Harrison Family Vacation

Okay so we booked a last minute get away to the Outer Banks. Avon....Nice, quiet, relaxing....ahhh. We left Sunday afternoon for the 5 hour ride and the babies did great the first 3 hours. They started getting grumpy after that and made the rest of the ride a complete hell. But upon arrival and set up of the pack and plays they went right to bed.

We started Day one at the beach. They both seemed to enjoy it for about 30 minutes or so. Jesse was fishing during this time (well attempting to fish). They do not like the water. Danner wasn't too fond of the sand either. So she basically just sat on the beach chair and soaked in the rays. After about a half hour we hiked back to the house and played in the pool. And boy do they love the pool. They had so much fun playing in the water. We enjoyed a nice dinner at home and went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. What a perfect day!!

Day two was pretty much the same as Day one. Beach, pool, naps, out for dinner for some seafood. Danner however decided she does not like the beach anymore. No sand on her feet!! So once again we spent the majority of the time at the pool. And they love playing in the house. We didn't bring many toys which seems to be okay for the moment because they really enjoy just exploring the large house. It is quite baby proof-thank goodness.

Jesse has been fishing during naps and has yet to catch something. He really isn't a very good fisherman. I even had to show him how to work the weights. And did I mention the haul to the beach is awful. It is right across from the house, but there is a mountain of a sand dune that is totally awful to climb up carrying a baby and stuff.

We have some friends coming towards the end of the week which will be fun. For now we are enjoying the peace and quiet and views. I am hoping to make this an annual thing. I didn't bring the plug for the camera so I will post pics when I get home.

I'm in a Rut....

A blogging rut, that is. Call it lack of motivation, laziness, or whatever, but I can't seem to find it in me to post.

If I had more motivation I could inform you of how Sawyer had a bug this weekend and ran a high fever and was quite miserable. The weather was hot and we sat in the cool AC on Father's Day since Sawyer was sick. I did originally think that he got overheated on Saturday, but learned a few days later that that wasn't the case when I got a sore throat and fever. Oh and the babies made Jesse a cute book for Father's Day.

Or I could tell you how we took a quick day trip to Myrtle Beach and bought some cute jammies for the babies and a couple of outfits for Jesse (nothing for me)and some big fireworks for the 4th.....yep....the illegal kind. So if anyone wants to get arrested at my house on the 4th, come to my house for fireworks. I will be the one inside praying that no neighbors complain.

Or I could tell you about the toy fairy that left some new toys for the babies at my front door. A Dora the Explorer (whoever she is?) bus that they can ride in and an RadioFlyer Inch Worm that bounces around).

Or how poor Jesse has been working such long hours that he hasn't seen the babies since Sunday.He spent the beginning of the week in Richmond and the rest of the week has been working late.

But nope, I am in a rut......hopefully I will dig my way out and be more interesting soon. Until then here is a picture to keep you tied over until my dry spell ends!!!!!!

Jesse ordered himself this hat (his dad has one). The hat a strange story (another post) but they accidently sent him 2. So now we have 2 of these strange hats. And the babies found them quite entertaining to play with.

Oh Happy Anniversary Ashley and Nick!

Brycen comes to town...

Our friends, Kate and BJ, came to visit this weekend. They brought their almost 5 month old Brycen with them. He is so cute. Brycen enjoyed his first trip to the pool. Sawyer and Danner loved watching Brycen and of course every time he was sleeping they wanted to wake him up. Here are a couple of pictures of Brycen at the pool and Sawyer waking him up.

Water Babies

We enjoyed another weekend at the pool. The babies are getting more and more comfortable in the water. Sawyer even likes to go under. He will jump in when someone is standing there. Danner also is really starting to enjoy the water. She has gone under several times and didn't even cry.....that is a surprise. She will even crawl into the pool. She rolls on her belly and scoots backward until her toes touch and then she lets go....doesn't matter if it is the deep end or the stairs...she is going in. We really have to keep a close eye on them while we are there. It is a constant "on the go" with babies enjoying themselves and Jesse and I running around with our heads cut off..... haha

Sunny Days...

Apparently babies do not enjoy sunglasses. I have tried numerous times to get them to wear sunglasses. I think they would enjoy the outdoors alot more. But, as with most things, they just go straight into the mouth. Oh well....these are the best pictures I can get with sunglasses on them. One day I may be able to convince them to wear them, but until then they will just have to squint.

Our new indoor pool.....

Well I finally got their baby pool blown up. What a disaster this has turned out to be. First I had to buy an air compressor. Believe it or not my lungs wouldn't last to blow this thing up. Got it home....Papaw helped fill it up. I decided to let the babies play in it after their nap....well that didn't happen because it decided to storm. Later that afternoon when Jesse got home....he ran over it with his car. And it popped. Ugg. I found a patch, patched the hole, and blew it back up. Left it in the garage so they could have some shade, filled it up with water, and threw the babies in. They really were having fun. Buster, our Jack Russell, was quite jealous and decided to join in on the fun. After 30 minutes or so we went inside. (short attention span) I left Maggie (our other Jack Russell) in the garage to play. She really likes the garage for some reason now?! However, when I checked on her 30 minutes later...the pool was no more. She had played in the water, scratched holes in the bottom digging the water, then got pissed that the water fell out and torn the whole thing to shreds...like a million pieces. So no more baby pool. I give up. We need a plastic one next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But here are the before pictures of the pool.

Dining out

My new favorite place to eat is outside....especially when feeding the kids. They are sooo messy eating in the house, but outside makes for easy cleanup. I decided to try sitting them at their picnic table for dinner to see how long they WOULD sit there, how long they COULD sit there without falling, and to see how messy it would be. It was a success, both for babies and dogs. Dogs got crumbs, babies got a change of scenery, and I had less mess to clean. YAAY. We have been trying plates for the past few weeks. It starts off well, but about 10 minutes into it plates go flying. Eventually they will have manners....right??

Splish Splash

Sawyer is quite the water bug. He really loves to jump in while holding someone's hands. He has gotten brave over the past few visits to the pool. He even sticks his face under and blows bubbles.

Danner is not quite as fond of the water as Sawyer. She does like to get in....on her own terms. She does NOT like her face or hair to get wet. She would be just as happy running around the edge of the pool with somebody chasing her to make sure she doesn't fall in. Makes for an enjoyable day at the pool......haha

Here are some pictures of the babies enjoying the pool.

sorry so slack....

Okay once again I have been slack in posting. I promise I will try to get better, but between 2 babies, 2 dogs with no fence, and cleaning....well.....there just is no time. Babes are great. Practically running around the house now. Sawyer has definitely started to talk more. He loves watching the birds on our back deck. He calls the "girds". Danner has a few words but still prefers the screeching scream as her main means of communication. Danner has 6 teeth now. Sawyer practically has all of his. He is eating raw steak now....lol Jesse and I are enjoying keeping them busy on the weekends. We have ventured on the boat a couple of time, taken the to the pool (either Aunt Ashley's or Mimi and Poppi's), and gone to the beach. One of their new favorite things to do on the weekend is mow the lawn. Here are some pictures of them helping Dad mow the lawn.