Go away!!

Irene is ruining my plans . We have our annual vacation to hatteras next weekend. I know that is a whole week away BUT if a category 3 rolls in there then there will be catastrophic damage. The roads wash over during a strong storm. And guess who was willing to take the risk and NOT get the travelers insurance? Yep. You guessed it. I should have known. We are stll not out of the woods yet in Wilmington, but we are hoping for the best for our town and hatteras. Wish us luck.

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

I mean, seriously, who sleeps in a crib anymore?? (these photos are a few weeks old. And yes porter is still not wearing diapers. He has had 2 straight days with ZERO accidents. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.)

Cribs are totally overrated!!!


Guess Who??

Guess Who has his first soccer practice tomorrow night??

And he has been practicing.  He can hardly wait. I sure hope he likes it. Better yet I hope he stands still long enough to listen to his coach. I'll keep ya posted on his first day.


Dancing Queen

Danner on her first day of dance. She is the one in the hot pink with no tights.

Bending over to touch her toes.
She had so much fun. She learned a few things, too. She listened well and had no problem leaving my side. She is dying to go back tomorrow for her second class. Hopefully she will cooperate and wear the tights like all the other little girls. Ha.

I've Lost my Mind!!

No really, I have. I woke up Monday with the brilliant idea that I should start potty training Porter. I threw out his diapers, put him in big boy undies, and let the madness begin. I trained the twins at 24 months in 3 long short days. Surely I could train one 21 month old too. Right? Well if you are interested I am a firm believer that the 3 day potty training method is the only way to go. If you want more info click HERE. Basically you throw away all the diapers. Stockpile a shit-ton of undies. And a million and a half treats (prizes, candies, stickers). Then you simply just tell your little water fountain  to tell mama when you have to go the the potty four hundred and fifty times a hour day. The trick is to catch him in the act and run as fast as you can to the potty and hope that he drips some in there so you can reward him. Sounds easy, right? Eventually he will realize the sensation and be able to tell you he has to go. Give him lots to drink so he pees a lot and can catch on quicker. Problem is I have 2 other kids that share my attention. And anytime I blink Porter pees and I miss it and see a puddle on the floor. SUPER!! And you seriously must be attached to his hip at all times...or you miss it and are left staring at a puddle or worse...if you get my drift

BUT I think he finally caught on today. Yes we may have success people. This is BIG. Big I say. Why? Well because at 9 this morning I was ready to go digging in the trash for those damn diapers. But no...I Persevered. And I think he's got it.

Here's a rundown of the longest 3 days of my life.
Day 1~  Potty -1     Floor-9
Day 2~ Potty-6      Floor - 6    ( I was thinking maybe he was getting the hang of it)
Day 3~ Potty- 9     Floor-4    ( All 4 floors were before 10 am. ) So no accidents as of 10 am.

And here I sit at the end of day 3. Slightly smiling...slightly paranoid  that he may have forgotten everything by the morning. Pray for me people......

more cuteness


Smarty Pants

My one and only little girl never ceases to amaze me with her brains....(just like her Mama). We have been really working on letters and sounds over the past week. And she knows just about all the letters and sounds they make....in just over a week. She is such the pleaser. She likes to practice over and over. And I think it is crazy how fast she has picked up on them. I remember teaching first grade years ago and having many kids not able to recognize letters much less their sounds. I am so proud. She also likes to make her bed which makes me VERY happy.

Sawyer is working on these as well. However he isn't quite as eager to please. I think he might be like the hubs....ha. He just would rather be playing cars, guns, anything else. But we are making progress. He knows quite a few letters and sounds. Uh yeah...he does not like to clean...just like his Daddy, I tell ya.

Porter is working on his colors. So far everything is blue. ha.  But he has quite the vocabulary on him. He is practically talking in sentences. And I love it.


Figuring it all out.


I am still trying to figure out this IMAC computer. It is awesome but a pain trying to relearn how to use a computer. These are my first attempts at uploading photos from it.  These are some recent photos of my cuties. My super sweet neighbor took some shots of the kids. Love them. I will share more later but these are cute in black and white.

It's a....

Vacuum.....a Dyson dc25 Animal. It is the love of my life. It picked up so much dog hair and dander that it is disgusting and amazing...at the same time.

I know. I am strange to have such obsessions over cleaning products.


I am super excited right now. The hubs just came home with a present for me. Something I have been dying for for a really long time. Something I have read reviews about, drooled over, and practically begged for. Finally my old one died....

Any guesses as to what it may be???

Here's a hint. I test drove one our trip to Ohio..


Why is it when I have fun crafts for the kids I end up regretting my decision 2 minutes after I start. Whether it is paint, markers, pencils, crayons, glue, or scissors.....it ends in disaster. Usually my walls, furniture, body parts, or hair. Ugh....I don't even leave them unattended either. But in the blink of an eye...CHOP..there goes someones hair. Or there goes my wall painted green. Will the madness ever end? Will they ever learn to color the pages and not my table? Will they ever cut the paper and not their hair?

Pretty sure my kids will not be artists when they grow up....and that will be partly my fault. I am throwing away all my crafts....including glue, scissors, markers, crayons, pencils.....and anything else messy.

Sawyer counting cherries on his cherry tree.
 Danner showing off her moon dough creation.


What I do know...

How to take funny photos using my new IMAC. It has some great photo editing....and funny apps to go with it....Take this one, for example.  1 crazy husband + 2 smiling Porters= 1 Crazy Momma
Could you even imagine the chaos at my house......1 set of twins is enough. But this serious cracked me up.....Ha