More March of Dimes Fun...

March for Babies!

Well the March of Dimes March for Babies was Saturday. The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves....well besides the long, long walk with a wagon in tow. The babies enjoyed going down the big slide with Jesse and Uncle Nick. They danced to the music and enjoyed being able to walk around in big open space with no escaping.

Thanks to everyone who donated money and/or walked with us. All together we raised over $2000. It is great to support such a good cause that is close to our hearts.

Here are some pictures from the walk.

Dump Truck Fun

Thanks Aunt Ashley for Sawyer's birthday present. Everyone is enjoying this gift.........

Happy Easter!!

Danner and Sawyer were quite thrilled to see what the Easter bunny decided to bring them. Luckily it was no candy, but books and eggs and a new sippy cup. Of course they had to check out their own baskets and then steal each others to make sure they didn't get something better. Here are a few pictures of the twins on Easter morning tearing into their baskets.

We've got a walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Sawyer finally decided to be brave enough to take some steps by himself. He has been walking holding on to our hands for a bit now, but everytime we let go he sits down. He was stable and barely holding on so it was only a matter a time before he got some self-confidence. Of course, if I were trying to walk on hardwood floors, I might be a bit of a chicken too. :) But last night he just let go of our hands and took off. He even walked all the way to his crib by himself. Here is a short video of him taking a few steps..... can you tell how proud he is of himself??? I know Danner will be right behind. She is standing by herself and every once in a while will take a quick step. She isn't quite as scared as Sawyer of falling. I think it is because she always falls on her butt and Sawyer falls like a dead tree!!! TIMBEEEERRRRRR!!!!!

Birthday Cakes.......

The cake was not a big hit at the birthday party. They each got their own smash cake, but it took a little coaxing to get them to try it. They just aren't used to sweets, but they eventually took a taste or two. Here are a couple pictures of them not enjoying their cakes.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Well....they are officially one. Crazy how time flies. It is hard to believe a year ago they were in the NICU and were so tiny and helpless.......Not the case now. They are healthy, happy, and on the go.

Saturday they celebrated their first birthday with a party. It was relatively low-key with just the fam. We had a cookout and cake. The babies, of course, were spoiled with all their birthday gifts. Thank goodness, most of them are outside toys.....our house is jammed packed with toys. They got a slide, wagon, pool, dump truck, picnic table......and the list goes on and on.

The weather was great and they were able to enjoy their toys in the sun. Here are some pictures of the playing outside with their toys.

Sawyer's First Haircut

Well the mullet is now gone. On Friday Jesse and I took Sawyer to get his mullet cut off. I have always heard it is bad luck to cut a babies hair before his first birthday so I was very excited when we were able to go get it cut. It was long overdue, growing down his neck and over his ears. He was very well behaved. He sat still in Jesse's lap with no crying. He was very curious about the clippers and hard to keep him still when they were on. I think his hair looks too cute!! He are a few pictures from his haircut.