The Baby's Hungry

So the other night I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when Danner comes in and wanted some yogurt.
     Danner:  want yogurt Mommy
     Me: okay here you go Danner (quite pleased she was asking for yogurt instead of cookies)
     off she goes outside with her yogurt
     Danner:  ( 2 minutes later) want more yogurt Mommy
     Me:  did you eat all of your other yogurt?
    Danner: yes
    Me: I don't believe you...that was fast...bring me the container so
    I can see.

   Danner goes and gets the container which is indeed empty. So I give her another yogurt.
   I go outside 2 minutes later to find this........

One bite for Danner, 2 bites for baby.
Too cute!!

I lied...

Example A: notice inside the ear, beside his eye, and on his cheek

Example B: notice the claw marks on his cheek.....yeah well you should see his back.
Yeah remember a few posts back when I was saying how much the twins love each other? Well, I lied. Yep they now fight....bad. Sawyer likes to hit and steal toys. And Danner's weapon of choice is her nails. So whenever something doesn't go her way she whips out her claws. Seriously, y'all Sawyer looks like he has been mauled by a lion. It's bad. I have chopped and filed the nails down as far as I can but she somehow still manages to scratch him. I have several people stop and ask me if he has been attacked by a cat....nope just his sister. Ahh....the love of twins!!

Myrtle Beach

Porter relaxing on the bed at the hotel

Danner's favorite part of the trip was talking on the hotel phone.

Sawyer loved. loved. loved. Alligator Adventure.

Posing with the birds

Family photos never turn out that great.... be still everyone!!

Sawyer riding the gator.

You probably can't tell but there is a camel, zebra, and donkey all in that shed.

Danner loved the bathtub at that place. Not sure why it is any better than ours at home....but oh well.
Friday afternoon I had the twin club thrift sale so I couldn't ride with Jesse to Myrtle Beach. I had to pack up 3 kids, clean the house for a Saturday morning house showing, drop off the dogs, and drive to Myrtle Beach with the kids by myself. Fabulous!! We ended up leaving around 8 pm. I knew the kids wouldn't sleep in the car because they had a late nap. They were great for the hour and a half that it took to get there.

We arrived around 9:30 pm and Jesse thought it would be a fabulous idea to take them to the indoor waterpark that night. So off to the waterpark we went. It was downstairs in the lobby of the hotel so it wasn't like we had to venture too far. They loved it. I put them in their water wings and off they went. Sawyer went down the waterslides with Jesse and had so much fun. Danner went down once against her will and hated it. So she stuck to the lazy river and splash pad. Porter took a ride down the slide with Jesse and thought it was fun. After an hour we went back up to the room....which was actually 3 bedrooms. I attempted to put the kids to bed and eventually had to lay down with Danner and Sawyer until they fell asleep. It was about 11:30 when that finally happened.  I woke up to someone (Danner) poking me in the face at 5:30 am. So a good nights sleep did NOT happen that night. Saturday morning we took them to Alligator Adventure. Sawyer was in heaven. All he could talk about Friday night was seeing the alligators. His favorite thing there were the snakes....yuck.

After some lunch we went back to the waterpark. Sawyer started going down the slide by himself. Over and over again. They played until the couldn't play anymore. Needless to say they slept good that night.

I was quite surprised how well behaved they were. It was so much fun and although exhausting for me, I am glad we went. I didn't get any pictures at the waterpark....watching 3 kids around water is a job and I didn't have enough hands for the camera.


Last weekend I packed up the kids and headed to visit some friends in Greenville. I met Jesse up there since he was working a convention on Friday night and Saturday. I was pretty nervous about going. First traveling 2 hours in the car with 3 kids.....2 of which might have to go potty at any minute. I was worried how I would manage that. Imagine...pulling over to a gas station to unload 3 kids, run them to the potty, load them back up...well luckily they didn't have to go. My second concern was the sleeping thing. The twins haven't spend the night anywhere since being transitioned to a big-kid bed. I was worried they wouldn't sleep, tear up the room, or even pee on the floor. Sawyer has also been going through a stage where he wants to do anything but go to sleep. Read books, potty, brush teeth, play, sing.....seriously every time I put him to bed he cries for what seems like FOREVER... And it was no different in Greenville. I kept them up a little late in hopes that they would be really tired and go right to sleep. Nope...he cried and screamed and kicked. Danner however was perfect. Finally I just shut the door and let him be. After hours a few minutes he finally gave up. So all in all it was a good trip. The kids behaved. They had lots of fun playing with their buddy, Brycen.

This weekend  we went with Jesse to Myrtle Beach. He had another convention and it was a blast. Working on a post with pictures for that.


There are days where I sit back and can't believe that I have twins. I don't really think of them as twins. I always refer to them as Danner and Sawyer.....never as "the twins". It even feels weird typing twins or when someone asks me about "the twins"...just sounds strange. Crazy, I know....because they are, in fact, twins. But to me they are just individuals....separate kids.....completely different personalities...completely different looks. Nothing about them are the same. They have different voices...different eye color...different heights....different weights....different skin tones....completely different kids. But one thing they do have is a bond. A bond like no other sibling. A bond between just the two of them....Porter will never share in that bond. They can talk a language only they can understand. They choose to sleep on the floor just so they can be closer to each other. They share toys, food, drinks, and kisses. They do cats and dogs....but within a few minutes are back to being loving and caring TWINS. Nothing like it......
Twins cuddling while watching a movie.
Sawyer playing outside
This one cracks me up....Danner with spaghetti mouth.


Happy guy playing outside

Eating spaghetti....outside, of course....too messy to eat inside.

See? I told you it was messy.
Chewing on the sprinkler.
WOW!!! Eleven months ago our  sweet lil man was born. It is incredibly crazy how fast those eleven months flew by. *tears* He is such a awesome fit for this family. So easy going and ridiculously happy....all the time.  He weighs about 18 pounds now. He is finally getting some more teeth. The top 2 are about to pop through any minute now. He is running now. And have I mentioned that he is so bow-legged. It is quite cute. He loves eating.....anything. He loves playing outside. When he hears the door open he takes off running to go out. He likes to swing and climb up the slide. He loves water, especially at the beach. Porter has become quite the climber now. The other day I walked into the living room to find him sitting on the couch. Apparently he pushed the baby chair over to the couch and climbed on his baby chair and hopped right onto the couch. He thought it was hilarous. He is talking up a storm too. All the easy words....mama, dada, bye-bye, night-night, etc....but his new favorite is tickle-tickle. He says it all the time and it is precious. I cannot believe that in one short month he will be 1. really is sad. He is at such a fun age and I wish he would stay little forever. I am so lucky to have happy, healthy kids.


Yeah I might be rushing the season....but I had to try it on to make sure it fit....and snap a few pics.

Woa...that is some crazy hair.

I am just too tired to blog lately. Not sure what my deal is.....could it be the 3-on-the-go kiddos that keep me bus?. Could it be that my hubs is working long hours or out of town all the time? Could it be that my free time is spent cleaning up the house since it is on the market? Could it be that my sweet little toddler has a new obsession of screaming and crying at bedtime for his mommy? Might just be a combo of all of those. Who knows!! I will try to be better when I have more energy!!


Labor Day

We had a blast at the party on Saturday. The inflatable waterslide was a big hit.....mostly for the adults but a few kids enjoyed it too. More later...sorry the pics are out of order but the kids just just destroyed something in the kitchen....gotta go.
BJ and Sawyer going head first.
First time was a bit scary.
Now he's getting the hang of it. He was brave enough to go down on BJ's shoulders.

High five!! Nice ride.
Danner (at the top) loved the slide BEFORE the water was added. Then she just enjoyed climbing up and down the stairs. Sophie (bottom) was not scared at all. She went up and down over and over. I bet she slept good that night.
Aunt Ashley and Porter. Poppi in the background.
Brycen enjoying the pool.
                                                     Jesse going down the slide.

Have I Mentioned....

how much I love my kiddos. Seriously, they make me completely over the moon happy. I love to hear them each themselves. I love to see them laugh and smile. I love to hide from them and let them try to find me. I love to let them hide and try to pretend I can't find them. I love to watch them play outside. I love watching them interact with each other. I love when they hold hands and dance.......ok, you get the point. I could go on and on and on about all the things that I love.

BUT....there is one little 2 year old that is seriously driving me batty. After 3 months of being completely potty trained and having very few accidents.....there is one little dude in this house that is making a downward spiral. One little man that is causing me a couple extra gray hairs.....a few more wrinkles....and maybe a glass or two of wine more than necessary. One little man has apparently forgetten where the bathroom is in our house. Not sure what the deal is with him, but it is not fun. But he seems to think it is fun....quite fun and funny.

Dear Sawyer,

Get your butt to the potty. Quit having accidents in your pants. I KNOW you love the extra attention, but I DON'T love cleaning up the mess. I promise extra hugs, kisses, m&m's, and maybe even some trucks if you just get back to the good little potty-trained boy that I once knew.
Love you lots,


Picture Day

Sweet Little Guy
The kids new trick is calling into the dog kennel and pretending to be stuck. Then they call out to each other for help.
Cousin It?  Nope, just Danner who refuses to keep her hair bow in.
Sibling love.....or it could just be a quick hug before he pushes her down.

What you looking at?
Pouty face.
Actually a picture with them both looking at the camera. Next step would be getting them to smile.