Yep, folks...things are getting crazy 'round here. I have so much going on... I  don't even know which way to turn. Thanksgiving on Thursday, leaving for Disney Friday, the day after we get back is y sister's baby shower (which I am hosting at my house). This is Jesse's poor planning...not mine. So I am trying to get everything (decorations) ready for the shower so all I will have to do is cook. I am trying to get everyone packed for our vacay, and get shopping/baking for Thanksgiving. Oh and Christmas shopping...........and making sure 3 kids are entertained and alive.

I am not going to lie....I love it. Making lists....checking things off my list. Staying busy. I love this time of year. And I have to admit that MOST of my Christmas decorations are out... a few have already been broken (thanks Danner). Most of my Christmas shopping is done(thanks to the internet). I hate waiting til the last minute. IT makes me anxious. It makes me nauseous. It flat out makes me crazy. I know.... I am weird like that.

Ok. Now that you all know I am crazy, I have to get back to the chaos. Just wanted y'all to know I am still alive. Just busy and loving it.

 My sickies last week. Don't worry....they are better now.
 Seems like the only time they sit still is when they are sick or sleeping. Did I mention they no longer take naps? about long day. I get NOTHING done anymore.
 I hope this little angel doesn' t learn any bad habits from the older 2.....wishful thinking? I think so!!
My little cuddle bugs. So sweet!!

Christmas Cards....

Yep. It is time to start thinking about Christmas cards for 2010. While I have an excellent picture of what I would like my cards to look like this year, I must be realistic. I have 3 toddlers. 3 active toddlers. 3 toddlers that don't like sitting still.  3 toddlers that don't like the camera. 3 toddlers that I must tickle, chase, and torture to even get a smile. I might just have to include seperate pictures  of the kids this year instead of one big family photo....the group shot didn't go as planned.

OK so let's just face it. The picture won't be perfect. It may not contain smiles. It may not have everyone looking at the camera......but just know it is sent with LOVE.... And while the picture may not be perfect....the actual card itself will be because I am ordering my cards from Shutterfly this year. They have so many cute options for photo cards. Check them out here.  And it is so easy to do. Pick the colors, how many photos, and get some other photo gifts. I have ordered a personalized calendar in previous years like these here. They make great holiday gifts to family and friends. I also like their photo books. I made one for Jesse for father's day last year. Check them out here.  Love me some Shuttefly. I really like this one....

Do you have a blog? Find out how you can get 50 free cards. Check it out here.

This may or may not be a sneak peek of how our card shoot went this weekend.....



Have I ever mentioned how bad it sucks to have a sick child........waking at night, snotty noses, coughing, whining, wanting to be held. I hate it. There isn't much you can do for a sick kid....tylenol pretty much is the limit. Well, how about when you have 3 sickies and a sick daddy? fun at all!!! I just don't have enough arms, laps, or patience when it comes to this. And the worst patient of all guessed it.....Daddy! Men are not good sick ones. Especially Jesse!! Poor miserable Jesse. I swear he has  been sick more since starting his new job than ever before. And what especially sucks for me is the fact that every time he is sick he brings it home to the kids. Ugh. Now I am sure it is my turn to get this latest I am just waiting. And who wants to take care of me???

Happy Friday!

Guess What??

We are going to Disney. Jesse and I are especially excited. The kids are too, but they don't really understand exactly where they are going. They just keep wanting to "see animals" and "ride horsies". We are staying at Animal Kingdom so we have showed them pictures of all the animals. I know we they get there it will be amazing. I have to admit I am a tad nervous of 3 kids in Disney all naps....strange bed at night.....should be interesting.

We are going after Thanksgiving. .....the countdown is on.

Sawyer's Big Weekend

So Friday night Jesse and Sawyer hit the road (with one of Jesse's friends) to the NCSU/Clemson game. It was a 5 hour drive, an overnight stay, and a full day of tailgating and football. I was a nervous wreck sending my little love off with Daddy.....he has never been alone with the kids for more than a few hours. Ugh. I just knew it was going to be a disaster. And Sawyer has never been away from Danner for more than a few I was dreading bedtime for both of us. But everyone survived. Sawyer had a blast playing with other kids, watching football, and hanging out with the boys. I know there will be plenty of more trips for him in his future.

I really wanted to resize this photo but I couldn't get it to save.....he is seriously cute sticking out his tongue to concentrate on throwing the ball. Could he be the next Peyton Manning??? I think so.........
Danner was an angel. Porter was too. We had fun. And OMG I was in heaven with only having 2 kids. We ran errands, went out and about, and took full advantage of 2 kids. Easy peasy.

Danner's First Haircut

Danner had her first haircut. She even did it ALL BY HERSELF.  I know, I know that does take some talent to be able to give yourself a great haircut, but our little princess is quite talented. I was letting her practice cutting paper with some scissors.....which is her new favorite thing to do......when I glanced at her with the scissors at the top of her hair with a big 7 inch wad of hair in between the blades. I screamed....but it was too late. Off fell the large chunk of hair. The good news is....well, it could have looked a lot worse. Actually you can barely tell except in one little spot. See?

Yea the one spot right by her headband. She may be an aspiring cosmetologist.....whatcha think?

No more scissors for Danner......

We're Off to See....

the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of OZ........

Yep. Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Lion went out trick or treating this year. And they loved it. Sawyer especially had fun running up to houses and getting candy. Danner enjoyed prancing around in her costume, twirling and spinning in her beautiful red shoes. Porter just liked chewing on his mane.
Happy Belated Halloween!

To Whom it May Concern...

Why must you insist on changing the time? I am sick of all the spring aheads and fall just sucks. Especially when you have kids....which is apparent that you don't. Or else you may understand the problem. Kids like schedules...and when you screw with the time you mess everything up. Wake up time....breakfast time....naps....lunch.....snacks....dinner.....oh and the grumpiness. If you were around my house you might just get it....and change it back JUST for me.  Now don't get me wrong, I like the long summer days and the dark winter mornings. I don't like it being dark so early....that just equals more time stuck inside.
I don't like have to keep grumpies up later to try to get the back on a schedule. And I don't like when they wake at their "normal" 8 am only to see that it is really 7 am. It makes for 1 grumpy momma too. So if you don't mind pick ONE and stick to it. This back and forth crap isn't working for me.

Thanks so much,

Test Results

Monday we had the occupational therapists out to test Danner and Sawyer. Remember how I said they didn't pass the fine motor skills part of the survey? Well they send out 2 specialists to come and test them on all areas...speech, cognitive, self-help, fine motor, gross motor....all the areas of development. Well they passed. They are actually averaging at age 3 1/2 in all areas which I was really glad about. They both did really well for the lady and loved "playing" with all her "toys". So there ya have it. I was kids....bad listening!!!

Dancing with the Star

Our little star. She has recently realized that dress-up is so much fun. Here she is in her latest costume dancing and twirling around. (This was not her Halloween costume. I promise those are next to post.) Then checking herself out in my china cabinet mirror.


Pumpkin Patch

I know. I am slightly behind on my posts. I am just getting around to posting pictures from the pumpkin patch trip. So here are they are. Sawyer loved running up and hugging all the pumpkins. Especially the big ones.

Up next...costumes!!


Birthday Bash (part 3)

 Opening presents....this was after the cake so that  is why he has no shirt on.
 He got too many cute gifts and toys......
 Even this cute thing that reminds me of a grasshopper.
 Everyone had to help open presents....
 But water balloons may have provided the most entertainment for all the kids.
 Riding his grasshopper
Pumpkin Head...