Big Kid Fun

I have decided not to venture out much due to the flu and sickness out there and the fact that I now have 3 kids which makes it a bit impossible. So this is how we are killing time around the house. Danner and Sawyer are obsessed with playing outside. Every morning they run for the door wanting to go to the "par" (park). Sawyer likes to push around the lawnmower (I mean, seriously loves it- thanks Allison) and Danner likes the slide. We have decided to save up for a real playset for Christmas- hopefully all the family will be on board for this too.

First Day at home....

I know this is a bit delayed....but what do you expect with 2 18 month olds and a newborn. Better late than never.

Happy Birthday Porter!!!

Well, HE finally made his debut. For those of you who are interested in the they are......(if you aren't you can just skip to the pictures).

Porter's Birth Story...
Apparently, my water broke on Saturday. I did think it was a little strange to have a small leak when I walked, but I didn't want to be the woman rushing to the hospital only to find out I was peeing on myself. So I kinda thought if this was it I would have some other contractions or something. NOPE. Monday I called the OB to tell them about the leak and a pain in my arm (that may or may not have been a blood clot) and they had me come in and check. They ran some tests and it was indeed my water and sent me along to the hospital. After many hours of nothing happening they decided to give me a bit of pitocen (inducing drug). At 3am I was in a lot of pain and only 3 cm. She gave me some medicine to help me sleep. That lasted for an hour. Finally at 8 am I got an epidural at 5 cm. Not sure how anybody does it without the was a lifesaver. Expecting delivery in the afternoon sometime my dr paraded off to do a surgery. At 9:30 the nurse was insisting that she check and sure enough the head was halfway out. I didn't feel a thing with the drugs...thank God. So she paged my dr and 45 minutes later he was out and crying. So he was born at 10:48am on October 20th weighing a whopping 8lb 4 oz and 20 inches. He did have a bit of a fever from my membranes being ruptured for so long. He had his first bath.....and we were moved to a room. I think he looks a lot like Sawyer with the dark hair, but I am sure it will change.

Thursday we finally were released. The kids were so excited when we walked in....not to see me....but to the the baby. They have said "baby" a million times and go looking for him when the go into the room. They have been really sweet and give Porter kisses. Danner is especially sweet and loves to hold him. Sawyer likes to call him "baby" and point to him.

He is an extremely good baby so far. Most of the time I have to wake him up to eat....but I am sure that will change soon. We are still back and forth to the dr having blood work done to check his white blood cells, jaundice levels, and blood platelets. Hopefully things will clear up and he can enjoy NOT having his heel pricked everyday.

As for the VBAC.....much, much better than the c-sct. I am up and walking around practically pain free. I will definitely do it all over again if I had the choice. The dr said she thought for sure that I would really want the c-sct after such a long labor and was quite surprised that it was a success with such a big boy.

Okay that is all for now. Gotta get some sleep. More pictures to come.....I have so many cute ones.

One Week

Thought I would post this in memory of National Pregnancy Loss/Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I bet everyone out there knows someone that has miscarried or lost an infant (besides me) and today is the National Day to remember that loss. Suffering infertility was such a battle for me, but mulitple miscarriages was definitely a hard one to recover from. I remember the due dates of the little ones that were lost and wonder what my life would be like if they would have made it. But this year I feel especially thankful for my 2 little ones and Mega. So think of those people that you know who have suffered..... On a funnier note, we went on a boat ride on Saturday and the guys at the marina told Jesse he needs to rename his boat "Babymaker"......haha......he thought that was funny. I, on the other hand, did not find it quite as humorous.....mainly because I know how hard it was to conceive these babies (with the "lucky" exception of Mega) and am especially thankful for science for giving us that extra boost.

Okay.....ONE less than a week (c-sct scheduled for 7:30am) I will be a mom of 3. that the craziest thing you've ever heard? I always said I would be happy with 1......not 3......Jesse on the other hand always said 4.....don't worry, he recently changed his I wouldn't have it any other way now. So Danner and Sawyer will be the BIG babies in the house.......I think I have been in denial for 39 weeks now. Physically we are ready....crib, diapers, clothes, etc......but mentally, not so much. It is just hard to imagine at this point. Don't worry, I am sure it won't take me long to get on track. We have yet to decide on a name though. HMMMMM.....any thoughts?

I thought I would end with a couple of pictures from last week. Ashley and I took Sawyer to get his hair cut at the "kiddie" place. It is much more fun than Daddy's place. There was a slide, toys, and cars to sit in. Not to mention the sucker Sawyer got for being a good boy. Danner enjoyed playing with all the fun things while we waited.


Here are a couple of pics of the kiddos enjoying their new obsession, Elmo. Notice how Sawyer is right on top of the tv. Danner enjoys it from the chair. Every afternoon after their nap they run into my bedroom shouting for Elmo. Sawyer even knows how to turn on the tv and switch it to DVD mode for Elmo. God, I am sick of the same DVD over and over, but it sure is nice to have a few minutes of quiet while they watch.

Aren't you just jealous of this picture? Wouldn't it be great to sleep this good? (Well maybe you do, but not me!!!) So I am totally jealous. And this is after Danner threw all her toys, blankets, pacis at him to try to get him to wake up.

I am quite grumpy after my appt today. No real change since last week. So I am thinking that we will be having Mega on the 22nd. I was really hoping that things would work out so I didn't have to have the c-sct but unfortunately things aren't looking too promising for that. Although my dr seems quite optimistic that lots can happen in a week. We all know I am not the optimist so I am preparing myself for the pain and misery of the c-sct. I am assuming if I have the c-sct Thursday that I will be able to come home on Sunday. Isn't that a long time? Totally not looking forward to that. Poor Danner and Sawyer might forget me. I was thinking they could come visit me at the hospital, but with all the flu and sickness I am not sure it would be such a good idea. I also think the hospital has banned any visitors under 18due to that reason. The kiddos haven't gotten their flu shots yet. Danner is allergic to eggs so I am pretty sure she won't be having one this year. I have decided against the H1N1 for them. I am pretty uncomfortable with it since it is so new and not quite sure of the side effects at this point. I figure we will be stuck at home most of the flu season anyways as soon as Mega decides to make an appearance. So we will just have to be extra careful in keeping the germs away.


Here is Danner playing nicely on the rocking horse before Sawyer comes over and pushes her off. Here is Sawyer suffering through his 2nd timeout in 10 minutes. THis one is because he pushed Danner off the horse. The first was from crawling on the end tables and climbing into the drawers. Jesse gave him about 40 warnings before biting the bullet and putting him in the pen.

Danner knows what a timeout is and when you ask her if she wants to go in "timeout" she shakes her head and says "no". Too cute. Notice how Jesse is relatively nice about handing out a timeout. He must ask her 10 times if she needs a timeout before she actually listens. Sawyer is the same way except he doesn't listen and eventually goes in the timeout pen. (don't forget to pause the music player at the bottom so you can hear the video)

And this is what happens as I am cooking dinner. For those of you who dont know, this is Jesse playing video games (x-box) and Sawyer wearing the mic and earphones to talk to people that Jesse is playing with. We don't know these people and Jesse thought it was quite humerous to have Sawyer mumbling and "talking" to the people on the other end. I am sure they thought Jesse was a nut for sitting around saying "Elmo, Bye-Bye, HEEEYYYY, and other Sawyer language. This is just a sign of all the good times to come...... And for all you who are interested in seeing me 38 weeks ya go. Big, big belly and all.......Mega is still in there waiting to make his/her debut. I am growing impatient and big as we wait. I have dr appt on Wednesday so I will keep you posted. Hopefully the big D-day will be sooner than later. I burned my arm the other night and it just so happens to be in the perfect shape of a 16. So my guess is the 16th......maybe it is a sign. Well at least I hope.

Weekend Fun

Meet Ed, our scarecrow. We put a few pumpkins and Ed out in the yard this afternoon in preparation for Halloween. Jesse created Ed the scarecrow. It was quite funny because he has no flannel shirts or overalls or anything farmy looking. So Ed is wearing an outfit from the gap. Stylish huh? We attempted to get a picture of the kids with our yard decorations but it isn't easy to keep to kids still and looking at the camera, but you get the idea.

We took Danner and Sawyer out and about this weekend. Saturday we went to the Riverfest in Downtown Wilmington. It is basically just a big street fair with booths, food, music, and activities. We went early before the crowd. They got to meet their first clown and it wasn't a big hit. They also saw the Octoberfest Mascot (a dog thing with a beer) and really didn't like him either. They weren't scared of the pirates though......go figure. We stopped by the park to let them play on the slides and they really had a blast.

Sundays are football days at the Harrison house. Jesse, Danner, and Sawyer cheer for the Browns. (I am a big Peyton Manning fan.) I will cheer for them too but it is very aggrevating cheering for a team that CAN'T win. Mimi and Poppi came over to cheer as well.

Everyone in their Browns Jersey. Isn't Danner's pink jersey the cutest?

"Go Browns"

I have been letting Danner and Sawyer feed themselves with a spoon. It is quite messy as you can see from the pictures, but they refuse to let me feed it to them. Here are some cuties eating yogurt ALL BY THEMSELVES......

Still extremely pregnant. I have a feeling that I may be that way for the next 2 weeks..... *sigh* I have decided that I am "ready" for ready as I will get. These last few days have been extremely uncomfortable and I am getting grumpy not being able to move as fast as I once could. And trust me....the babies are taking full advantage of my "slowness" Here's hoping that Mega makes an appearance sooner than later. Appointments on Wednesday and Thursday....I will be sure to keep ya posted.

Votes are in....

And according to 62% of my blog watchers Mega will be a girl. The other 37% of you are thinking boy. Jesse is convinced it is boy. I still waver back and forth. I have no "gut" feeling on this one. Only time will tell. 3 weeks from today is my scheduled C-section. 3 whole long/short weeks. 3 weeks seems like a lifetime away now that I have a horrible nagging backache, sleepless nights, the biggest belly ever. 3 weeks seems like it is right around the corner when I think of all the sleepless nights that await, juggling 3 babies, and a dreaded hospital stay. Hmmmm....

Danner, Sawyer, and I have been enjoying the nice weather with some walks around the neighborhood. I hope that the weather continues to be nice so we can enjoy some outside time.

Maggie has her IV out. She seems to be feeling good and is getting spoiled with hot dogs, treats, and extra food.