Swim School

The kids took their 2 week swim lessons at UNCW at the beginning of July. It has taken forever for me to blog about it. I was hoping to show some pictures BUT the lighting in that place sucked and I was far away in the bleachers and didn't get a good shot. I do have some recent videos to share of them swimming but I will have to learn how to upload using my new computer.

Danner did amazing. She really surprised me. The first day was great. Neither of them knew what to expect. They went with the teacher super excited to go swimming. HOWEVER....all that changed when the teacher pushed them in and made the go under water.  Needless to say the second and third days were nightmares. She cried when I told her she was going. She did good though after she got in the water. Being the little princess she is...she hates getting her hair and face wet. I am happy to say that after 2 weeks she will go under all on her own with no screaming or crying. She actually likes it now. She is doing well at swimming with kicking her legs and using her arms. I am so proud of how much she learned.

Sawyer did great too. He hated when I left him everyday but he is such the social butterfly that he had a blast flirting with the teachers and chatting with his new friends. So I don't think he really tried too hard at the swimming thing.....but he did accomplish a few new tricks. He can swim with his head under and is really good at kicking his feet and getting to where he needs to go. We are still working on using his arms to help.I definitely feel safer with them in the water now. They don't even like to use their water wings anymore.

I really wish we would have had another 2 week session with the swimming lessons. Unfortunately that was the last of the summer. Next year we will take them again...and I think Porter will too.

I hope to get the video up soon.

Jesse's new Toy

Did I mention that our our grill caught on fire a few weeks back. So we had to get another......and of course it had to be the Mercedes of all grills. And it is nothing short of AMAZING......but of course Jesse has turned into a fabulous grill cook. Check out this meal. A rotisserie chicken with red potatoes. Yum. SO back to the grill....it has a smoke box, a rotisserie pole, and a searing station. PERFECT.

And the proud new chef.....Not complaining about the price (although it was high) because I am getting lots of good fun and not having to cook. AMEN!!


Ha. Jesse is going to kill me but this is too funny not to post. When we were in Ohio he didn't shave the whole week and got quite shaggy. When we got home he had a big scruffy mess to clean up. He shaved in sections and finally was left with a mustache. I thought it looked hilarious. Needless to say it definitely isn't "him" and it got shaved too.....but not before a much needed picture.


Well Hello There

Yes I know I have been quite the slack blogger the past week/s. I do have photos and stories and exciting things to share. Not too exciting so don't get your hopes up. But we have a new addition to our family.

Meet my new I Mac. The hubs suprised me with it since my laptop has since better days. I am super excited to get my pics on there and start blogging again. So bear with me.....

I will be back.


Princess Danner

and Sophia. These two friends love to dress up. Sophia is one of my friends daughters. She gets along so well with my kids. I think they will be forever friends.....Whenever she comes over the girls love to dress up.
 Both sporting crowns and dancing around together.
 I signed Danner up for dance lessons. She starts in August. I think she will love wearing dance leotards and shoes.
Oh the fun I can have with my little girl......

Kabota Ridin'

This was probably the kids favorite activity to do at Grammy and Papa's. They really enjoyed riding around in Papa's Kabota. They would get buckled in and off they went. A couple of times they fell asleep riding in it.

I think that wraps up our Ohio pictures. We had such an amazing time and can't wait to visit again.


Swimming in the lake

The kids did lots of swimming in Grammy and Papa's lake. It was a great way to keep them occupied and wear the out.

 Uncle Jeff helped to entertain them in the water.

 Jesse also enjoyed swimming just as much as the kids.

He also provided entertainment from the diving board.


More pictures from our trip to Ohio
 Danner Sawyer Grammy Papa William and Madison
 Porter Madison and Sawyer wrestling
 Sarah Jay Jesse Porter Madison Laura Danner Sawyer and Grammy
 I jumped in this shot
 All the kids (except William) making silly faces.
 me with my favorite 3 kiddos
 Going for a ride on Papa's lap
 Laura Danner and William
Danner loves her some babies.....


 The kids spent lots of time on the lake. It was a good way to burn off energy.
 Danner and Daddy getting ready to go fishing in the paddle boat.
 Off they go....
 They were determined to catch the "big one"
Sure is boring waiting around for a fish to bite....ha.

The Real Zoo

We took a trip to the zoo in Cleveland. It didn't smell nearly as bad as the drive thru...haha.
 posing for a picture beside the elephant.
 This is the monkey that threw poop at Sawyer. He is still talking about it. If you ask him what he saw at the zoo he will tell you about the monkey....gross.
 Danner's hand in comparison to an orangutan's.
 studying info about the eagle
 this little lady insisted on riding on Daddy's shoulders the whole day
 we managed to get a shot of all of us....too bad nobody was smiling
 snack break....some popcorn and juicebox
 checking out the seals
 she loved all the animals
 they both got maps and started trying to read the list of animals...it was super cute.

 rhino head
 picture beside the monkey statue
Porter petting the snake...yuck.