Oh this kid....he keeps me on my toes.  He is always on the go.

 He loves to play outside...chasing bugs, smelling flowers, and being a boy.
 And when I say boy....I mean sword fighting, kickboxing, and any rough housing....
 he insists upon searching for bugs in the pool the minute he steps out the door.
 And most times will find one and scoop it up.
 Super sweet kid.....
 check out my bug.
 No really...get a close look.
 Scary, huh mom??

 He is pretty good at t-ball. Can't wait until next season to sign him up.

 Silly face

I love having boys. I have never been raised with boys. I have 1 sister. And can I just say that their are moons different than a little girl....and I love it. He does have his temper tantrums and fits...but this is one sweetie.  love him....


The many faces of Danner...
This girl is a sweet one.

 She doesn't like to get in trouble....
 Very easy to make her smile
 But yet she is silly...
 And eager to please
 she is quite shy
 and caring
 she is quite the princess
 likes to dress up
 and take care of her babies
 did I mention sensitive
 she likes to perform
and making me smile!!

I love this girl!!

Easter 2012

So I hardly managed to get any photos from Easter....but I got a few.
The twins had an egg hunt at school and I snapped a few. Sawyer was a crazy dude out there getting eggs. The limit was 12 and before I could catch up to him he already had 16. Danner was quite picky. She only wanted pink or purple. And really past up eggs just lying around. Silly girl.

On Easter we managed to get to the early church service...dressed up nice....forgot to take a picture, of course. But we came home and had our families over for a big lunch and had a egg hunt for the kids.

That my friends, sums up our Easter.

 Nana went to help keep count of eggs at the school hunt.
 Found one...but it's yellow.....I think I will put it back
 Aren't those cute baskets? They made them out of milk gallon jugs.
 How cute is Danner's bunny dress. She loves to dress up.

 This is at our house egg hunt.

 Notice Hampton's face....he was pissed that Gunner stole his egg.....


Well...Hello There.

Yeah, I know I suck.... just can't seem to get in the blogging groove. I feel like I have nothing important to say. And be honest...I have hardly taken ANY pictures the past few months. Just a funk I can't seem to shake. However, my-ever-so-sweet hubs got on me for not blogging or taking pictures. So I decided to share a few things.

First.....we got a dog. Yeah. A big one. Well, he isn't  big now but he will be soon. Right now he is a cute, sweet little 8 pounder. But this guy will grow...and fast. He should be around 50 pounds when he is full grown. We did some research on good family dogs and this one caught our eye. It's a Vizsla. Most people have never heard of one. I hadn't either. But it is related to the weimarainer....only brown. Short hair and hyper allergenic, doesn't smell, and most important great with kids. It has a nickname of a velcro dog because it always likes to be around someone. He is so super cute. Totally not my sweet little Buster that I love and miss everyday.....but I am sure he will grow on me. We named him Gunner. He is really smart and fun.

Blah....How about I just show you some pictures.....

 He likes napping on his doggy bed.
 Easter egg hunting with the kids....he managed to find a few
 Scouting out the kids Easter basket
 He has the sweetest blue eyes.

Now isn't he the cutest??