Okay so I have to bitch about something for just a minute. Today I was watching Dr. Phil while cleaning the living room during baby nap time. It was about how Stay at Home Moms have 30-40 leisure hours during the week (according to the Washington Post or something). WTF??? Have they visited my house? 30-40 hours? Seriously? How am I missing that. I thought I would share my typical day at home with 3 kids under 2. (I can only say that for a few more days.)

5-6am- Porter wakes up and needs to be fed/changed/burped/entertained. Make Jesse's coffee ( I Know- I am too sweet!!) Dogs have to go out/eat.

8:30- Twins up. Changed/dressed/fed. Clean up after feeding them. Play with them.

9am- Porter needs to eat. Still in process of working on cleaning up twins breakfast.

11:30- Fix lunch for kids. Feed them. Clean up after them. Change their diapers. Etc.....

12- Feed/change Porter

1:00- Nap for Twins. Play with Porter. Hope he takes a nap.

1-3- Some free time to clean. Maybe eat. Wash clothes. Take a shower. That is only if Porter cooperates and takes a nap too.

3- Kids up. Snack. Change diapers. Play. Feed Porter.

6- Dinner. Cook.Feed.Clean up after kids. Feed Porter.

7-Bath. This is quite the process. Water flying everyone. Making sure no one drowns. Make sure Porter is entertained (he tends to be fussy during twins bath)

8- BED.....ahhh. Feed Porter. Put him to bed. Then clean. Wash sippy cups. Sweep/mop floor. Feed dogs. Feed Jesse and I. Clean up the kitchen.

Hope and Pray everyone sleeps all night with no crying, whining, and waking up.

Now. Keep in mind during those free times I am entertaining kids. OH how I wish they would sit on the couch, eating bon-bons, and watching Soaps with me. But that just doesn't happen. Every hour or so they get bored of the room we are playing in and have to move to a different location (kitchen, living room, outside, playroom, get the point. With the exception of nap time, it is seriously non- stop. My kids are active. They don't sit still very often. Sawyer might watch an episode of Dora or Go Diego Go, but he is by no means sitting still during this time. He is climbing on the furniture, running over Danner with a car, throwing a ball at the dog, dumping all the toys on the floor, skinning his knee, bumping his head, wanting some "MILL" or "COOkie". Well you get the idea. Porter is crying, rolling over, having a leaky diaper, wanting to eat, needing a pacifier. Danner is the laid back one playing quietly or telling on Sawyer, stealing Porter's socks, yelling at the dogs, needing more milk, etc. I am NO way complaining about my job. I LOVE almost every second that I can spend with these kids. I wouldn't change it for the world. I am so lucky that Jesse makes enough money so I can stay home with our kids......LUCKY!! BUT.....I think some people don't understand how busy your day can be. You are on call 24 hours a day. So someone needs to tell Dr.Phil to take a visit to my house.......

Just to Clarify....

The previous post did not happen on my watch. Just wanted ya'll to know. That picture was sent to my via text message with "Sawyer is stuck. What should I do?" And FYI he is out and still has a head attached to his neck. As it turns out he stuck his body through the posts and then realized his head was too big to fit. So Jesse pulled and pushed but eventually figured out to stick his body back out the hole...........

Okay. A few days late, but Porter is 5 months. He is still the happiest baby you will ever meet. He laughs alot and smiles all the time. It is precious. He is quite the roly poly and has even been scooting some. I think crawling may be in our near future (although I hope it isn't too soon). He can sit up unassisted for about 15 seconds by himself. He loves Danner and Sawyer and could sit and watch them all day. However, they are easily bored by him.

Danner and Sawyer will be 2 in just over a week. I can't believe my BABIES will be 2. They are really starting to talk up a storm. Especially Sawyer, Danner is shy and only talks if no one is around. I love to listen to their voices and each day a new word is born. LOVE IT.

Papaw and I took Danner and Sawyer to the Kure Beach Fire Dept the other day. Sawyer is obsessed with trucks. LOVES EM. I thought he will really like to see the big trucks. Turns out, he was a little intimidated by them. Danner wasn't a big fan either.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Weekend Recap

I had my first (and very possibly last) yardsale. Never been to one, never had one. But I do have a ton, ton, ton of stuff to get rid of. I have already taken like 6 bags to goodwill over the past few months before I decided to have the yardsale. I really wanted to get rid of some of my baby stuff...clothes and toys. But that didn't reallly happen. Now I have to tag and get all that stuff ready to go to the twin sale next weekend. Ugg. But I did sell almost $300 worth of junk. And let me just say that are some serious yardsale crazys out there!! And they don't mess around.

We went to a birthday party for some twin friends...Alex and Oliver who just turned two. The kids had fun playing with all the other kiddos there. I, of course, forgot my camera.

Oh, and Sawyer will finally smile for the camera...and say CHEESE. Very cute. And the above picture is what happens when he says cheese for the camera. Danner has become addicted to socks. And they really, really LOVE Dora and Diego now. I am NOT sorry to say that ELmo is a thing of the past. Yippe. And now I have to listen to Dora and Diego, but on a positive note...I may be speaking Spanish soon thanks to them. Haha

Okay so that is about it for exciting stuff around here.
Anybody need a baby swing, huge number of baby girl clothes, baby bathtub, toys, or baby bedding....CALL ME. lol

Miss me?

I know. I know.....I have been missing in action. We have been busy and quite honestly haven't had the motivation to update. I am behind on pictures but here are a few to hold you over.

Porter had his 4 month check-up. He was 14 pounds and 25 1/2 inches. That puts him in the 75 % for height and 25 % for weight. So he has dropped down some. Probably from his illness. He is rolling over all the time which is keeping him ( and me) up at night. He rolls over then gets mad and wakes up. I flip him back over and 5 seconds later he flips again.....repeat.....over and over and over again.

Sawyer is doing well with the potty. He poops on it ALMOST all the time. Not quite as good with peepee but we are working on it. As long as we are home and he doesn't wear a diaper, he will use the potty.

Danner has decided she is not interested in the potty. I am not going to push her. I know eventually she will catch on. But let me tell you, the girl does not like when Sawyer gets M&M's and she doesn't. And he gets them quite often now a days.

We have spent the past few days outside playing in the nice weather. I hope the cold is over because it is really great to get outside.

Invitations have been sent for the birthday party. I hope the weather is nice or else it might not be so fun. It is April 3rd at our house. Easter themed seeing as it is the day before Easter. We are hoping for an egg hunt if the weather cooperates.