Finally some pictures.

Sawyer sporting his Diego underwear.
Danner in her underwear.

Porter trying to get Sawyer's attention.

Big blue eyed boy.


Danner copying her Daddy. She has turned into quite the copy-cat. It is precious.

Porter at seven months.

Sure is hard to keep him from playing with the blocks.

See what I mean?

Exciting News....

I have some exciting news to share.

1. Jesse is starting a new job on June 7th. After 8 years he has decided to leave his current career for a better opportunity. He will be working as a medical device sales rep. He will have a rough 8 weeks to start and will be training out of town for those first 8 weeks, but I am so excited for him and proud of him for making such a big step.

2. I am going to be an Aunt. sister is pregnant. It is still early, but we are over the moon happy for them. I know she will be a wonderful mommy and here's to 36 long, uneventful weeks.

3. The twins are officially potty trained. After 3 long, miserably messy days they are prancing around in underwear. I am especially proud of Danner, who on day 1 would scream, cry, and run away from the toliet. Now hasn't had an accident since day 2 and will tell me everytime she has to go. Sawyer is doing well too. I thought he would be a pro right off the bat, but nope. He was my "problem child". I still have to ask him if he needs to go, but he is still doing a fabulous job. What a relief to have that under my belt. I must say that that was one of the most challenging tasks yet. I will post more about this is a whole blog post in itself.

Still have pictures to post. Hope to get to those this weekend. And if you were wondering about my typing skills....well thank Sawyer. I am missing a shift button, number 8, and space key. Having to make do.....

Poop Poop

Porter is 7 months old now. He is getting to be such a big boy. Crawling, standing, and even a tooth. Well, almost a tooth. I can see it starting to pop through. He is so brave too. He will crawl over to something, stand up, and then let go. He can actually stand for a bit before sitting down. I hope walking is NOT in our near future. Danner and Sawyer starting walking at 1 year. I think Porter may be walking sooner than that. Ugg. He is back to sleeping good. He is refusing to eat any solids since his rice cereal issue. We have an allergist appointment on the 3rd so hopefully we can find out exactly what is the problem. His kidney issue is still there, but not really a concern (according to the Urologist). They will just continue to monitor it until it goes away.

Danner and Sawyer are good. Busy babies....keeping me moving. They literally are on the go from the moment they wake up until they go to bed with a couple hour nap in between. I wish i had that much energy, but seriously by the time bedtime rolls around I am exhausted and usually in bed pretty soon afterwards. But they are so much fun. They really have quite the personality and keep me laughing most of the day. Sawyer calls Porter -"Poop Poop" and it is so cute. "Are you okay Poop Poop?" when he is crying......cracks me up. I really need to fix that.I am sure Porter will not be happy with that nickname in a few years. Right now he doesn't seem to mind and loves when they show him attention.

We have some exciting news to share......not yet....but stayed tuned.

oh and pics coming soon too.....

Busy Busy Bees.....

We had an action packed weekend. The weekends always fly by and we are really enjoying getting the kids out and about. Friday night we went to a local family concert on the lawn of Mayfaire. We never actually made it close enough to hear the music because they had inflatables bouncy things for the kids. Sawyer loved it. He would patiently wait his turn and bounce away. However, when his time was up someone always had to go in and fetch him out. He had too much fun. He kept talking about it the whole way home. Danner could barely wait in line....she was so excited to go in, but when we pushed her in she freaked out and wanted nothing to do with it. Of course I had no time for pictures since I was busy tending to the kids, but hopefully next time I can get some cute shots.

Saturday we went to Mimi and Poppi's (Jesse parents) for some fun in the sun. The kids had SO much fun swimming in the pool. We tried several different floating tools to see which worked best. First we tried the life jacket shirts. They just made the kids roll in the water....not too safe. Next we tried the boat life jackets with the neck flap. They were really safe.....problem was that the kids couldn't move in them. They were stuck on their backs life "Ralphie" in the Christmas Story. It was actually hilarious. We joked that we could have left them there for a while and gone inside and had a margarita or two......good news if the boat sinks, they will be safe in those life jackets. Finally we tried the water wings. Best 99 cents I spent. They worked great. The kids head stayed above water and they kicked and paddled away. I think they will be swimming in no time.

Sunday we had a beach day. Jesse did some fishing (caught nothing) and I took the kids to the beach. They liked playing in the sand, feeding the birds, and trying to catch the live bait Jesse had in the bucket. They did not go near the water though. They are still scared of it. Good thing was too cold for me to go in. After nap time Sawyer played in the sprinkler. Danner doesn't like it because she doesnt want to get her hair wet.

Okay.....sorry for the long post......I told ya we were busy bees. Enjoy the pictures. They aren't really in any order. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. these kids.

Danner loves taking care of Sawyer. She shared her banana with him. And she even fed it to him. So sweet.
Danner showing us her dancing moves.

Sawyer playing in the sprinkler.

I know, I know.....I am too cute.

2 heads are better than 1.......

He went that way........

It was a great beach day. The kids loved playing in the sand.

Mimi and Porter.

Sawyer trying out the boat life jacket. He was stuck on his back and couldn't move.

Danner and Sawyer stuck on their backs. We left them there for a few hours while we grabbed a cocktail......just kiddin.


Sawyer in his water wings.

Check out how good Sawyer is swimming. He must have kicked his legs for hours.

Mimi and Danner

When you take 3 kids to the pool, it is a team effort. Everyone takes a kid.

Poppi with the their waterwings.

Hope everyone has a great week........

Hello??? Is anyone out there??

Okay....just wondering if anyone is still reading? Probably not since I have been such a slacker on posting lately. But sorry, I have been busy taking pics with my new camera. I even have some proof.... see?

Sawyer wearing my sunglasses.

Danner has finally accepted the fact that she WILL wear a bow. I was starting to wonder, but so far she is okay with it. She has yet to accept the fact that she WILL wear a dress though. I am still working on that. It is an everyday struggle that usually ends with a naked kid running around screaming, but I WILL WIN DARNIT.

Danner enjoying her swing....notice the bow. Concentrating on climbing to the top of the rope climb.

Dress, bow, and even a smile.......Priceless.

We had Porter's appointment last week to find out that his kidney issue is a bit worse than before....soooooo......we have been referred to a Urology Specialist to find out what to do next. All I know is our appointment is next Thursday....not sure what they will do, what they will say, or what exactly is wrong, so I am hoping for some answers. AND Porter is now standing. Well, he is pulling up on things and cruising around them. This is quite dangerous, you know. Mainly because he gets up there and has no idea how to get down. Falling is his only solution so far. I am hoping he learns to get down sooner than later. All of his new tricks has started a new fad at night that usually involves him getting up in the middle of the night to "practice" only to fall or bump his head or get stuck......following by screaming and crying and not wanting to go back to sleep. Not fun for me...but loads of fun for him. Oh and he is really now.

He likes pulling up on the trampoline and walking around it.

Cutey pie sitting outside.
Sweet baby Porter.

Sawyer is still hamming it up. He loves wearing a hat, riding his scooter, and listening to music. He likes anything and everything trucks. He likes listening for the trash truck, he likes yelling at trucks when they pass us in the car, he likes playing with all his trucks at home. He is a typical boy.

Sawyer riding his scooter.

Sawyer dancing and singing to his "muik vidos" (music videos).

A serious look from our little ham. He was probably getting aggrevated with me chasing him around with the camera in his face.

Happy Mother's Day!

We attemped a photo shoot today but as usual getting three kids to cooperate was a ....ahem....nightmare.

Danner giving me a hug....this was after we spent 30 minutes chasing these monkeys around trying to get a good picture of the 3 kids. They both headed in different directions.
Porter was the only cooperative one today. He actually smiles for the camera.....and will sit still.

The best shot we could get. Not great, but everyone was in it and looking (not smiling) at the camera.

Wow. I feel so lucky to be celebrating Mother's Day. There was a time where I wondered if I would ever be celebrating this day. Yep. I dreaded it. I always wondered if I would ever be able to have kids and every Mother's Day that past was a painful reminder that I was empty armed another year. But every year I told myself that next year I will be a Mother. And here I am.....a Mother to 3. I must is not an easy job. Nope....not at all. Not a day passes that I don't have to pray for some patience. And most days don't pass without a couple doses of tylenol. But not one day passes that I am not thankful for my 3 little Love Muffins. I am so thankful on this Mother's Day to have 3 happy, healthy babies. THREE....not zero. And although some days are rough....most days are full of smiles, laughter, and joy.... times three. And I am willing to bet that there isn't a happier mommy out there.

So to all you Mother's out there, Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your children. And be thankful that you have the best, most rewarding job on the planet.

And thanks to my three wonderful kiddos and my Sweetie....I am the proud new owner of a Nikon camera. I can now capture all the moments instantly instead of waiting for the flash. So my pictures should be much better. Thanks guys.

Wordless Wednesday

Vacation 2010...

Jesse with Sawyer and Porter.
Jesse trying to fly a kite. It was so windy that the kite ripped.

Porter and me.

Katie with Brycen and Danner.

Madi and her Daddt watching the big waves.

Danner about to blow away on the beach.

Katie and Brycen enjoying the windy weather.

Everyone enjoying dinner.

Katie and BJ.

Jesse's cousin Sarah and her husband, Jay.

Danner sharing her balloon with cousin, Madi.

We decided to take our vacation a bit early this year. We headed back to the Outer Banks and stayed in the same house as last year. We had an absolute blast. The weather was cool and rainy a couple days but really warmed up towards the end of the week.