Make Over

No...not the "mommy make-over" that I have been dreaming about.....but a blog make-over. I spent "naptime" adding a little character to my blog. So what do you think?

Four Months

Dear Viral Infection....

You are the worst thing ever. I can honestly say I HATE you. You have infected everyone in our house and still, after 2 long, miserable weeks, we are still feeling your effects. You have made my abs hurt from coughing so much, my nose sore from blowing so often, my ears, my head, my throat.....all because of you. I have not had a good nights sleep in over 2 weeks thanks to you. Can you please pack your stuff and get out of our house.

We are starting to feel better but still coughing and have runny noses. I am hoping we are on the uphill side of this because I am not sure how much more we can take. I have lost my camera. THere is a good chance it is just misplaced. I have to hide everything from the kids and I am pretty sure I hid it from them. I have turned our house upside down looking for that thing and have yet to find it. So no pictures.

Porter is 4 months and I can't even post his pictures due to the missing camera. But besides his cold he is doing great. Rolling all over the place. He likes sitting up and standing. He is enjoying his johnny jump and exersaucer too. And he is so ticklish. He laughs alot. It is so cute. Okay off to search some more for that camera.

Still sick...

Yep we are all still sick. Porter has been to the doctor two days in a row. Yesterday I decided to take him in due to his cough. He got a breathing treatment and told me to come back if he seems worse. Today he was projectile vomiting after eating so they wanted to check to make sure he was hydrated and see if his oxygen levels were good. He did lose weight since yesterday from all the vomiting, but is still a big guy at 13.4 pounds. They think he has RSV which is a big cause for concern. Right now his oxygen level is good. He is quite wheezey and coughing alot. If he gets worse we are to go right in and it could end up as a hospital visit. So keep him in your prayers.

Danner seems to be feeling a bit better. She still has a lingering cough but has her appetite back. Sawyer still feels a bit puny but I think he is starting to feel better.

ME? I feel like crap. My abs are sore from coughing so much. And my nose is raw from blowing it so is tough being sick when you have 3 other sicklings to take care of.

This is the first real sickness for all the kids. Sawyer had a stomach bug last February and Danner had strep throat last January. Hopefully this will be it for a while.


Yep. We are ALL sick. Viral, I guess, so there is no fix. Sniffles, cough, and just feeling puny. Starting earlier this week Danner got it. Then Jesse, Sawyer, and me. Porter is okay, just sniffles at night when I lay him flat. So the nurse said this could last about 14 days. 14 LONG MISERABLE DAYS....sick kids are no fun.

And on top of all that we woke to 5 inches of snow. Biggest snow in wilmington in 10 years. And we are too miserable to go play. So we are sitting by the fire, still in pj's, watching Dora......

Wordless Wednesday


Here are some cute pictures of the kids. Finally got the camera charged. Excuse Sawyer's black eye. He collided with the edge of the coffee table.
Hi. I AM still alive. Just incredibly busy with no time to get on the computer. I have no pictures for this post because my camera is dead and I can't seem to find the battery charger, but soon...I promise.

Sawyer and I have quit his music class. It just was NOT fun for him or me. So he is now going to gymnastics with Danner and I. Today was his first day and he loved it. He played with all the other kids. He ran, he jumped, he fell, he rolled, he flipped, and he chased the other kids. So I am glad I took him. On a totally different note he is now obsessed with dinosaurs. It all started when Jesse was watching some dinosaur movie. He loves, loves, loves them.

Danner still loves gymnastics too. The past few weeks she would take a few minutes to come out of her shell. She never really interacted with any of the other kids but kept to herself. BUT with Sawyer there she was all over the place. She ran and played with other kids and "showed off" for Sawyer. She didn't follow him around but if she lost sight of him she would go looking for him. It was cute. She is obsessed with her dolls. She likes to feed them, give them a pacifier, and put them in the stroller. AND she also used the potty yesterday twice all by herself. Yep, she took off her clothes, then her diaper, and sat right down on the potty. Yippee.

Tomorrow the twins will be 22 months old. Hard to believe. I guess I should start planning for the birthday 2 short months. It actually falls on Easter weekend.

Porter has become quite the rolly poly. Last week he started rolling constantly. He rolls from his back to his belly, but has only rolled back to his back once. He is no longer safe on the couch. And he is still a happy baby. We love him.

Okay that is all for to come one day!!!!