Riding with Daddy

Both babies are obsessed with the lawnmower. Everytime we get out of the car they both run to the lawnmower and hop on. Jesse has been letting them take turns riding with him when he cuts the grass. Last night while Jesse was cutting the grass our neighbor Jack (who just so happens to be a professional photographer) snapped some photos of the kids on the mower. I thought I would share some of them. Aren't they precious?

Mega-Baby Update

Friday I had a doctor's appointment to check on mega-baby. Everything was fine. No gestational diabetes for me, blood pressure was good, and no weight gain for me. Basically that doctor does nothing but check the blood pressure and weight. It is a complete waste of time. On the 4th I have the appointment with the specialist to check the weight of Mega.....I will keep you posted.

We have officially started Operation Baby Nursery. I figured I have put it off long enough and it is time to get busy getting something ready for this baby. So we have decided on a room.....(office).....we have moved desk out of room.......and, well, that's it. Progress, I know. Lots to do, little time to do it. Here is what we have to work with.......A BIG MESS. This used to be our office....used to be neat and organized......NOW? Not so much. I have tried to get in there and sort and clean but ended up making more of a mess. Now things are strewn all over the floor, pulled out some baby things, and hidden some odds and ends in there. Oh and that will not be the color when we are finished. Hopefully I will have some pictures next weekend of PROGRESS....but don't get your hopes up.

Happy Birthday Pop-pop!!!

Today we celebrated Pop-pop's birthday (July29th). We all went out to lunch and enjoyed some cake. Sawyer really enjoyed his cake but Danner wasn't interested in tasting any. I brought some home just in case she changed her mind. Everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Pop-pop!!!

Granny and Papaw

Nana and Pop-pop

Aunt Ashley, Uncle Nick, and Danner

Family Portrait

Sawyer enjoying some chocolate cake. Danner didn't want any.


Sawyer pushing his lawn mower around the grass....if it only worked.....haha

Kiddies following Jesse around the yard as he trimmed the bushes...

I have been trying to let the kiddos play outside more. It is just too hot most days, but around 4 o'clock we start to get some shade in the backyard. So I have their water table, kiddie pool, and slide set up for them to play with. The both are really enjoying the slide and finally undertand that when they get done they have to go around to the back, climb the stairs, and slide again as opposed to trying to climb up the slide backwards. Here are a few pictures of them playing with their outside toys.

Bad Hair Day.....

Danner and Sawyer had some crazy hair the other day. Bed head, I guess you could call it and I just couldn't resist a picture. Sawyer's hair is so long and shaggy that we had to take him for his 3rd haircut. Too bad Danner doesn't have his hair....it would look awful cute in a bow.

Outside Fun

Last week I decided to take a walk at Hugh Macrae Park. It is nice and shady and has places for the kids to play. I was feeling especially brave so I decided after the walk to let the babies explore toddler park. Needless to say that was our first and last trip (at least by myself). They were everywhere. One baby climbing stairs, one baby running the opposite way. I couldn't keep up. Danner isn't really in these pictures due to the fact she was on the run the whole time.....

Sawyer at the park. I attempted taking them to the toddler park by myself. Bad idea.....Danner took off towards the road and Sawyer climbed up and down the stairs. Up is okay but he can't go down stairs yet without getting hurt. Notice Danner in the background looking for the nearest escape to the road.

Here he is climbing up and down the stairs. The slides or swings were not entertaining.

Baby # 3

Okay so as most of you know.....Harrison #3 is on its way. I am staying strong and not finding out the sex, much to the surprise of everyone who knows me. A lot of my family doesn't believe me. They think I have "cheated" and just not telling anyone. SO NOT TRUE. I know, I cheat at opening Christmas presents early and taping them back, and birthday, and surprises....but honestly....I have not cheated. Everytime I go to the dr and they do an ultrasound I turn my head when they tell me to. So far so good with baby. Measuring large for my dates. So it is very possible that I could go full term (yippee) and have a monster 15 pound baby (ugg). Anyway, I think I should do a poll to see what you think I will be having. I have had people tell me both ways. I have no "gut" feeling at this point. So I will attempt to add a poll. Not sure if I know how, but here goes.....

15 month checkup.

Well Thursday I took the twins for their 15 month checkup and shots. It was just awful. Mainly because we had to wait FOREVER......we were there for over an hour and a half. Try entertaining two 1 year olds for that long with limited books and toys.... during naptime. NIGHTMARE!!

Anyway, both babies are great. Sawyer weighs 21.6 pounds and is 31 inches. Danner is 17.8 pounds and 29 inches. They really hadn't gained much weight but the dr didn't seemed concerned as long as they are eating well.....and they are. They both got 2 shots and blood taken. Sawyer has caught a cold, I think. Maybe it is from the shots, but who knows.

We had a relatively low-key weekend. Jesse went fishing Saturday morning and caught some spanish mackeral and a grouper. Both of which I refuse to eat. Not a big fan of mackeral unless it is fried and drowned in ketchup and grouper I used to love until I got the stomach bug 3 hours after eating it.So it is off my menu for now. We went by to visit Jesse's parents and the kids took a quick dip in the pool. Sunday Jesse and I went to see Transformers. Ugg. I only went for the popcorn.

Wordless Wednesday

Kids at Play....

Last few days.....

On Friday we finally made it to the lighthouse. Allison, Marco, Alex, & Oliver, and BJ, Kate, & Brycen all went. No one had enough energy to climb all the stairs to the top. It could be because we were all stuffed from lunch or maybe we were just too lazy. We got some nice pictures though so it wasn't a wasted trip. Friday night and Saturday night Marco cooked dinner and it was fabulous.

Friday night the boys took Jesse's fireworks to the beach and shot a few off. They were testing them out for Saturday. However, the show was cut short when the cops showed up and made them get rid of them. We are lucky they didn't take them to jail. So no fireworks on Saturday night. Avon did have their own firework show at the pier that we enjoyed from the back deck so it wasn't a complete lost cause.

Did I mention that Jesse didn't catch a fish the whole time?? He sure was disappointed. But they did catch a couple of ghost crabs one night. They brought them back to the house and left them in a bucket for Sawyer to see the next day. However the bucket was a baby sized bucket and the crabs crawled out and jumped off their deck to their death.....poor guys. I tried to warn Jesse that that might happen. Oh well.....

Dirty Dicks....

Okay so I bet you are wondering about this one, huh? Well it is not what you think. We decided to go out to lunch one day at a place called "Dirty Dicks". BJ, Kate, and Brycen came to visit Wednesday night. We went out to lunch Thursday with a planned trip to the lighthouse after lunch. Needless to say we didn't make it to the lighthouse due to the LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG lunch (and it wasn't just because of the all you can eat crab legs). It was quite slow and did I mention hot? We sat outside on a covered porch with fans thinking it wouldn't be too bad. Wrong! It was hot, humid, and loud......loud due to the fact that Danner and Sawyer were unhappy. VERY! Dirty Dicks was not their favorite place. THe food was okay but not worth the 2 hour wait....So the lighthouse was off- we went Friday instead. Here are some pics from Dirty Dicks.

Beach Babies....

Danner and Sawyer are finally starting to enjoy the beach. After a couple of days of not being too sure about it, they finally decided they like it....well for the most part. Today we took them down bright and early before it got too hot. Jesse made some sandcastles and dug some holes for them to crawl in. Danner finally realized it was not the end of the world if sand got on her toes. They even started to like the water too. We held them in our lap and sat in the shorebreak and let the waves break on our feet. They thought is was great. We took a walk down the beach to see some kites. Sawyer can say "seagull" now but he still is saying "girds" for birds. It is too cute. THis afternoon Jesse fed the seagulls some crackers on the back deck. One flew right down next to him. Sawyer chased him away. The next thing you know, 18 seagulls come flying towards him. He did not like that so much. He ran towards the door screaming. It was so funny. We will see if he still likes "girds" tomorrow.

As for me I look like I have been living in the jungle....the mosquitoes are horrible. ANd I mean horrible. Even with OFF I have about a million bites. Sawyer has some too, but not Danner. They don't like her and Jesse as much.

Tomorrow we are heading to the lighthouse for a visit.

Pics to come soon.....