Out with the "butt scoot".......

Well, Danner has officially mastered the "butt scoot". For those of you who have no idea what that is.....let me explain. Instead of the normal baby crawl, Danner prefers to sit up and put one leg in front and one in the back (like a split) and scoots around on her butt. She can get whereever she wants like this and it is quite a talent. But tonight when Jesse got home she decided she would upgrade to the official crawl. For some reason the babies love Jesse's glasses. So he put them on the floor in front of her and she crawled over to get them. It was as if she could do it all along and just didn't want to. So we will see which is the crawl of her choice, but now we know she can do both. She has also mastered waving bye, bye, clapping, and holding her arms up in the air. She is quite the little smarty pants.
Here is a video of her "butt scoot"

I'm Old.......

Well, it's official!! I'm old. Last night we celebrated my big 3-0 birthday with the family. We went to Hiro Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. Danner and Sawyer really enjoyed it there. They could be as loud as they wanted without anyone hearing them. Sawyer really loved the rice. He made a big mess. They were also very fasinated by the chef and the loud sounds and bright fire at the table. They had some rainbow sherbert for dessert and really loved it. Here are a few pictures from the night.....

Snow Day!!!!

Well it has finally snowed in Wilmington. Yaay for snow. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our light dusting of the white stuff this morning. I woke up and peeked out, but it wasn't there. So needless to say, I was quite disappointed. But around 10am the snow started falling. So after naptime, I dressed the babies......or attempted to dress the babies for their first trip out in the snow. It was a 20 minute ordeal. Sawyer couldn't keep his shoes on or his mittens. His hat and 1 mitten was off before we hit the door. And Danner left her mittens on but refused the shoes. SO.......here are some pictures. Danner loved the snow. She even got a few flakes on her tongue. Sawyer did NOT like the snow. I guess he will just be the beach bum.

Outside fun

We took the babies outside last week to play. It was a cloudy day but warm so we went outside to explore. Of course, Sawyer was everywhere. In the flower beds, on the concrete, trying to climb stairs to get a better view of Buster (our Jack Russell) who was peeking out the window.

Danner was more interested in my cell phone. She eventually did figure out that there was some grass and leaves around us.



more pictures.....

Here are some more pictures from around Christmas.....

More Pictures......

Bumpers.....what's the deal?

Okay, who wrote all the baby books that say to take down the crib bumpers at 5 months? Because I really want to talk to them. Yesterday I decided that I was overdue for removing the bumper since Danner and Sawyer are well past the 5 month marker. So I thought I would go without the bumper. I thought it was a bad idea just for the sole fact that I have 15-20 pacifers in each crib in case theirs falls out in the middle of the night (I want them to be able to find one quickly before starting the bloody-murder scream. And it has worked well!) but without the bumper there would be nothing to keep the pacis from falling out. That is a problem. What I didn't realize was there would be another problem. Babies fall through the cracks. Well not completely falling to the floor or anything, but close. When I walked into the nursery this morning to get the little munchkins out of bed I was surprised at what I saw. Danner was lying on her belly with both legs hanging of the crib because they had fallen between the cracks. Now how is that safe? And how long had she been like that? Poor sweet Danner could have been in such an uncomfortable position all night for all I know. So the moral of the story is..........Don't believe everything you read in the baby books!!! Bumpers are more than just decoration. They hold pacis in the cribs and they keep baby legs and arms in too.

December 08

Christmas time with Jesse is just plain embarassing. As most of you know I hate being the center of attention or drawing any kind of attention to me. He THRIVES off of it. So he has this thing of wanting to dress up and wear Santa hats while we pick out the tree.........sounds cute right? Wrong!! It is just embarassing. But we did it. Babies wore cute striped outfits and Santa hats and we wore red sweaters with Santa hats. It was the worst. Then comes the Christmas card.....every year it is us with the dogs. The dogs have some sort of hat on their head and we wear the Santa hats. This year it was babies and us all wearing hats around a tree. I will have to post that later. Sawyer and Danner didn't really care about the tree. They didn't even go near it so that was nice. I didn't have to worry about them eating pine needles or drooling or presents. Once again we are lucky to have both sets of families around here so we don't have to travel. The babies got quite spoiled with all the toys and gidgets and gadgets that got. You should see my living room, no really, it is a toy factory. And it kills me. I am an obsessive cleaner and it just is never clean with babies. Ugg!! I might just have to take a picture of all the toys and clutter that I am living with.

We had a great Christmas and we once again realize how lucky we are to have such great families and friends around us.

Danner's favorite present from Santa was paper.

Sawyer really wasn't interested in presents.......he wanted to chase the dogs.

Here is Danner and Sawyer all dressed up!!

November 08

Here is Sawyer and Danner showing off their sitting skills!!
Well, I love Thanksgiving. I think maybe because I love turkey. So I really was excited about Thanksgiving this year. I realize that I have alot to be thankful for.......

1. Happy (most of the time), Healthy Babies

2. Family

3. Friends

4. Life

Last year this time I was starting bedrest. So I am definitely thankful to be out of that bed!!

Thanksgiving is always a busy day. Since both of our families live in town we have to visit everyone......which means eating twice!!

Jesse's family really does a big Thanksgiving shindig!! His dad fries up some turkeys and everybody brings something. There is always a ton of people there to celebrate with. So we always start there. This year the babies were center of attention. Lots of people to hold and play with them. They loved it!!

After eating there we headed to my sisters for more food and fun. My family was there to entertain babies!

One thing I do miss is being able to take a nap after stuffing my belly. Babies just don't let you nap when you need one!! And who are the moms that nap when their babies nap? Does anyone really do that? If so let me know. I have too much to do while babies nap.....shower, eat, laundry, clean, etc. If I don't do it while they nap, it won't get done!!

Sawyer started crawling this month. It started as an army crawl where he would drag his legs and after a few weeks he started the real deal. And as soon as he did, he was able to pull up to standing on everything. The problem with that is he couldn't figure out how to get down. So he ended up with a few bumps and bruises, but eventually figured it out. He also got 4 more teeth up top. So he now has 6-2 bottoms, 2 tops. Danner has 0........

October 08

Here are the twins at the pumpkin patch.
There are my parents......Pops and Nana

Here is Mimi (Jesse's mom), Pappi (Jesse's dad), Danner (penguin), and Sawyer (lion)

Danner and Sawyer's first solid food.......avocados...yummy

Aunt Ashley and Uncle Nicky

My grandparents....Granny and Papaw

In October we took the babies to the pumpkin patch. They picked out their first pumpkin. It sure is hard to get both babies to look at the camera, much less smile. We also attending their first Halloween party. It was for the twins club so it was lots of dressed up twins with cute outfits. Danner dressed up as a penguin and Sawyer as a lion. They looked so cute for the few minutes that they had their outfits on. But they got hot and started to scream so they had to come off!! They also started on solid foods this month. Danner is quite the piggy.It really surprised me because she hates her milk. She loves all solid foods. We started off with avacados. Sawyer, on the other hand, loves his milk but didn't really enjoy solids at first. He would only eat sweet potatoes and bananas.
The both began sitting up this month. Danner was much better at it than Sawyer. She could sit for hours and entertain herself. I forgot to mention that Sawyer cut his first 2 teeth in September.

September 08

Jesse, his Uncle Jeff, and his dad Ray heading off to the Browns game.
Here is Jesse's family. Winnie (Jesse's mom), Jesse, Ray, Grammi (Jesse's g-ma), and Papa (Jesse's g-pa) with Danner and Sawyer during their first trip to Ohio. And yes, Papa is choking Sawyer....lol

Here I am holding the babies over a sleeping Papa!!

In September we took the babies on their first plane trip. We went to Ohio to visit Jesse's grandparents. The babies did good on the plane. No crying, screaming, or tantrums were involved. Jesse went to the Brown's game while we were there. For some reason he is a big Brown's fan......I say cheer for someone who might win!!! GO COLTS!! It was great visiting his family because there was always someone who wanted to hold, feed, or play with a baby. They got to meet their 2nd cousin, Madi. We are looking forward to our next trip to Ohio maybe in the spring.

August 08

In August we took a trip withOUT the babies. We left Danner and Sawyer with my sister, her husband, and my mother while we went to the Bahamas. It was really hard to leave the babies and several times I didn't think I would be able to go. It was a work function for Jesse so it was a must for him. So I sucked it up and went!! After I got there I was fine! We enjoyed ourselves for the most part, but definitely were glad to get home to the babies!! And I think my family was glad to see us too. I don't think they realized how hard it is with 2 babies at once!!

Danner and Sawyer took their first real trip to the beach. They really loved the sand and it must have tasted great because they sure ate their fair share.

Sawyer's first trip to the beach.
Danner's first trip to the beach. Yes, that would be sand around her mouth.
This was on our trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Sawyer and Danner posing for pictures.