Mistaken Identity?

It appears that Sawyer thinks he is a dog. Not only does he chase the dogs around, he is now crawling in the dog kennel. Danner must think he crazy. Normally she will copy what he does, but not this. She just stands there and stares.......haha. Here are a couple of pictures of Sawyer crawling in the kennel. Notice how Buster is in his kennel protecting it.

February Fun

Danner has been crawling all over the place. She doesn't seem to find "trouble" as often as Sawyer does though. She is happy playing with her toys and watching the dogs. Sawyer likes to try to go near the fireplace, cords, and electronics......Ugg. Here are a couple pictures of Danner playing with some of her toys and entertaining herself!!

Here are a couple pictures of the babies. As you can see Sawyer has a rash on his face. The dr says it is from his pacifer, but he only uses it at night. I don't let him take it out of his crib. I guess we need to get rid of it soon! Sawyer loves to chase Buster around in circles. His new favorite game is "hide n seek." Jesse likes to hide while Sawyer finds him. Too cute.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we celebrated Danner and Sawyer's first Valentine's Day. They got several cards from family and a stuffed animal and books. They really enjoyed their cards and were covered in glitter by the time they were done playing/reading them. Here are a couple pictures of them today. Just so you know group pictures are a bit difficult these days. It is hard to keep them both still, smiling, and paying attention. Lost cause........Danner did have a cute bow in her hair, but Sawyer refused to let it stay in. So he yanked it out and ate it. Oh well........Sibling love!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

Sawyer's Set of Wheels....

Sawyer is really enjoying his "walk-behind" toy. He has finally learned that he can walk and push the car at the same time. Here is a video of him walking with his car. I think he will be walking really soon. He can stand by himself so it appears to be only a matter of time before he takes his first steps. Jesse thinks this is perfect training for pushing the lawn mower. He is practicing for the yard!! Here are a couple of pictures of the babies this week.

Happy 10th Month Birthday!!

Here are some pictures of the babies at 10 months. Danner and Sawyer love to sit by the door and look out.

Well yesterday Danner and Sawyer hit their 10th month. Time has flown by. I can't believe in 2 months they will be 1. It is sad to think how fast they grow up, but I look forward to seeing them walk and talk and play together. We have had quite the week. They both have been sick. Danner started with strep throat almost 2 weeks ago. It sure is hard trying to assess sick babies and figure out what is wrong. I really thought it was just a cold, but took her in anyway. They reluctantly did a strep test because I guess it is fairly uncommon in babies, but that is what it is. Fortunately Sawyer didn't get it. Which is quite surprising seeing as how the babies share toys, bottles, pacifiers, and spit!! But he did end up with a bad stomach bug. He still has it and we made our 3rd trip to the dr in 3 weeks. Poor guy has lost half a pound in 5 days. Danner has lost 2 ounces. Doesn't sound like much but when you are only gainly about half a pound a month.......Must be sympathy because she doesn't have the stomach bug (yet). We have to take her back next month for another weight check. She just doesn't like to drink her milk so isn't really gaining much weight. However she loves solid foods so I am not too concerned.

Danner can crawl and is starting to pull up on things. She can wave, clap, and raise her hands up. She can also say mama, dada, bye-bye, baba (bottle),and no no. And it appears that Danner will stick with the butt scoot even though she knows how to do the "real crawl".

Sawyer is quite active. He is standing and has been crawling for several months now. I think he will be walking soon (too soon)! He likes to crawl to all the wrong places.....like the fireplace, cords, and computer. His favorite thing to do is watch Maggie (our dog) out the window. That is what he is doing in the picture. He just learned to wave and clap. He can also say mama, dada, bye-bye, and baba (bottle).