I came out of my bubble today to go to porter's 15 month check up. He is doing good. Weight- 20 pounds. Height - 31 inches. The only concern is his weight. He has slowly dropped off the charts and is down to the 4th percentile. I think it is just his genes making him skinny. I mean this kid can seriously eat. I really don't understand how he isn't a big porker but he just isn't. The dr says most likely that he burns more than he eats and is more active than most 15 month olds....walking, running, climbing, jumping. And her suggestion? More fatty foods... Butter, oil, chocolate .....not so sure how I feel about that. Sounds great now but 30 years down the road I don't want to worry about clogged arteries, ya know? He is in the 50 percentile for height.

Anyway he is obviously ahead with his motor skills and his vocabulary is great too. He knows about 40 words and she said 3-5 words is average. So we have one smart little cookie on our hands.

Excuse the typing. I am posting from my new birthday present....iPad. However I haven't quite figured it out just yet. Give me some time.

A bubble....

That is what we need around this house, y'all.....a bubble. The stomach bug made it's rounds (even the dog got it) followed by colds, fevers, and grumpiness. To say I am sick of being sick would just be an understatement. I am dreaming of summer and sick season to be done with.so if you are looking for us I will be hiding in my bubble....see ya in the spring.

It's Baby Time

Happy Birthday to my sweet little nephew......

Hampton Darby Frank
January 22, 2011 @2:10pm
8 lbs 10 oz    19 inches

 LOVE at first sight....

 Now that is one proud Daddy. Nick was great today. So supportive and relaxed.
 Big Boy

Okay....all the gory details aren't mine to share. However, I am so excited that I got to share/witness the birth of their first born. What a miracle.  But do know that Ashley's labored for over 16 hours, had over an 8 pound baby, and used NO drugs whatsoever.......Crazy. She did amazing.....

So proud of you, Ashley....you were so brave and strong. Great job and welcome to the wonderful world of mommyhood.




Our weekend went a little something like this.....

Saturday we woke up and got the kids dressed and ready to go to a birthday party. It was in Raleigh (2 hours away) so we packed for overnight. The birthday party was fun. The kids behaved and we decided to stay the night. I put Porter in a pack n play in another room and the twins slept on their cots in the same room as us. Only that didn't really happen. They ended up in the bed with us and tossed and turned and whined all night long. So I managed to get a few hours of sleep. We were both exhausted....as were the kids.

We got up early Sunday, drove home, watched football, and put the kids to bed. Jesse and I were both excited to crawl into our own bed and get some much needed sleep. Only that didn't exactly go as planned. Just as soon as had fallen asleep I heard Porter crying. And I heard him throwing up....

He threw up from 11pm until 6 am about every 5 minutes. He was just miserable. Then came the diarrhea. He stopped throwing up for about an hour so I gave him some fluids. He kept throwing up. I called the doctor and they said to bring him in in the afternoon if he wasn't keeping anything down. Well come 5:15 he was at the doctor. They took one look at him and sent him straight to the hospital. They got him started on an iv but he was still throwing up. Around 10 they gave him so zofhran? to help him keep fluids down. It worked. He slept pretty good, but I did not. Those nurses come in every hour to check on him and while he didn't wake up, I sure did.

He woke up Tuesday feeling better. They took the iv out and let him try to drink fluids on his own and he did good. The poor guy was so thirsty. They released us Tuesday afternoon.

A few hours after getting home Sawyer started puking. Then at 11pm Danner was puking. We were up all night with them. Then Wednesday morning I got it.

Today everyone seems to feeling better. Danner still feels puny. And Porter still has diarrhea, but Sawyer is back to normal.

Jesse lucked out and hasn't gotten it yet. Porter has another appointment to check up on him tomorrow.

This is a few hours after arriving at the hospital. (excuse the quality....it was taken with my phone)

 Next morning... you can tell he was feeling better.

In Case You Were Wondering....

I know some of you are browsing through my pictures wondering what in the world happened to
Sawyer's hair.....who could have hacked up his hair so bad? Yep...I know it is awful. Looks horrible. Sticks up straight in the back. But we have no one to thank but wonderful Daddy. Apparently he thinks he missed his calling and should have been hair stylist. I begged him to practice on himself first, but that obviously didn't happen. So there....for all you wondering what happened. And don't worry.... I put my foot down and it won't happen again.

Winter Wonderland

We had ANOTHER snow day yesterday. Seriously, that is practically crazy for 'round here. It just never happens. I can count on my hands how many times I saw snow as a child.......okay so it wasn't a crazy amount...just a few inches, but we aren't prepared for that here. So you Northerners', don't laugh.

Anyway....we got all geared up....and the kids' snowsuits that we got in Ohio last year still fit.
 Sawyer was so excited to go out in the snow.

 Throwing snowballs at Daddy.
 Scooping up a snowball.

 uh-yeah...you can tell how much Porter enjoyed the snow. He was ready to go back in.
 Danner catching snowflakes.
 Throwing snowballs at Sawyer
 He had more fun than everyone else.

So all that fun lasted maybe 10 minutes and everyone was ready to go in. They wouldn't keep on gloves so their hands were freeeeezzzzinnnggg!!!!! Brrr.

That's how we roll.....


It's a "Chili" Day....

Brrrr....it's cold out there. Beyond chilly. It's a "chili" day around here. Might even see some snow tomorrow. Which is rare for around here. I am not getting my hopes up though...We are indulging in chili.....for some football food. Yumm. Speaking of football, did anyone watch the Colts/Jets game last night. Wow. That was a crazy one. My stomach was in knots the whole 4th quarter. Poor Colts....maybe next year, Peyton. I still love you anyway!!!!

Thought I would share an awesome, easy chili recipe for anyone out  there who needs a little warming....

2lb ground beef
46 oz tomato juice
29 oz tomato sauce
15 oz can kidney bean (drained/rinsed)
15 oz pinto beans (drained/rinsed)
1 -1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped bell pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/4 cup chili powder

Brown beef and drain. Add beef and all ingredients in crock pot. Cook on high 4-6 hours or low 8-10 hours. (or you can just throw it all in a large pot and cook that way)

Should've Known....

I should've known not to drink a bottle glass of wine on New Year's Eve. Hubs and I decided to put the kids to bed and indulge in a nice steak and lobster dinner. No...we didn't leave the house. We stayed in. Nice dinner, nice bottle of wine, and good company. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Yeah, well that is because it was. I tried my best to stay up until midnight....but at 11 I had all the fun I could take and went to bed. Super duper tired....and guess who decided to wake up at midnight? My sweet little Porter did. He NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night. But I had a feeling that as I was sipping on my wine that I was jinxing myself. I was thinking that I would have an awful hangover and feel like crap the whole next day......but nope. Just feeling like crap from being up all night with little man. Ugg....how times have changed. That is why I don't drink anymore.....it is just asking for trouble!!


Dress up with Danner



The day after Christmas we got a few snow showers. We only had a light dusting but the kids really enjoyed playing outside in it.


Ho Ho Ho-ly Moly!!! part 2

Christmas morning at our house.....Santa came. We opened gifts just as a family. Had my family over for breakfast and more gifts. Then had everyone over for a big dinner. It sure is nice having traditions.....

 Danner loved her doll stuff. There was a little crib, kitchen, and bathtub.
 Buster even got a present.
 Jesse helping the kids open their toys.
 getting ready to feed her baby
 going golfing....
 Santa was nice enough to bring all the kids their own rides.....Sawyer in his Escalade.
 Porter on his 4 wheeler.
 Danner's pink jeep. She preferred to ride instead of drive though.
 Papaw and Sawyer.

Sawyer testing out Danner's jeep.
Little Princess in her new dress up clothes.