Bouncing Around....

On Wednesday we took a trip to Monkey Joe's to meet up with a friend. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a place that is full of blow up bouncy things. Like slides, houses, and such. A few of the things are age appropriate to Danner and Sawyer. They really had a blast. It is great because they can run around and play and I really don't have to chase them around or worry about them getting into too much trouble. Here are a few pictures of their fun-filled day.

The Big Day

Well, I got a letter in the mail yesterday informing me that me c-section date has been set for October 22nd at 7:30 am. Kind of scary to think about. So on or before October 22nd (hopefully before) Mega will make his/her big (but hopefully not too big) appearance.

So True......

Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of Mother's Love.

-- Maureen Hawkins

Ducks go Walking.....

Finally the camera is back. Here are a few cute pictures of Jesse and the babies at the beach last weekend. Wish I could say that we did something fun this weekend but we worked around the house.

Here we are enjoying the pool. Do you know how hard it is to get 2 babies to look at the camera at the same time?

Danner playing in the sand.

Doesn't this remind you of ducks walking in a row? How cute....following Daddy to the water.

Playing with Daddy in the sand.

This is Sawyer screaming at the water. He is scared of the waves, but loves the pool. Strange, huh?

Sawyer and Danner are doing great. They are keeping me busy and into everything. Just this weekend they realized they can climb onto the coffee and end tables. That is something I am not too proud of. They tag team gets on one end and the other on the other end and by the time I pull one down, the other is back up there. NIGHTMARE.......
It is crazy how different their personalities are. Danner is very shy and Sawyer is quite the flirt. He will talk up a storm and knows lots of words. He will repeat almost anything you say. Danner is lucky to get a word in. They both really like books and will try to read them to me. It is so cute. I am sure a lucky mom to have such cute and smart babies.

I had a doctors appointment on Friday. Everything was fine. They scheduled my c-section for week 40. Not sure the exact date yet but whenever my favorite doctor is on call. I am hoping I won't make it to week 40 because I really don't want a c-section. But only time will tell. Next appointment is on the 1st and I will know how much megababy weighs. Hope to have some pictures posted of the nursery soon.

I have picked up a new hobby of reading blogs. I have been reading blogs of people that I don't know. It is quite addictive. I have found them quite interesting and it all topics that I am familiar with. Mainly infertility blogs, mothers of multiples blogs, pregnancy blogs. The only problem with this is that some of these blogs are quite depressing. When I read these it makes me realize how truely lucky I am to have 2 healthy babies. It was a long road to get there, but it happened for us and we couldn't be happier. I won't list the blogs on here, but if you want some good reads let me know and I will pass on the website to you.


Camera is MIA...not sure where. But I do know there are some cute pictures of the babies at the beach that I would love to share with everyone when I find it......


Well yesterday Sawyer and I took a little tumble down about 6 stairs at my house. I was carrying him down the stairs and apparently misjudged my step and fell right on my butt, hit my head, and skinned my arm. Sawyer thought this was extremely fun and would love to make it a part of everyday playtime. I, on the otherhand, am extremely sore, bruised, and uncomfortable. I debated on calling the dr (OB) yesterday when it happened, but knew that a call at 5:30pm would land me nowhere but the hospital.I felt fine, other than the practically broken butt So I opted out and gave them a ring this morning. I had the feeling that they might want to check me out at the office today. WRONG.....the nurse made me feel like a complete idiot....I should have called immediately yesterday and I need to head to Labor and Delivery NOW. I probably have a placenta tear, dead baby, and broken ASS......was her words (almost). So I called the fam for a babysitter and headed over to the hospital. But (like I knew) everything was fine. Baby heartrate was good. No contractions. Moral of the story??? Buy a house with NO STEPS!!!!!!!!

Coupon Clipper???

So I have decided on a new hobby. Coupon Clipping....Yep. That's right. So far I have only cut coupons out of Sunday's paper and found some great online sites for printing coupons. So I now have a big stack of coupons awaiting my first trip to the grocery store. Isn't that exciting? Now I am not sure how long I will do this or if I will be successful. Sometimes I think that I might cut coupons of things that I normally wouldn't buy. Is that going to be beneficial? I doubt it, but I will let you know about my first weeks' savings. I love to bargin shop (unlike Jesse) but this seems time consuming. Any advice or tips from current coupon clippers?

Weekend Fun in the Sun

Well it is hot......too hot to do anything. But this weekend we did venture out on the boat again. We took the kids to Masonboro to play in the sand/water and met Ashley and Nick there. They had a blast. Sunday we went to Mimi and Poppi's and played in the pool for a bit. They also have been playing out in the yard in the evenings. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Danner and Poppi playing in the pool

Sawyer and Meme playing with the noodle. Sawyer really likes to eat the noodle.

Sawyer floating around the pool

Danner with her cute bow. It doesn't last long because she rips it out.

Riding the horse and eating crackers.

Just finishing his crackers and plotting how to steal Danner's....

Cutey with a bow.

Sorry. No updates with Mega or nursery. I did order a crib. So all progress is on hold until it comes in. Next appt is next Friday, the 21st. I have to decide on a C-section date by then. Hoping for no c-section this time, but if I don't go into labor by my due date then I will have to have a section..... :( Any suggestions on dates? My official due date is Oct 22.....(Aunt Ashley's Birthday). I get to pick up to the week before or a week after that date to have section.......

Mega Update

I had a doctor's appointment today. All is well. Mega is still mega.....3.4 pounds. It is actually measuring a couple weeks further along than they say I am. Right now they will leave my due date the same. Anyway. Everything is good and I go back in a few weeks. 6 weeks left of shots....yippee....

Fun in the kitchen....

I broke down and bought a toy. I just couldn't help it. I wanted to get the kiddies a kitchen for their birthday. But they are expensive and take up lots of space so I decided against it. Well Jesse decided against it. Have I mentioned that I love to stalk craigslist. I never have bought anything, but I have sold things......yep...babystuff that I was sure that I no longer needed. Wrong again. Now I am going to need some of the stuff that I sold. Oh well. Anyway......I saw this kitchen on craigslist for really cheap and I got it. I think it looks like great fun. Got it home, scrubbed it from top to bottom, and let the babies go at it. Well....they wanted to climb it like a jungle gym. Sawyer likes to sit in the sink and Danner likes to sit on the counter. It is now in their bedroom in a corner. Jesse still hasn't noticed it. Surprise, surprise. Let's see how long it takes him.

Splish, Splash

Last week, Aunt Ashley and I took the babies to her neighborhood pool. It is great for babies because it is a fenced in kiddie pool with a max depth of 2 feet. So they can stand and roam and I don't have to worry about them falling in the deep end. They had SO much fun. There were lots of other kids there for them to copy and play with. Sawyer became especially brave in the water that day. He is a little fish now and loves to dive under.....which makes me extremely nervous. Here are some pics of them having fun in the pool.

The both really loved interacting with all the "big" kids in the pool. Sawyer was such a copycat. He ended up copying them big boys went the went under water or played on the boogie board.

Here he is diving under the water. He got really brave and kept going under. He does realize he has to hold his breath which is good. He got so brave I decided it was time to leave before someone drowned. He didn't want us holding his hand or even getting to close. He was determined to be a big boy.

Sawyer playing with the boogie board and Danner just roaming around.

Boating with Babies....

Saturday Jesse and I decided to be brave and take the babies on the boat. They were both great on the ride over and really didn't even mind the life jackets. We parked at Masonboro Island and let them play on the beach for a few hours. They really had fun playing in the water and on the sand.

Here they are playing in the sand. They must have walked a mile back and forth along the sand. Danner enjoyed splashing in the water and collecting shells. Sawyer took a bit to warm up to the water but really enjoyed visiting all the other boaters.

Long day at the beach, followed by 2 napping babies on the boat ride home. funny is that. My babies don't sleep just anywhere. Only carseats or crib. But within minutes of starting boat, both were snoozing away, life jackets and all!!!!

Shoe Fetish.....

Yes. That would be Danner in the bathtub with SHOES on. My sweet baby girl who hates shoes. YES HATES!!! Within minutes of having them on, she rips them off. Well Thursday started a new day with a new fetish. SHOES. She now loves shoes. Must have them on her feet at all times. And it must be shoes that she picks. Which (as you can see) don't always match. I took off the shoes for the bathtub and she threw a big, fat FIT. TANTRUM I guess you could call it. Finally I gave in and put the shoes back on.


Finally some progress was made with baby room. I cleaned up......chose a bedding set....and a room color......and my friend Nancy primed and painted. No more teal green. I am a big fan of blue so that is what I went with. Jesse thinks that since I chose blue I must think it is a boy. Which isn't exactly true.... I think blue can go either on the other hand, not so much.

Look you can even see the floor.....yaay! But beware of the closet.

Still alot to do. We need a crib. We need to move furniture around. We need to clean out the closet. And some touch up painting around the ceiling and floorboard. But not bad for a weeks time. Right?

Doctor appointment tomorrow for baby growth check. Always fun!!!