstairs. We brush teeth. We go potty. And as I am sticking one on the potty, the other runs. And we start the above process over and over and over again. Ugg.

Finally we make it into the bedroom. They jump on beds, they climb on shelves, they crawl  in the closet. You get the idea. I get one in bed tucked in and the other one gets out.
" I want chapstick"
"I want water"
I want another kiss"
"Tuck me in again"
"I want a toy. Just one?"
"I need to go potty"

Finally. Finally after 30 minutes of this I get the light off and shut the door ( which has a safety knob to prevent escaping) I fall into bed. Only to hear kicking.....and  this

" I want chapstick"
"I want water"
"I want another kiss"
"Tuck me in again"
"I want a toy. Just one?"
"I need to go potty"

I go in to find the lights one and the toys scattered around the floor. I feel like I have tried everything. Threats! Yelling! Bribing!

SIGH....so much fun.

This is just a recent thing. Before they were exhausted from no naps and would fall right to bed and pass out. Now they are used to no naps and still refuse to go to sleep. And apparently I am the only exhausted one.

Why can't I have this energy? And what can I do to help improve this bedtime process- one that involves me not jumping out the window!!!???  Maybe some help from the hubs??



Little Mr. Hampton is getting cuter by the minute.....seriously about to smile.

 Almost ready to smile.....
 Nope. Just kiddin'....I'd rather cry.
 I think he loves me.
 Do I look like a pro at this baby thing? That's because I am.

Love this little guy....

About time

It's about time for some pictures. My laptop has been sucky lately and I can't download photos to my ipad so I have been slacking in the photo department. Sorry. These will have to hold you over until I can get some more on here. Last weekend we actually had some decent weather for playing outside. So we took advantage of it while it was here. We went to the park to play and also enjoyed the backyard.
 Danner was actually smiling for the camera a couple of times....quite unheard of.
 Porter taking a Sunday stroll in the coupe.
 Sliding down the slide on his belly.

Happy Friday!!!