And can I just say it is getting harder and harder to get him to pose for his monthly pictures. He wants to grab and eat the blocks or roll over or crawl away......

Seriously? Six months, already? Seems like just yesterday I was impatiently patiently waiting for him to arrive and now here we are six months later with such a happy, healthy little man. He has really hit some big milestones the past month. He has really become a pro sitter. I feel confident leaving him sitting up without pillows around him. He also is not very far, or very fast but he is getting places. I know any minute now he will take off. He has taken an interest in most toys and gets quite upset if you take them away.....which usually always happens thanks to his theives brother and sister. He has said dada which is merely an accident (we all know his first word will be mama if I have any say in the matter). He is speaking sounds now as opposed to cooing. He has started eating solids in the past week and seems quite fond of them, however has had a pretty severe reaction to rice cereal. Seems strange to me since that is a mild food for babies. The doctor seems to think it may be a wheat allergy. At his 6 month checkup he was 15.8 pounds and 27 inches. We go Friday to have his kidney checked again. Hopefully it will all be cleared up. Porter has been the perfect fit for our family and we are so in love with our little man.


This is what happens when Sawyer sees the camera. He really hams it up, huh?

Wondering why I have no pictures of our sweet lil princess lately? Well, if you must know....our sweet lil princess is no longer a sweet lil princess. She has recently decided to show us just how terrible those 2's can be. Every time a camera comes even close to her she stomps her feet, screams, and goes running in the opposite direction. Don't worry ya'll....this phase will pass and soon enough she will be our sweet lil princess again.

And he's off......

Check out how well Porter is sitting up. And that isn't his only talent these days....

Porter has started to crawl.....well....kinda. He gets up on his hands and knees and pushes himself around. It is more like an army crawl and most of the time he goes backwards.....but let me tell ya, the kid gets around. Here are some pictures of him showing off his talent.

First you push up with your arms.
Then you push your knees up....make sure you keep your arms up.
Then you lunge forward dropping both your knees and your arms. Now be careful when you try this at home because it can be quite painful if things are in the way.
You may even find yourself be sure to watch where you are going.

Cloth Diapering...

Yep. You read that right. I have begun cloth diapering. Call me crazy, but cloth diapering is not just a thing that your grandparents did. It has became a big fad. Mainly for "green" reasons, but my reason of choice is because they are so darn cute. It is not only saving us space in our trashcan.....which is weekly filled to the brim with dirty, stinky disposable diapers, but it is also saving us a pretty penny. If only I had been brave enough to do this with the twins. It really isn't as hard as it seems. Of course I am new to this so give it some time and I am sure I might have a complaint or two. I will keep you posted. Right now I only have Porter in them. I have the twins running around in underwear during the day (and my mop has a few complaints about this bright idea). And that is only if we are home. Our dr. recommended trying that since they are showing signs of being "ready".....not sure how long THIS will last but I am thinking they are NOT ready with all the times I have pulled out the mop today. Ok I will save that for another post...... back to the diapering.

I mean, seriously, don't they just look like the cutest things on him.
Or maybe it is just him that makes the diapers look so cute.

And see how much he likes them? SOOOO incredibly comfy.
And here is how they work......

you start with the absolutely cute diaper. It has adjustable elastic legs and all those snaps for just the right fit. And it is a one size fits this will last us through his diapering years.

You see that hole at the top? That is where you insert a pad thing. It is like microfiber so it is very absorbant.

See? You just stick this thing right in that hole.....

And when you change the diaper, you pull out the pad and stick it into this bag.

Put the diaper into the bag also.

' And when your bag is full or you run out of diapers throw it all in here. Stick it into the dryer and you are ready to go.

Yay. I am so excited about it. Now I have to get my stash of diapers up. I only have 10. Which on a typical day I will go through 5-6 pending no "blowouts" . I am thinking of sticking the twins in some too...well that is if I get tired of cleaning pee off my floor. So what do ya'll think?

Sawyer's Birthday Present

Sawyer loves his new scooter. He is quite talented on it already. Our neighbor snapped a few shots of Jesse and Sawyer riding in the driveway.

Precious Pictures of Porter....

compliments of my fabulous photographer neighbor......

Birthday Party

Well we survived the party. It was fun. The weather was great. I will apologize for the pictures. Jesse was in charge of photography so we really didn't get many good pictures. Danner was a bit grumpy. Partly because I MADE her wear the cutest dress compliments of Aunt Ashley and partly because she has a UTI. They got lots and lots of toys (thanks everyone) and my living is stuffed with clutter again. We had an egg hunt at the party. The kids are a bit too young yet, but Danner did a great job getting eggs and putting them in the basket.

After the party and a nap we took the kids down to the beach for an afternoon stroll. I did manage to get a few good pictures of them.

In Porter news.....he can sit up. AND...he ate some rice cereal. He really loved it....Kinda.

Happy Birthday Babes!!

Dear Danner,
I can't believe that it has 2 years since you made your debut. At 5:06pm on April 3rd, 2008 you came into this world weighing 4pounds 9 ounces at 16inches long. You didn't have much hair and your poor face was bruised and smushed from Sawyer. He has been the bully since day 1, huh? You had a bit of a tough start but now are the most perfect little princess any Mommy could ask for. I love so many things about you. I love how you have one little curl in the back of your hair. I love your blue eyes. I love your sweet, soft whisper. I love how you take care of Sawyer. I love the way you run. It is so cute. You raise your arms up high and run. I love how you lick all the peanut butter off the crackers first. You are so sweet and beautiful. A perfect daughter. I love you more than you will ever know. I am so proud of you. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNER!!!

2 Years Ago...


Dear Sawyer,
At 5:07pm on April 3rd you came into the world. You were 5 pounds 2 ounces and 17 inches. A head full of dark, dark hair and a wrinkley face that kinda resembled an old man. You looked completely opposite of Danner. You have turned into a sweet boy who is always happy. I love that about you. You are happy when you wake up. You are happy when you go to bed. I love your cheesy smile. I love how your hair sticks up in the back. I love how you like to play hide-n-seek.I love how you cheer for yourself when you do something good or funny "YAAAYYYY!!" I love how you play with Porter when I am not looking. I love your long, long eyelashes. I love how you love me.....I couldn't ask for a better son. You make me so happy and I love being your Mommy. You make me so proud. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAWYER!!

2 Years Ago...


We waited so long for you two and you were totally worth the wait. I can't believe it has been two years. I look forward to watching you grow, play, laugh, and love. You have given me double the happiness and double the love. Thank you.