And we are playing t-ball now. And by we I mean Sawyer. He is actually really enjoying it. He has a couple friends on his team so he really likes to play with them. He doesn't really "get" how the game is played but it is hilarious for the parents to watch. Tuesday at his game he got the ball and the coach told him to run home with it. Sawyer dropped the ball and ran for home! Meanwhile the other team scored! Ha. Then when he was running the bases the other team hit them ball and he left the base to go chase it. Cracked me up! So I can't say that we have the next baseball star , but we are having fun!

And being this busy keeping my kids happy and entertained is my excuse for slacking on the blog!! Sorry!

Sawyer is in the red shirt!

Tennis pros

I started the twins in tennis lessons. Sawyer really wanted to play and I decided to put Danner in to have a pal to play with. I know nothing about tennis so I really couldn't help him learn. Sawyer is awesome at tennis. Poor Danner has no hand eye coordination. But they both had fun trying!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Mimi. She is celebrating her 55th birthday in heaven. We love and miss you!!