Baby Beach Bum

Hey guys....wait up.

he looks like a little surfer dude with the long locks...

He is such a water bug. He loves getting wet.

Digging for shells

He stole my water and was hoping I would chase him.

We are lucky to live so close to the beach. It is a 10 minute drive that provides hours of entertainment for our little ones (and sometimes even a nap).....


Big Beach Bum

Sawyer likes to take his squirt gun to the beach to squirt people.

His most favorite target is Danner....

He goes to the beach and makes friends with anybody he sees....

He likes to ride on the boogie board. He really is getting good at it.

I think he will probably like surfing like his daddy when he is older.

He totally doesn't mind water in his fact the more water the better.

He likes to go out deep....and karate kick the waves.

He even offers rides to his little sweet.


Beach Bum-ette

We take the kids to the beach a few times a week. Sometimes late afternoons if Jesse gets off early enough. Sometimes on the weekends. We have a specific spot we love to go to. The beach is long and wide (plenty of sand to keep them from running away) and there is always tidal pools (shallow puddles separate from the ocean). I finally took the camera to the beach last week to capture a few photos of my beach bums and bum-ette. 
Hey mom...whats with the camera?

running the the water

do I see some shells ?

strutting her stuff

she is so prissy

she tends to stick to the shallow water....heaven forbid her hair and face get wet....

she likes playing in the sand and building castles

and keeping hydrated with mommys water.


A few more...


A Few Pics

 Finally a group shot with 3 smiles......success.

Don't worry I have more where that came from.....more smiles....more cuteness!!! Get Ready!

Movie Date

On Father's Day Jesse and I took the twins to their first movie. We were a little skeptical on how they would do sitting still and being quiet during the movie. But lo and behold they were perfect. A little lot of popcorn and 2 juice boxes later they were enjoying the movie. I wanted to take them to see Cars 2 but Jesse really wanted to go on Father's Day so we saw Kung Fu Panda 2. Not the greatest movie in my opinion but I'm not really a movie fanatic.
 The happy daddy and his duo.
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Unfortunately Porter had to stay home and nap. I don't think he is quite ready for the sitting still just yet. We may have another movie date this weekend to see Cars 2......
Have I mentioned how much Jesse loves movies. I have a feeling there will be alot of movies in our near that he has 2 new partners to see them with.


Pool Time

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Mimi and Poppi's pool for a little fun in the sun. The kids did really good with their new puddle jumpers water wings on.
 Mr. Man floating around by himself.
 This girl had a blast and didn't want to leave. She stayed and visited for a while after we left.
 And this guy got rid of his water wings at the end and started to "swim". He has the leg kick down  and can get  from one point to the other. He needs to get his arm paddling down and he will be really swimming.
Danner and Sawyer are going to swim camp at UNCW July11. It is a 2 week class for teaching them to swim. I think Sawyer may be swimming before this camp starts. Can't believe how big my babies are getting.

It's going to be a fun summer.


We like us some puddin 'round here. It is definitely a messy treat for the kids so they don't get it too often. I tend to stick to cleaner snacks and meals....Ha. Just makes my life a little easier.

As you can see Porter is the messiest of them all. And you should have seen him when he was finished. His whole belly was covered in chocolate. Super cute although it required an immediate bath.

Bike Riding

The kids have mastered riding their tricycles. It is super cute....especially with their helmets on. Sawyer always begs me to go for a walk down the street so he can ride on his trike. Problem is he is a speed racer and Danner is a turtle. So with only one gets a bit tricky.

 I had Granny stick with Danner to keep her company.
 And the dinosaur on his red trike.

And my super cutie peddling on his bike.