Underwater Swimming

This video was taken a few weeks ago. Jesse pulled out our underwater video camera and videoed the kids swimming......


Back Seat

My blog has definitely taken a back seat lately to life. I don't have much time to keep up with the posting. We have been trying to stay busy this summer. We play. We learn. We play some more. I probably don't have anything too exciting to blog about. Don't really want to bore y'all with minor details........

The kids have been enjoying the pool. They have all turned into little fish. The swim underwater. They can dive off the side. The can flip in the water. They can dive all the way down to the deep end to fetch toys off the bottom. It really is crazy what great swimmers they have become. I really want to get them on a swim team. They might be too young still but that might be top priority when they are old enough.
Especially since it is something they all like. I have been doing a bit of homeschooling with them this summer. Sawyer can definitely improve on his writing and fine motor skills so we really have been focusing on that. He just could care less about writing or anything creative, crafty, coloring, painting. After a few days he finally started to enjoy it more. So that is definitely a plus.

Danner's dance has ended for the year. I recently started her in gymnastics in hopes of steering away from dance. Right now she loves gymnastics and hasn't missed dancing at all. If she wants to go back to dancing in the fall I will definitely let her, but will probably find a different studio to teach her. This girl loves to sing. Everything is a song. I hear her singing in her room before she falls asleep and I hear her singing when she wakes up. She doesn't have an awful voice either..... Speaking of her room....we moved her into her own room. She was asking to sleep by herself  and has done great with the transition. Sawyer is a different story.

Sawyer is doing well...except the sleeping thing. He is such a scaredy cat. He doesn't like to go into any room without someone coming with him. He definitely  wasn't going to sleep by himself so we moved Porter into his room. Porter is an okay roommate but still Sawyer isn't a secure as he was with Danner. This kid loves to play games. He loves to play outside. He likes bugs, cars, trucks, and guns. Anything boyish....he likes it. Which is just AWESOME for me because I do not like bugs, cars, frogs, guns, etc. Definitely is different raising a boy. But I am learning to adapt! Ha. I am going to sign him up for t-ball next season. He really loves playing t-ball in the yard with me. He is starting to like soccer again so that may be an option but definitely won't be forcing him to do anything.

Porter is reaching those terrible twos. Nothing like the twins but he still is at a trying stage. He wants to sleep in my bed every night (which we don't allow) but for some reason he doesn't quit trying. He will escape from his room several times before falling asleep and most nights he creeps downstairs before the sun is up.  Killing me....I need my beauty sleep! He is still super sweet and is sorry if he ever misbehaves....And is loving and cuddly. This kid eats anything. He likes salad, vegetables, fruits, meats, and sweets. There is hardly anything that he won't try.

Jesse is staying busy at work. He has traveled a ton this summer which has left me alone with the kids A LOT! It definitely makes it hard for me when he is gone for a week at a time but I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with the kids. He is enjoying the pool so far too. He really likes to play with the kids in there and also enjoys it after they go to bed.

Gunner (the dog) is growing like a weed. He probably weighs close to 30 pounds. He is all legs. We have been doing extensive training with him. We are starting his third and final advanced training class this week. He is a super smart and loving dog. We really got lucky and picked a good one. I am totally not used to a big dog so this all new to me. Jesse made the mistake of letting him sleep in bed with us when he was tiny....and NOW our king size bed is almost too small for us and the dog. We are trying to get him to sleep on the floor but good grief...it is hard. Just as soon as we fall asleep he sneaks right up in between us.

I have been doing okay. I have had lots of doctors appointments and testing going on. I had a MRI and CT Scan in May for some sinus issues. They didn't find anything unusual in the sinus department but did say it might not hurt to see a neurologist for some unknown things that showed up on the MRI. I am relatively sure it is nothing too serious so I am going to wait it out and see if the sinuses improve. I am also checking with an allergist to see if I am allergic to something I don't know about. I also was referred to a urologist for some microscopic blood in my urine that has been there for over a year. I had a CT and Cystoscopy done to look for tumors on my kidneys and bladder. They found nothing but a saggy utereus that is pressing on my bladder. Being sent back to the GYN to see if that could be a further issue. I will be monitored by the urologist for 3 years because apparently it could become something within the next 3 years. I have really started up on the fitness thing big time. Mainly running....I realize I can go to the gym everyday and take the kids and leave them for up to 2 hours while I work out. So that is a nice break for them and me......I get to workout and they get to play. I have been taking some weight lifting classes there and also doing some cardio. I finally caved and bought my Garmin Watch for myself. So it has really helped in the running department. Keeping me motivated and whatnot. I will do a post soon on my running strategies.

Ok...I think that about sums it up. Hope to find some motivation to post more soon.


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Here are some comparison videos from the kids swimming. The first one is last summer after they finished their first swimming lesson....

And this is after they finished their swim lesson this year. Porter is also starting to swim well with no lessons at all  (he is too young).


Recital Video

Danner is on the far left in the very front.
(you may need to pause the music player at the bottom of the page)


Danner's Recital

Danner had her first real dance recital this weekend. She was an absolute doll dressed up. She really loved being on stage and was super excited about performing. I am pretty surprised about that since she is so shy. I am hoping to upload a video but my Internet is down so these phone shots will have to do for now....

She had a tap performance (red outfit) and ballet performance. I think tap is her favorite.