After finding this night after night..... (Danner sleeping on the floor)
And going into their rooms and cleaning up this

and this ......multiple times at naps and at night.....

I decided to do this.......

Very sad to see no more cribs but for safetly and sanity I had to remove the beds. They are now sleeping on their mattresses on the floor. Can you believe these monkeys....they are ganging up on me....... :)


I know....I'm late. But sweet baby Porter is eight months old. He is the BEST baby and I have really been lucky on how easy, sweet, and adorable this kid is. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE this little guy. He melts my heart, seriously, melts my heart!

He weighs about 17 pounds now and has finally picked up on eating. His favorite is peas. Can you believe that? Danner and Sawyer refuse to eat anything green. I am so proud.... He has 2 bottom teeth that are so cute. He crawls, stands, and even takes a few steps here and there. He can climb too.....he likes to climb on the trampoline....dangerous because he hasn't figured out how to get down yet. He loves for the twins to play or talk to him. He finds them to be quite humorous. He is quite the talker too. He says bye-bye and Dada...he can wave and clap. And he loves.loves.loves water. He likes the ocean and will crawl right up to the waves. He likes the pool. He likes the bathtub and likes to crawl in the shower. Quite the waterbug. He is sleeping well at night about 10-11 hours and takes about 2 naps per day. He is seriously the happiest baby ever and is always laughing and smiling.


Yep....sweet Miss Priss is nothing but drama.....lots and lots of drama. That would be mascara all over her mascara....that she stole out of my make-up bag....and somehow managed to open it.....and smell it. Why? Because that is what she does. She smells everything. Food, drink, clothes, hair, and apparently mascara. And just an FYI...she isn't crying due to the fact that she has mascara shoved up her nose. She is crying because I took the mascara away. See? Told ya....DRAMA.


This is the reason we had to take the sides off the crib.....little Miss Priss can crawl out of the crib but can't get back in. So she would eventually fall asleep on the floor. Basically playing until she can't keep her eyes open leaving me to tip-toe in and place her back in her crib.
SO....we converted the cribs to toddler beds and bought them cute bedding......robots for Sawyer.

and kitties and doggies for Danner. They were super impressed as they helped me make their beds and get ready for naptime. But not so happy that I moved all the toys, books, bookshelf, toybox, and anything else that might get destroyed out...including putting a lock on the closet door. I did leave a small box of books and small toys by each of their beds.
BUT a mere 3 minutes after leaving the room (and telling them to stay in bed)I heard some serious noises coming from in there. SO I peaked in to find this.....

and this......

Yes Sawyer was in Danner's bed and Danner had tore Sawyer's bed completely up...mattress on the floor along with pillows, toys, blankets, and sheets.
SoI put on my boots and stomped right in and put them in bed and sat there.....and sat there.....and sat some more until finally.....56 long minutes later I had 2 sleeping toddlers. SIGH.....

Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father's Day. We miss you so much and can't wait for you to come home. We have lots of hugs and kisses for you when you get here. We will play and watch dinosaurs and robots. You are the best Daddy ever and we are so lucky to have you. We are so proud of you....keep up the good work. Can't wait to see you.

Love you lots,
Danner, Sawyer, & Porter
P.S. You better bring us some presents......

The Plan...

Ok, I had to come up with a plan.....and quick. I was hoping to keep the twins in cribs as long as possible. Because, let's face it, as soon as they are in big it just going to be difficult. They are such good sleepers and I am worried all that will change when they are no longer stuck in their cribs. Anyway.....I am going to have to switch them to toddler beds. Our cribs transform into them anyway so it isn't that big of a deal. With the exception of them staying in it. Their room is relatively baby proof, but totally not mess proof. Yesterday after their "nap"time or lack thereof.....I walked into a disaster zone. All clothes were out of the drawers and on the floor. There were tons of books pulled off of their bookshelf and on the floor...some with pages missing. is the day. I will take apart their cribs and see what happens. Anyone with tips on how to keep them in bed? I have a feeling Sawyer will be crawling in bed with Danner. I will give you an update tomorrow.....wish me luck.

Do these things come with lids????

Danner enjoying the pool.
Porter standing all by himself.

Here is Porter NOT enjoying his carrots. Apparently carrots make a great decor. We are still struggling to find something he will eat. We keep trying...the dr recommended letting him play with it....this is the result.

Seriously....we need a lid or two for these cribs. I have spent the past 2 hours of nap time putting my monkeys back in their cribs. Ummm...they haven't gotten the point yet. Still awake, out of their beds, and talking up a storm. I gave up. They haven't escaped out of their room yet, so that is a plus, right? Sawyer likes to crawl out of his bed and jump in Danner's. Danner likes to crawl out of her bed, but doesn't climb back in. Not to mention the fact that the a/c's broken in our upstairs....and it must be 200 degrees outside today and is seriously 90 degrees in our house. Miserable......
oh no...gotta go....twins just broke out of their room....

First Step

Porter took his first step yesterday. He is such a big boy. He has been standing on his own for a few weeks now, but actually decided to step. It was only one, but I know he will be walking too soon. I have some pictures to post, but very little time. Jesse is gone for training and it is just me, three kids, 2 dogs, plants to water, grass to mow, house to clean, clothes to wash, mouths to get the have to wait. For now.


So believe it or not, Porter is allergic to peanuts....not wheat. We are unsure as to what caused the reaction to the rice and oatmeal.....and will hopefully be able to figure it out. So for now we avoid grains and peanuts.