Happy Halloween

Sorry for the slack posting, but we have been busy. Is that always my excuse, or what?
We did have a birthday party this weekend. We did receive too many presents....especially dinosaurs. Porter loves him some dinos.......

We are officially moved in and unpacked and enjoying our home. I have taken some pictures to share with you.

We are going trick or treating tonite.....hopefully if it doesn't rain. We have Batman, Robin, and Ladybug going with us. And boy are they excited.

And a few pictures from our Monkey themed birthday party this weekend. I didn't go overboard seeing as we had just moved in and I wasn't sure I would be able to pull it off at all...but the kids had fun and got lots of sugar and we all know that is what is important.

Ok so I only snapped a few photos that were any good and as you can tell they are dark. I can't seem to figure out the problem....oh well....you get the idea.

Mr. 2 Year Old

I have not neglected my poor, sweet 2 year old little one. He celebrated his 2nd birthday on Thursday, October 20th. Although we were in the midst of unpacking and organizing our new home we still stopped for some cake and singing. We are pretending his birthday is this weekend though and having a small party for the birthday boy.....cake, presents, friends, family...the works. So I will have all the details to share with you then.

But we did have his 2 year well check yesterday and all is great with Porter. He is almost 25 pounds, 34 inches tall, and one smart little cookie. The kid speaks sentences and is almost just as clear as Danner and
Sawyer. He can count. He recognizes most letters and sounds. He knows most colors. He eats anything and everything.....and is completely potty trained.

We are lucky to have a little guy like him and I am so proud to be his mommy. He makes my heart melt and I could spend my day cuddling and kissing on my little man.

we're in...

We are all moved in and situated (mostly) in our new house. I love it.....it is large. Lots of room for toys, kids, and all the essentials. Everything is unpacked and organized and although it has been chaotic and nonstop around here.....I think everything went pretty smooth.

I am exhausted from all of it and still trying to get the "old" house clean and in tip-top shape for our renters.

I hope to share some pictures with you soon....of everything....kids, house, more kids.  But I don't have time right now. But I promise...it will be soon!

Smooth sailing

Our closing on Tuesday was quick and easy. We packed up a u-haul and took a bunch of boxes over. We also loaded up the kids outside toys and took them over. Today I spent the day unloading boxes and cleaning. I still have a few small items to take over, but for the most part it is just large furniture that has to go. The moving men are coming to do that Friday.

Moving sucks.....especially moving while watching 3 kids....ugh.

Can you believe tomorrow is porter's birthday? Ahhh...where has the time gone?


So Saturday I decided to load up three kids, one mom, and one grandmother ( and me) into the car and head off to Costco. Did I mention that I am pretty sure I keep Costco in business. I love the place. Anyways....where was I??? Oh yes....peanut butter prices are apparently going up soon and we must stock up ...seeing as I have a kid with peanut allergies and all. Ahem...granny practically thought the world was coming to an end and had to buy all the peanut butter in sight. But whatever..I had nothing better to do with my Saturday. So we stock up on the goodies and load back in the car and head on down the road for some lunch. I pull up to this stoplight and stop because hey, the light is red and that is what you do. I was minding my business and singing some Taylor Swift (don't love her but it was on the radio) when all of a sudden I hear a loud noise and the car goes jumping forward. WTF? I look in my rearview and notice an old dude in an old beat up car just hit us. So I of course make sure my bus full is okay and hop out of the car to see what was up. I was relatively sure that my bumper would be smashed based on the loud noise and the ache in my neck, but honestly it was still in tact with a few scratches and dents. Impressive, right? The old guy stumbles out of his car apologizing and mumbling something about checking his cell phone and forgetting to stop. A long wait on the cops, a few phone calls to insurance, and 3 bored kids later we were on our way home.

So basically my long dramatic story is we got into a wreck....a tiny one....with a small bit of damage to the car....but we are safe and healthy and most importantly alive. Wrecks are scary...even small ones.


Ok..so basically Danner has been having nightmares. It has been happening almost every night and it happens around the same time every night. About an hour or so after she falls asleep she wakes up crying. When I go in there she is usually standing up or sitting up. Her eyes are closed still and she mumbles something. Some nights I can make out what she says but most nights I can't. Tonight it was something about Sawyer hurting her. The solution is pretty easy......lie her back down and tuck her back in. She doesnt even wake up. She quiets back down and sleeps peacefully the rest of the night. Weird, right? I wonder what could be causing this? Anyone have any suggestions?

What's on my mind....

Well. I have been slack. I haven't been blogging much. I have been busy packing.

Jesse was out of town all last week and I was trying to be productive and pack and clean and get everything ready to move.

We are still on schedule for an October 18th move....technically our first night staying at our new house will be the 21st. But I have some cleaning and small things to get down there before we move the big things.

Danner performed at her first recital on Sunday. She did amazing. I honestly wasn't sure she was going to go up there. She stood gripping my leg and whining, but right before it was her turn she looked at me and said "mom, I so cited (excited)." She got up there and did her little dance. It was super cute. I sent Jesse to video but he snapped photos instead....boo..but I will share them soon.

Sawyer and Danner had their 2nd visit to the dentist yesterday. They were perfect. They had their teeth cleaned and flossed. They sat in the chair with sunglasses on looking at the tv and listened to everything the dentist told them. I was impressed. They were happy to get a prize, sticker, and new toothbrush on the way out.

They have all had a cold. I had it also, but really only felt horrible for a day or two...but still struggling with cough and congestion. This is the price you pay when you send them to preschool.

My sweet littlest one turns 2 in 9 days....(hold me).....I can't not believe he has been in our lives for 2 years. He is such a little man now and I can't tell you how thankful I am for him (and the other 2 as well)