Porter is a character. He is so much fun. He definitely loves his momma (can't blame him...I'm pretty awesome). He really is a loving kid. Three was an awful age for him. He was a hellian. FACT! But as 4 is approaching he is really learning to listen better. Thank God!! In his defense Sawyer was awful at 3 too. I know it is totally just the age.

Porter just started t-ball. He is actually a good listener. He aims to please! He likes video games too but not quite as "passionate" as Sawyer. I think he will be good at sports. He really likes to play anything. He is an amazing swimmer for only being 3. He swims the length of the pool and can dive to the bottom of the deep end.

He just started preschool. He loves it. He was begging to go. This year he is doing 3 days a week 9-1 so it is just a short amount of time. He is doing so well. He is so happy to be around his friends. He is really very smart. Since he has the late birthday he is only in the 3 year old classroom. So he is pretty advanced I think in comparison to where Sawyer and Danner were in their 3 year old class.

Porter loves to sneak into our bedroom in the middle of the night. He shares a room with Sawyer right now but he usually sneaks into our room and we find him sleeping on the floor by our bed. At first this bothered me.......and I would drag him....kicking and screaming back upstairs. Then I gave up and always have a blanket and pillow down on the floor just in case. One day he'll grow out of it. And until that day comes......I refuse to lose sleep over it. Literally!

Such a fun and loving kid. Can't believe he will be 4 soon!


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