More Big Beds

Finally got the computer up and running at a normal pace. What did I do before high speed internet??

Danner loves her new bed. She was so excited about her flower bed. She couldn't wait for the "moon to come out" so she could try it out.

Sawyer was also on the countdown to bedtime the first night. I finally gave in and put them to bed 30 minutes early. I know.....shucks....right? Ha.

After the beds were delivered I didn't let the kids up to see until I had their new bedding on and the wall decor up too. They were so excited to go see and even more excited to see how different the room looked.

 And because I can't resist a sweet photo of my favorite blondie.

Happy Memorial Day

We had a fabulous long weekend. Crazy that it flew by so fast. And even crazier that I didn't capture one single photo to document our fabulous-ness....ha...note to self...always charge the camera battery.

Our weekend was spent hanging out with friends. Our good friends came in town with their toddler ( Danner's boyfriend). We spent time at the beach, playing in the yard, soaking in the new hot tub, cooking yummy meals, and marveling over how awesome our kids are. Ha. We even did some touristy things and took the kids to ride rides at the boardwalk.

This was a great start to kick off our summer. Looking forward to more time at the beach, pool, and back porch.

Hoping to get more bedroom photos uploaded tomorrow.

Sneak Peek

Sawyer's new bed. He has been in it for a week and loves it. He calls it his "race cars".

I have been MIA due to the fact that the internet was down. Well...apparently I hit a button on our router when I was cleaning....and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Jesse was gone all week so I went without my laptop. Luckily I have my IPAD to keep me going.

Anyways....I am thinking it is not completely fixed because I only got one picture downloaded. So this will have to be your sneak peek at the new room. Now I know you are just dying to see the rest, right? Right!


Mother of the Year

Yeah. That's me.....Mother of the Year. Let me tell you a little story.....

Saturday we were outside playing....all day. The weather was perfect. The kids were having fun. And Jesse and I were sitting back enjoying the day. It was getting later in the day and Jesse wanted to move his car in the garage. Problem was there were big boxes in his parking space. So we go in the garage to move the boxes. I come back in with a box.....head count for the kids.....Danner (check), Sawyer (check), Porter...Porter....Porter??? So I look in the  backyard. Nope. Not there. I look upstairs. Nope. Not there either. Jesse then proceeds to tell me that he can climb over the gate.The waist high gate that neither of our 3 year olds have EVER tried to climb. But our sweet, inncoent little 19 month can? Yep....that is right. He is part monkey. The gate that separates our back porch from the front porch. This gate....

We have this locked so the kids won't open it and escape. Escape the saftey of the backyard. Ok, back to the story.

SO once Jesse tells me he can jump the gate. I run to the front....quick scan around the yard/ Porter. So I run inside and tell Jesse to help me find him. He was gone. I go back to the front while Jesse checks inside and the back yard again.

And there is my little dude. Running towards me from our neighbors yard....ACROSS THE STREET.....eek. He had gone across the street. Ok...before you go getting in a panic. We live in a little neighborhood. With like 8 houses. It isn't very busy.....but that is beside the point. A lot could have happened in that short amount of time.

So there you have it. I am awful.....horrible..... Mother of the Year...right here. And counting my blessings that my little buggie is safe and sound in my lap. 


What I'm Lovin...

There are a few things that I am absolutely lovin at the moment. As in....can't get enough of.....good stuff.

1. I am lovin my Shark Vac n Steam. This thing is amazing. It first vacuums up all the crumbs, pet hair, dust, and dirt on my hardwood and tile. And then it steam cleans it. Love chemicals.....just good ol hot steam. Simple. Just add water and wait 30 seconds. It has a washable microfiber cloth so it is reusable. Yay. I use this thing ALL THE TIME.

2. Clorox GreenWorks cleaner. It is 97% naturally derived and smells and cleans AMAZING. I use this stuff on everything. Trust me...I am a clean-a-holic and I have tried all kinds of cleaners. I could shop for hours in the cleaning aisle. Yeea...I am weird like that.

3. Clorox Wipes. I have to have these in  every room. Bathrooms, kitchen...I wipe everything with these...floors, countertops, toilets, bathtubs,  faces (ok...not really..but I have thought about it)

4. L'Oreil Sunless Tanning Wipes. Yeah. Wipes. Not the lotion or spray. Just like a baby wipe and you just wipe it all over and Voila'....TAN.

Ok....that is it for now. I have millions more but I don't want to bore you.


I'm Sneaky Like That...

Ok. So here's the rundown. The twins used to have the room over the garage when they were little. We set up their cribs in there for a couple reasons. IT was big. There was a bathroom in there. We figured it would be big enough for both cribs and lots of toys.

See how spacious....Oh and excuse the hot mess in the chair....I was 28 weeks with twins and on my 3rd month of bedrest.....blah.

Anywho....moving right along with my story.....We eventually decided that it made more sense to move the twins to our guest room and make their old room a playroom. After all we had accumulated lots of toy and they were taking over my house.

 So we moved the cribs in the guest room seen above.
and this turned into our playroom. We put in a sleeper sofa. The tv and all the toys.....Yay.

Well maybe a month after this happened the ol hubs got a new job and need an in-home office. Boo.Which, of course, just HAD to be the playroom. The biggest room of all. He wasn't in the mood for more rearranging. So out went the toys. You may be wondering why we didn't still use this as a playroom. And the answer is because the Hubs is quite obsessive with his belongings. He doesn't like the kids pecking on his computer. Or unplugging the fax maching. Or rummaging thru his drawers. Or eating paperclips. Or tearing up his thousands of dollars worth of devices.

Ok so you get the point, right. I basically thought we need to move the kids back into the BIG room and move his office into the smaller room...just made more sense right? Right.

Well apparently hubs didn't agree with this all. He thinks he deserves the biggest of bigs when it comes to rooms. So we went back and forth and back and forth on this for months.
But you know me.....the sneaky bitch witch that I am had a plan. And I waited to just the right moment to execute this plan. And that happened last week while hubs was out of town.

So last Monday I woke up and put some things on craigslist to sell. And by things I mean the sleeper sofa that was in his office.... and the twins cribs and changing table. Within a few hours it was all gone. I then proceeded to call our handyman and have the tv moved and the hole in the wall patched. Finally I moved all the myself...with 3 kids underfoot. Yeah. I am talented like that.  I moved the big heavy desk. 3 dressers. Porter's crib. And all 3 disasters of closets.

Jesse was scheduled to be home Tuesday. I was slightly nervous for him to see the new set-up.....but we all know it was the smartest decision. Now the twins have room for bigger beds. And toys. And they have a bathroom in their room if they need to go in the middle of the night. (By the way I still have safety knobs on their doors so they can't escape their room in the middle of the night. Cruel, I know.)

So Friday their new beds come. I will post a pic of their new room then.

Jesse wasn't too mad...if you were wondering. I told him before he boarded his flight home. Just to give him a heads up.......he didn't believe me. Ha. He didn't think I was cabable of pulling it off.

But I did. Cause I am sneaky like that!!

So today I decided to take the kids to open gym at gymnastics. The weather was crappy and I didn't feel like being locked up inside all day. So we loaded up and off we went. I ran through the drive thru at dunkin doughnuts for coffee and breakfast for the kids. When I pulled up to the window the lady said my total was $6.66. I didn't think anything about it and handed over some cash. She proceeded to ask me if I wanted to add something else to my order because of my 6.66 total. Uh no. No I don't lady. She kept on..Dont you want to add a donut or munchkin or something. She just wouldn't give up. I still refused when she said " suit yourself....good luck "

WTF lady. I drove off realizing it was Friday the 13th. Fabulous. I'm not superstitious but now I can't help but wonder what the day has in store for me.

So I may need some good luck today after all.

I love these 2....

They love to kiss and hug each other. Most days I am unable to catch it in a picture.
But it is super cute and makes up for all the hitting, scratching, and biting.

Isn't that the sweetest thing...ever?



I managed to survive the weekend without the Hubs. It was tough. I don't mind him being gone at nights during the week, but when he is gone on the sucks. We didn't do too much though. Saturday we went to Target, picked up Chick-Fil-A and headed to a nearby park to eat. When we got to the park it was closed for remodeling.....ugh. Try telling 3 toddlers that we will not be going to the park. Nightmare. So we went by to visit my family. I managed to get an almost decent picture of me with the 3 of them. See?
Saturday afternoon we headed over to a friends house for a graduation party. It was fun. There were tons of kids to play with. It is always good to go somewhere that is babyproof and kid friendly. Right?

I have been dealing with an incredibly grumpy Porter due to teething. Hopefully those suckers pop through any minute now so we all can get some sleep.

Sunday we had  lunch and desserts with the fam. I bought myself  the kids bought me a necklace...which I will have to post a picture of.

I have done my Shred religiously everyday. I am now on day 14. Tomorrow I will switch to level 3.

Heard back from the heart doctor. My stress test came back normal. Yippee.

Happy Monday.

Happy Mother's Day

Being a Mother is nothing short of AMAZING. Everyday I wake up feeling like I am the luckiest momma in the world. Every night I go to bed thinking of how wonderful my kids are. There are no words to describe the endless amount of love I feel for my babies. NONE. It is completely indescribable. Three years ago I would have never imagined that my heart could love so deep.... I would have never thought that I could drop anything and everything and give every ounce of my soul to these kids. But I would. I would give them the moon if I could.

It isn't all peaches and cream. There are times when I want to run......far and fast. Times when I think I can't handle one more tantrum. Or one more whine or cry. Or if I have to pick up one more crumb off the floor.....but those times are shortlived.

Being a Mother is something I dreamed about. It wasn't the easiest process to become a Mother. It wasn't cheap. It didn't happen like we had planned. We worked hard for these kids. We had testing, shots, ultrasounds, bloodwork, tears and fears. It was a day that I was sure would never come. But it did. It came and was everything I had imagined and so so so much more.

So on this Mother's Day I hold my kids, kiss them, tell them I love them.... And I thank God everyday for putting them in my life. Happy, healthy, and full of energy.....tantrums and all!!

I have been given the best gift of all. To be a mother to these 3 kids.

Happy Mother's Day!!!



  • I DID do Shred on day 8 &9. I skipped posting yesterday though. Level 2 was tough. Especially on the arms. Some of the moves are awkward, to say the least. But I can definitely tell a difference in my body. My pants are looser and I look more tone. Jillian Michaels knows what she is doing.
  • I had my heart appointment today. It was a stress test with 2 ultrasounds. One while resting and one while increased heart rate. That test is hard. I don't know how an older or out of shape person does it without dying. Literally. And maybe people die quite often during that test. There is a sheet on the wall of what to do during a "code blue". Needless to say I got a good workout. And I run on a treadmill alot. But this is walking but they increase the incline so high. So it ended up being a fast walk up a steep mountain. At least that is what my calves said. HaDon't know the results yet. They will call later in the week with the news. BUT she did say that if it were life or death I would be seeing the dr right then. So I am not dying...right now at least. Ha
  • Sawyer has a Mother's Day tea at school tomorrow for me. Apparently they will be singing a song to the mothers. So sweet. I heard a glimpse of the song last night in the bathtub. He was singing a song while playing with his cars. "I love Mommy. I love Mommy. Yes I do. Yes I do." sung to the tune of Where is Thumpkin. He also sang "open and shut. open and shut. put your hands behind your back" which I am pretty sure might be some hand movements to the song. That made me laugh. And as he sung it my heart melted into tiny little pieces. I will video tomorrow and hopefully post it.
  • Speaking of Mothers Day...I will be spending LOTS of time with the kids this weekend. The hubs is going out of town for I will be hosting my own mothers day. Don't worry. I picked myself out a present or two. Ha
  • Porter had his 18 month well check yesterday. I will save the details for another post.
  • We ordered our hot tub for the yard. Super excited about this wont be delivered for another couple of weeks. The kids can't wait for their "big bathtub."

I think that is it for now....

Great News...and Shred Day 7

Was anyone else shocked that they caught and killed bin Laden? I missed the report last night....mainly because I am a loser and am in bed by 8:30 pm (seriously). Jesse called me early this morning and told me to turn on the news. Lo and behold....I was shocked. Never thought the day would come. I watched the Today Show and got the lowdown on all the details. Thanks to our troops who worked so hard to bring this guy down. I am sure hoping that there is no retaliation (like so many people are worried about).

Saw this on Facebook and thought it was hilarious.

Shred News:
Ok...last day on level 1. Tomorrow I start level 2. I am ready...but nervous. I know I will be sore. I didn't even sneak a peek at what is in store. I will be surprised......

Happy Monday!

Shred day 6

Done. Nothing insightful to add except that Jillian micheal's can't count. Come on girl...a couple is 2 ...not 15. Get it straight.