Shred day 5

Completed day 5. Gotta extra ab workout today thanks to Porter sitting on my belly during the crunches. It is definitely getting easier.

I can't believe the devastation of the tornados that hit across several states over the past few weeks. We certainly have been lucky that they missed our area. The photos and news coverage is heartbreaking. Please keep those families who have lost loved ones and their homes and belongings in your thoughts and prayers.

Thieves & Shred Day 4

So my kids have turned into thieves. I have been robbed...multiple times. Honestly I think it is Danner but it really can't be proven at this point. I take off my wedding rings at night and leave them on the nightstand beside my bed. I just can't stand to have my rings on in the middle of the night. Anyway...I put them on in the morning. Well last Friday I was in such a rush to take the kids to the dr at  the walk in clinic that I forgot to put them on. Later that afternoon Jesse approaches me to ask why he found my diamond ring in the middle of the bathroom.....ugg. Talk about panic. He found the diamond but not the wedding band. I searched upstairs for top to bottom searching for that band. While searching I took my credit cards out of my pocket and set them on the bathroom counter....out of reach of little hands. Finally found the wedding band in the about relief. Now I went back to the bathroom to get my cards and one was missing. So.... I had been in there the whole time and so was Jesse and all the kids (helping me look). Jesse said he saw it sitting there a few minutes ago. I searched....and searched.....and searched some more for that darn card. But I cannot for the life of me figure out where they stuck it. It has vanished. I know it is still in the room....somewhere. Oh well. It was surely show up now that I have ordered a new one.

What am I going to do with these kids???

Ok Shred Day 4 is done. It is getting easier and I am not quite as sore. My legs are still pretty sore from the lunges and squats though. I am planning on stepping up to level 2 on day 8 instead of 10. Hope I can manage some time to do it this weekend. The kids like to do it with me.....jumping jacks, punches, jumping rope. But they do get bored after a few rounds and just cheer me on or find some toys. Ha.

Enough Already & Shred Day 3

Just get married already people. I am sick of all the tabloids, news, and talk of  the "Royal Wedding". I know it is the biggest thing to happen in 25 years (heard that on the Today Show) and all but geez people. Get on with your life. Let the couple get married....and live happily ever after. I will NOT be getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding. Nor do I care to see any recaps. And I will be extremely happy when the news can resume to normal news-ish topics.....There. I feel better after that rant. I might be grumpy. It has just been a grumpy day around here today. Blah. I did day 3 one and a half times. I got started....and the kids were just not having I stopped and redid it later. Still a teensy bit sore but it is getting easier. I did up the weights today to 5 pounds so I might have some sore arms tomorrow. So I am 10% done. Yay.

Airshow/ Shred Day 2

We took the kids to the airshow a couple weekends back. Gates opened at 8am but flights didn't start until 11. Of course Jesse insisted we get there early. So we had time to check out all the planes, motorcycles, big wheel trucks, helicopters, jeeps, etc. But guess what? The kids were DONE by 11 so we left. Ha. So we missed all the coolness....oh well. Next time he might listen to me.
 Jesse pulling the kids in the wagon....checking out the big plane.
 They were having helicopter rides. I didn't let my crew go....I am mean like that.
 But Sawyer didn't care....he was happy to pretend to drive a big army jeep.
Danner rode in the back seat.

They had fun in the bouncy houses and people watching though. Porter went along too. He was feeling puny and I didn't get too many pics of him.....:(

I know you are dying for a day 2 Shred update. Well I WAS incredibly sore today from yesterdays workout. Especially my legs. But I did do the workout today. Supposedly the key is to workout EVERYDAY no  matter the I did. It was tough attempting to do pushups with sore arms but DAY 2  is done....28 left to go.


30 Day Shred

Today is day 1 of starting the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I have been going to the gym a few days a week, but my time there is spent on the treadmill. I only get like 20 minutes due to the fact that every time I go Porter has a fit and they come searching for me. I also hate using the machines to tone at the gym. I feel so puny compared to the BIG, MUSCULAR, Steroid shooting dudes that carry around gallon jugs of muscle juice and stare you down for taking so long........So....I am trying the Shred for 30 days for toning......Hopefully posting about it will hold me responsible to actually completely it for 30 days.....

For those who have no idea what I am talking about....
It is basically just a dvd that is guaranteed to shape and tone. It has 3 different intensity levels. Start at level 1 for 10 days- then level 2 for 10 days- and finish the last 10 days at level 3. It is a combo of cardio, strength, and abs. The cover even says you can lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Pretty sure that 20 pounds in such a short period of time is unhealthy? right? And I am pretty sure you have to starve yourself and workout in order to complete such a don't ask me for advice on that. HA.
 For the record....I am in no way trying to lose weight by completely this. I would like to tone a few areas.

Anywhoo.....Day 1- done
It wasn't too bad. Of course, I started on level 1. Supposed to be there for 10 days but I may move towards level 2 sooner. I could definitely feel a little burn on my legs and arms....but nothing to harsh. Of course I may be whining tomorrow morning as I roll out of bed.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want these abs in 30 days, right? Right.  I will keep ya posted on my progress.


We dyed some eggs last week.

 Sawyer dipping his egg in the dye.

 Even Baby Hampton got in on the fun....can't you tell how amused he was?
The finished product.......made for some yummy egg salad.

School Days.

Sawyer is now going to school. I enrolled him in a 2 day program that is 3 hours a day. He LOVES it. He has always been my social butterfly so I wasn't really worried about him being scared or shy. I took him to check it out to enroll him for next year. He threw the biggest fit when we left. They had a spot opened for the remainder of the year so I stuck him in. Not sure if it was the best idea to stick him in at the end of the year when all the other kids have been there all year and already are familiar with rules/expectations but too late now.

Here are a few pictures from his egg hunt at school. He was so cute. He really loved hunting all the eggs.

 He was so proud of himself. He would say " I got one. I got one."
 Getting ready to go down the slide. His daddy sticks his tongue out like this when he is concentrating too.

 I made these cupcakes for his class. They turned out super cute.
Sporting his rabbit ears he made in class.......and some upside down shades.

FYI...I debated on sending Danner next year. She is so shy and sensitive....I don't want to tramatize her by sending her too soon, but I think it will be great for her. So I filled out the paperwork. Not sure if she will be going yet or not. I have been taking her to the gym nursery with me several days a week and she is really starting to adjust well to being there. She wants to go see her "friends that are girls" but "don't leave me with the boys mom".......hope she always feels that way. HA!


Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!!

 The Easter Bunny made his grand appearance today and really outdid himself. The kids have more books, games, toys, and CANDY than they know what to do with. Here is Porter checking out his Easter Basket.
 Danner could have cared less about the books and games. She wanted CANDY...
 We hid a bunch of eggs around the yard for the kids to hunt. They had a blast. Porter caught on to putting eggs in his basket but as soon as he realized the eggs were stuffed with candy he gave up and started eating....wrapper and all.
 This little lady is quite competitive. She gathered the most eggs....pushing and shoving anyone who got in here way.
 He wasn't too shabby either.
Fabulous Easter spent with family......Christ is Risen!!! 

We didn't make it to Church this year. Everyone  is sick. Porter has double ear infections. Sinusitus for the twins. They have a horrific cough and the snottiest nose you probably have ever seen. They are completely tired of feeling crummy. Everyone is on antibotics now so hopefully we are on the mend.

First Day

 Yesterday was my first day of keeping baby Hampton. I really didn't have to do much. These two took over for me.
 Hampton- "listen kids....this isn't going to fly....I am not a puppet. Now go get my bottle!!"
 He was an angel. He never cried. He ate good, slept good, and fit right in. Today could be a different story, but we shall see.
Danner never  left his side. She was such a good little Mommy. Although she doesn't want to hold him because "he's too heavy."

 Porter- "listen Mom- I'M THE BABY"
Porter- pout.....give me attention- NOW


We took the kids to the snake museum. YUCK. This was their second visit and for some reason they just love it.

I guess this is a downfall  benefit of raising boys.
Danner liked it too....she will be such a toyboy later in life.
This cute little family joined us. Katie was not a big fan of the snakes.

uh-yeah....our attempt at a family photo....ha.


Not a big fan, but I took one for the team and took the twins.

And of course my hubs had to buy them everything under the sun....Danner got a big Dora and Sawyer and light sword thingy. Popcorn, cotton candy, drinks....mainly for Jesse.

 I felt horrible for the animals...which is why this is our last trip to the circus. They were timid and scared of the trainers....and we all know why. But I couldn't help but feel sorry for the tigers.
Getting a sneak peek at the elephant.....which you obviously can't see.

 Danner riding the pony....Sawyer rode it too but his picture was blury.