And sometimes they even get along....

Rarely.... But it does happen!!!!

More catching up

Some more pics to get you up to date....

We took a few naps.....

Working hard on our handwriting.
this kid loves to eat....anything and everything

Typical boy. Frogs, Snakes, Lizards. Anything gross!! This big guy came out of our pool!

Been able to escape from the kids a few times. Ashley and me at a friends wedding party!!

Lazy dude!!

Lunch date my the hubs!!

A dog and his buddy!!
Wedding party fun!!

Catch up....

It may take me a while to catch up on all that has been going on in life!! We are staying busy....really busy! But we did some fun things this summer that I haven't mentioned on the blog. I have been slack and haven't been able to blog as much. So here are a few pics to catch you up.

 We took a trip to Ohio to visit family. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE their cousins. That is all they talk about and can't wait to visit them again soon.
 Jesse has become the master chef on the grill. I seriously hardly ever cook anymore. It is awesome.
 More family from Ohio....
 While we were there they played in the lake. Sawyer even jumped off the diving board. He also really loved fishing.
 They started back to school. Danner loves going to school now. She was happy to go.
 Sawyer likes school this year too. They are going 5 days......3 hours a day. They are learning ALOT!!

I have also been spending alot of time at home preparing them for next years "real school". We are learning to read......and practicing our handwriting too. I work with them for about an hour each after they get home from school. They actually ask to do their work now so it is something they look forward to each day. And I think they will be reading pretty fluently soon. AT least I hope. They are learning to sound out words now and can read quite a few on their own.

 This big guy can ride a bike without training wheels. He is pretty awesome  at it. It took him a few days and he just took off. Danner isn't quite as brave as Sawyer yet.
We sold Jesse's car and he got a new one. I think I must be an awesome craigslist seller. I posted it and sold it the next day. And the guy was from another state. Didn't come see it...never test drove it or anything. He just sent a truck to pick it up. Seemed sketchy but we got paid so who knows?!!

Ok...time to pick up kiddos from school. I have some more posts coming soon.