It's my Birthday!!

Or is was my birthday yesterday! And I must say that once you pass 21, birthdays are not that exciting anymore. I prefer to quit counting starting now. So the big 3-1. Yep. Getting old sucks. It was a good weekend though. Jesse and I were able to sneak away from the kids for a few hours to go to dinner. Sunday we celebrated with our families for lunch. I got the bike and trailer for my birthday. The kids liked riding around the neighborhood. Sawyer would rather drive the bike though.

Here are a few pictures.

Having lunch with the fam.

Everyone at lunch

My new ride!


Danner likes to help change Porter's diaper. She will take it off...even if it is a clean one. She doesn't like to put it back on though.

Happy Birthday!!

Today is Porter's 3 month birthday. Sure was a quick three months. I wanted to include some of his accomplishments this past month. Mainly for me and him to one day look back and remember. I always wrote stuff for the twins down in a baby book, but I haven't done that for Porter.

He is weighing close to 13 pounds now and is 25 inches tall. He is now wearing some 3-6 month clothes. He doesn't really like the pacifier but sometimes I can get him to suck on it for a few minutes. He would prefer to suck on his fingers though. He isn't very consistent with naps during the day. He likes to catnap. He is afraid he might miss something exciting. But he sleeps from about 9-6 through the night. I have him swaddled up like a burrito during the night. He very rarely fusses. He eats about every 3 hours during the day. He recently found his hands and likes to stare at them. He can grab his pacifier out of his mouth and hold onto it. Sometimes he even gets lucky and sticks it back in his mouth correctly. He really is good at holding his head up and looking around. He likes tummy time. He really likes his brother and sister. Especially Danner. She is so helpful. SHe likes giving Porter his arm and leg exercises. She always gives him his pacifier whether he wants it or not. And she likes to help take off his diaper. Jesse and I are so lucky to have such a happy, healthy, and easy to please baby.


Okay so I wasn't truely happy with Sawyer's music class. It seems to NOT be developmentally age appropriate. He was basically supposed to sit in circle for 45 minutes and listen to some hippy chick sing songs. know Sawyer, that just didn't happen. He was more interested in the train table at the front door, the large mirrors, and what was behind the curtains. He has so much energy that sitting still for that long is out of the question. I am not sure what we will do because I have already paid and it is nonrefundable. So we may suck it up.

Danner's class was the complete opposite. She could run around and play and do her own thing. She was shy at first but warmed up to it after a few minutes. I really think Sawyer would love this. He loves playing with other kids. But I am not sure if I want to take him too. I really like having one-on-one time with each of them and don't want to impose on Danner's time.

And I didn't get pictures from their class. I was too busy holding Sawyer in place in that stupid circle. And I was too busy having fun with Danner. Maybe next week.

Porter's bottle class is a lost cause. Why? Well.....see below.

Guess who has a birthday tomorrow?
This guy does!

It sure is easy to get pictures of Porter. Mainly because he stays put. It is NOT easy to get pictures of the twins. Here are some I managed to get. Tell me who you thin Porter looks like....


Okay so I have a few things to talk about. I have been slack in the blogging lately, but really I don't have much time. Every minute the kiddos are awake I want to spend with them. They are growing so fast and changing by the minute. I know soon enough they will be coming home from college, running up to their room, and shutting the door on me. I want to soak up every minute (well almost every minute) of them while they love me, love playing with me, love sitting on my lap, love chasing me around, love giving me hugs and kisses....well you get the point.

I signed the twins up for some classes. Sawyer is going to be taking a music class. The kid loves music. He loves to dance, sing, play the piano..... SO i think this will be lots of fun for him. It is a parent-toddler class so I will be going with him. I think it is pretty basic. He will get to play with instruments, puppets, nursery we shall see how he likes it. Starts tomorrow so I will keep you posted.

Danner is going to take a parent-toddler gymnastics class. Sounded fun to me so I hope she will like it. It will be a great opportunity, I hope, for some social interaction with other kids besides Sawyer. She is Little Miss Shy so maybe this will help her come out of her shell. She starts on Tuesday.

Well Porter started his "how to drink from a bottle" class last week. Jesse told me last week that we needed to go to a work dinner in Raleigh on the 15th (yesterday). So i had to get Porter acquanted with the bottle. Sounds easy, right? Not so much.

Last week I took the kids to the aquarium. We got a season pass for Christmas. They were kind of scared of everything...the fake alligator as we walked in, the noise from the bubbles, the divers in the tank.....but they weren't afraid of the coin machine. That was their favorite part of the aquarium....haha.

Pictures to come soon....if I can find time.

Last Week...

Sorry for the late update, but I have been lazy. Well, as lazy as you can be while chasing around 3 kids.

Porter had his 2 month well check last week. It was a few weeks late, but oh well. He weighed 12 pounds putting him in the 75% and was 24 inches putting him in the 95%. She was quite impressed with the fact that he ROLLED OVER, can sleep through the night, and as much "talking" as he was doing. Apparently he is quite advanced and she expects him to hit his milestones early. Which is not exactly what I had in mind. I am hoping he crawls and walks later. I would really like for him to stay put. I can barely go in two different directions, much less 3. They will recheck his kidney at 6 months. All good news for Porter.

The twins, on the other hand, are driving me crazy. This is what I am chasing after ALL DAY LONG......

Yep. That's right!!! NAKED BABIES

I am thinking we will attempt a potty training bootcamp in my house in the near future. I am tired of waking up to naked babies that have taken off their dirty diapers. I will not describe it any further as I am sure you can use your imagination. There is no stopping them either. Onsies, zippers, glue, tape.....doesn't comes off. They really like being naked. We practiced on the potty Saturday. I let them be naked, pulled up the rugs, and put the potties right there. Both babies were successful at putting peepee in the potty. But both babies were also successful at putting peepee on the floor. I have researched a bit about a 3 day potty training, but I will have to wait for Jesse to be gone. He doesn't have the patience for

We haven't really been able to enjoy the playset outside due to the fact that it is too COLD. I am ready for spring. This winter weather is just no fun. BLAH!!

2009 Year in Review

Thought I would recap 2009 in the Harrison house for you.....I am pretty sure I am forgeting a bunch but you get the idea.

January: Spent our first New Year's as parents. We didn't even stay up to watch the ball drop. Celebrated my 30th birthday with the family.

February: Apparently got pregnant this month. We all suffered from the worst stomach bug EVER. Sawyer and I had it twice this month. Ugg.

March: Found out Danner was allergic to egg and wheat. Had ultrasound to confirm viable pregnancy.

April: Babies celebrated their 1st birthday with cake, ice cream, and family. Took the babies to Ohio to visit family. Took them to the Cleveland Zoo for the first time.

May: Started taking the kids out on the boat and to the pool. They became quite the waterbugs.

June/July: Took our first family vacation to Avon, NC for a week of beach, pool, fun, and friends. Hope to make it an annual event.

August:Trip to Labor and delivery due to falling down the stairs. Enjoyed the last bit of summer as a family of 4.

September: Maggie ate rat poisoning and spent the next month sick and medicated. Celebrated Jesse's birthday as a family.

October: Porter made his debut. Kids went trick-or-treating for the first time dressed up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

November: Had a very THANKFUL Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year.

December: Porter had a VSG to check on his kidneys. Celebrated Christmas with family. Visited Ohio and saw some snow. Kids made their first snowman and first sled ride.


Just heard the sad news that Mimi and Poppi had to put their beloved dog Bandit down.I think the end result was a type of cancer?? Not completely sure though. It kinda came on suddenly. He was such a sweet and loving big, ol dog and he will be missed. He was great with the kids. I always find it extremely sad when someone loses a dog. I guess it is because in my house dogs are part of the family. I know that Mimi and Poppi's house is the same way. Bandit was a part of their family.....

Bandit is beside Mimi.


We had an exciting trip to Ohio. We got to see snow. The kids had a blast in the snow. At first they weren't so sure, but eventually they learned to love it. Me, on the otherhand, not so much. BRRRR. We had a great visit with Jesse's family. The kids had fun terrorizing the house and dog. And the dog had fun with the kids. Grammy really spoiled us with all the good food. We were sad to go, but glad to get home to the warmer NC weather. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Porter enjoying the toasty indoors. He wasn't too interested in seeing it snow.

My good friend Nancy drove in from Pittsburg to visit. She recently moved from Wilmington to PA so it was nice to see her. The kids remembered her and she got to meet Porter.

Both kids and Jesse enjoying the snow.

Danner first seeing the snow.

Sawyer first seeing the snow. He wasn't too sure about it.

Aunt Laura and Porter....

Our snow "blob". Wasn't too easy to make a snowman. I guess the snow was too dry.

Uncle Jeff and the twins.

Grammy, Papa, and the kids.

Christmas Day 09

Christmas Day was busy. We opened gifts as a family. Then had parents, grandparents, and my sister's family over for breakfast and a late lunch and to open more gifts. The kids all got so many gifts. Elmo Live, motorcycles, cars, dolls, clothes, basketball goal, weedeater. They are spoiled. Once again they loved opening all the gifts. They even enjoyed eating turkey, ham, and all the fixins. Oh and I roasted my first turkey.....I think it turned out okay. Here are some pictures from the day.

Christmas Eve 09

We let the twins try out their new playset on Christmas Eve since it was supposed to rain on Christmas Day. They really had fun once they figured out how to climb up the stairs. We also went to Mimi and Poppi's to open presents and have dinner. Danner really was a champion present opener. Sawyer wasn't as great but he caught on. Every gift he got he said "OH WOW". That was his favorite saying. We also attempted taking all 3 kids to Christmas Eve service. It was a 7pm service. BAD IDEA.....remind me next year not to even attempt. 3 kids under 2 trying to sit still for 45 minutes....well, let's just say we made it about 15 minutes before we packed up to leave.