One Week at a Time....

Okay so this switch to natural foods is tough. I told you it would be a slow process. I am taking it weekly. I ran across a blog that is a 14 week pledge to cutting out junk food. So it helps to not get so overwhelmed.

Week 1 was drinking only "real" beverages. I was limited to water, tea, coffee, and milk. And since I can't do coffee because of no artificial sweeteners and I don't drink milk....well that left water and tea. The main cut out for me was diet cokes. I drank probably 6 a day most days. I love them....yum. But I realize that it is bad and now every time I want one I just think of all the bad ingredients. So week one was a success.

Week 2- This week starts adding fresh fruits and veges with each meal. 2 fruits or veges with each meal to be exact. I am not a huge fan of fruits. I have a hard time with textures. I can handle oranges, bananas, pears, pineapple....So I have been trying to eat those with some veges. But 2 with each meal is ALOT.....but I am working on it.

I made a  trip to the grocery store yesterday and filled my cart with fresh foods. It was nice (and expensive) and I felt good buying it. I did not put one can, one box, one bag of chips, one frozen my cart. AT. ALL. Nope not one thing. All fresh produce and meats. Yay. I say it was expensive but honestly my bill was no more than a regular week of shopping.

If you are interesting in trying the food pledge check out this blog HERE

Going ALL Natural

So I have made a big decision for our family. I have been researching and researching health benefits of natural foods. I know it sounds stupid but I never realized until recently how bad the stuff we eat is for our bodies. Maybe I realized it but didn't want to admit it. It is almost scary how bad most of the stuff in my house is for my family. It is sad. And I feel awful for what I have been giving my kids for the past couple years.


But I have turned over a new leaf....I have decided to change our habits. And get smart about the things we put in our mouths. We have a LONG way to go.....but we will get there. 

Natural foods are best for us....and while most everyone realizes that, it is also hard to live by that philosophy. 
First to go.....artificial sweeteners. As in no more diet cokes for more sweet and low in my coffee. And to think that all this time I have been drinking diet sodas thinking it was better for me.  This is hard. Week 1 has been difficult. 

But do you realize how BAD it is for you?

Processed basically everything in my pantry. Easy boxed meals, canned goods and soups, frozen meals, cereals, chips, crackers. Those are next to go. They have so many additives in them...half of them I can't even pronounce. Artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, chemicals....gross. This will be hardest on the kids. When they want cereal or snacks or chips. I am basically going to be looking for things that have less than 5 ingredients. That really limits things. Do you even look on the back of the labels? Well, you should.

I am buying fresh fruits and vegetables from here on out....mostly organic. 

Like I said this is going to be a long road transitioning to only fresh foods and meats. But it will totally be worth it for my kids and my family.

Some of the fresh produce I purchased this week. I have been making the kids fresh juice as opposed to juice boxes with added sugar and color. They love it.

Happy Birthday to my #1 Nephew

Saturday we celebrated Baby Hampton's first birthday. I can't believe it has been a year already. Time sure flies when you are having fun. Ashley threw an amazing birthday party for the lil guy......filled with balloons, cupcakes, and ponies. The kids had a blast and I think the adults did too. Here are a few pics from the party....

Happy Birthday Hampton!!



These two bills before Congress right now are really going to effect us all. Anyone who enjoys blogging, facebooking, googling,  or many, many other internet things will seriously be effected. Please take a minute to sign this petition urging Congress to vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.......seriously only takes a second!!

Click HERE

Heavy Heart...

I have been reading this blog for quite some time now. It is about a little boy named Tripp. He is 2 1/2 years old and has been living with  a horrible skin disease called EB. Well unfortunately he passed away a few days ago and it is weighing heavy on my heart. I feel horrible for his family and especially for his momma who has spent the last 2 1/2 years holding and rocking and caring for her baby.  I can't imagine the pain she is in. Please say a special prayer for her for peace and comfort in knowing her baby is in a better place.

Read her story HERE

A day at the Park

Yesterday Ashley and I met at the park with the kids. It was a bit chilly but they had fun.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Danner and Sawyer have been practicing writing their names. This is what they did with NO assistance. Not too shabby, right?

Resolution #4 back to the resolutions.

I really want to be more active with the more social I guess you should say. Some of my best friends either have nothing in common with me (not married or no kids).....or live far away.

Ok....first let me start by saying that it is hard when you have kids to be friends with people that don't have kids.....that sounds rude right?? But I guess I mean that once you have kids it is such a lifestyle change and finding time to do things with those friends becomes scarce. It might just be me. So as much as I LOVE those friends (with no kids) I just rarely had time to hang out with them. So friendships dwindle away. IS it just me? Or does any other mom have that problem?

Anyway.....the story goes.....I feel like I need more be more social with people that HAVE kids and that I can get the kids together with their kids....for playdates and such. To have friends that I actually do have something in common with...ya know?

And for my kids to have more friends....I think they already have me beat, but it is important for them to be social. I want them to be active....and play.....with kids.

So that is my resolution. But how do I make that happen. I thought about joining some playgroups. EAsy enough right? One of my friends (I do have a few, remember) suggested SO I checked it out. I searched and wanted to join a group. But it seems that once a group is already started it is hard to get it.
The playdates get full.....and being new it seemed awkward. Maybe I am just too shy.

So I decided to start my own meetup group. And I get to make up the playdates.....and that seems easier. So today I added a meetup group. I set up the page and even started some playdates. But now I have to get people to join. So we will see if this helps at all.....

So any of my local friends/readers.......interested in a playgroup...... check it out.
click here

Best buds

Sawyer loves his cat. He literally plays with him all day long. I have a feeling they will be best buds.

Resolution #3

Of course I can't forget the exercise thing. I am doing pretty good with running almost daily. I would really like to get off the treadmill and get outside for more runs, but right now that is pretty impossible. I usually go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after dropping off the twins at school. Porter goes into the gym kiddie care and has a blast. On Tuesday and Thursday I try to run on the treadmill at home. It usually isn't that easy though. I moved the treadmill into the playroom so maybe the kids would be entertained with all their toys while I am running. But usually they harass me.....someone has to pee....someone gets hurt....or something else that causes an interruption in my running. I refuse to get up any earlier or do it after they go to bed.

Sometimes on the weekends I sneak away to run outside if the weather is nice.

Anyway.....more exercising....not just running....that is my goal.

Resolution #2

I have got to tackle this playroom. It is a serious disaster. I clean up at night and within 5 minutes of being awake it looks like this. I need a few trash bags and some organizing ideas to tackle this project. I may have to enforce rotating toys weekly. This is going to be a big big project.

Resolution #1

Well hello 2012......

IS it just me or does the years pass by much faster as you get older? I can barely remember what year I am in before it changes again.

I have a few resolutions for 2012....I should call them something besides resolutions though. Wishes...hopes....goals....I don't know.

Couponing. I want to start couponing again. Mainly I want to tackle CVS....from what I understand you can really get great deals and lots of free things if you know how to do it. The problem is that I DON'T know how to do it. I have done a tad of research on it, but I need to sit down and plan. Apparently CVS is the place to buy ALL toiletries and paper goods and cleaning supplies. But it seems really complicated.

I figured out the Harris Teeter couponing a while back. BUT it is so tedious and time consuming that I gave up. I want to get back at it. IT really does save A LOT of money and well worth the time. I want to be able to only get what we need and not come home with things that will sit on my shelves forever. I had a tendency to do that before. Do I really need 5 different kinds of hot sauce? No!!

I have lots of storage at the new house so I am totally fine stocking up on items that we will use....toliet paper, paper towels, shampoo, etc.

So yesterday I cut my coupons and studied the sales ads. I think I am prepared to go on my first CVS outing. I THINK.....everything I read said to start small. I will keep you posted.

Anyone have any good tips for coupons?


Well another year has past. I am not one to dwell on the curse of a year. Every year that I am alive is good no matter the bad that happened during that year. I have lots of friends wishing the year away for a fresh start or in hopes of a better year next year. I don't find myself thinking that way.

2011 was a good year for us. We have happy healthy kids to love on and enjoy. And I am fully aware of the people out there that haven't been as lucky. I won't recap the whole my life is pretty boring, but just know it was a great year.

I have made some resolutions for the new year though. I hope that I haven't set my goals to high for myself....but I tried to stay within my means.

Tomorrow I will fill you in on my goals.

Christmas Day

Getting ready to go downstairs to see what Santa brought.

 Porter riding his new scooter.....three seconds later there was a bloody lip involved.
 Danner trying out her new stroller.....the kitten hopped in for a ride.
 New iPhone for me....yay
 Sawyer playing with Scooby-doo toys
 Then the chaos began....all my family came over with gifts. Look at this .....see that is why I have anxiety. Ha
 See all those presents try finding a place to put all those and you would have anxiety too.
 Baby Hampton...who is almost the size of Porter....but he will always be Baby Hampton to us.
 Trying out the new bean bag chairs

 And Sawyer's new really loud cool pop gun toy.

The kids were really spoiled this year with all the gifts. We all had a great Christmas spend with family. WE truly are blessed to have so many people around us that love us......