Dance. Dance. Dance.

Apparently Sawyer loves to dance. Especially to Flo Rida......Here is a cute video of him dancing on the back porch to his favorite song. Push pause on the music player at the bottom of my blog to hear the music in the video.

Memorial Day Weekend

On Friday, Jesse took off work and we went to Aunt Ashley and Uncle Nicky's pool. They have a great kiddie pool that is about 1 foot deep and has water spraying on them. They had fun but the water was a bit chilly due to the rain and cold weather the week before. Here are a couple of pictures at the pool.

Saturday we started the day off at the aquarium at Fort Fisher. It was their first time there and they really enjoyed it. Luckily we went when they first opened so it wasn't busy and they could walk around as they pleased. Sawyer really enjoyed looking at all the fish and Danner could really have cared less about the fish, but enjoyed running all over the place. Here are some pics from our day......

Babies First Boat Ride

We took the babies out for the first boat ride this weekend. It was quite an experience. Danner hates her life jacket so the first few minutes were full of tears and screaming. Sawyer didn't mind his at all. He really loved it. He even helped Jesse steer. Danner eventually got used to the jacket and started to enjoy herself. Of course, poor planning on my part, came the rain....... babies stayed dry....Jesse and I were soaked. But we made it home safely and ready for our next boating adventure.

Mother's Day Weekend

For Mother's Day we took the babies to Meme and Poppi's pool. This was their first time this summer in the pool and they had so much fun. They really loved floating in their floats. Here are some pictures....

We also had a nice lunch with my family. The babies surprised me with some flowers and a gift card.....sentimental....I know!! You would think that I would stick a picture of me and the kiddos in here since it was Mother's Day, but obviously I am the one who takes the next year.

Danner walking....

Here is the video I have been promising of Danner walking.
She is the one in the blue pajamas. She had to wear Sawyer's old ones due to the fact that it was laundry day and hers were in the wash.....

Beach Day

We took the kiddos to the beach yesterday. It was a brief trip early in the morning before the crowds and hot sun. They really had fun playing in the sand. Sawyer spent most of his time chasing seagulls around. He must have walked a mile, at least, following the birds. He was exhausted within an hour. Danner was fine just sitting eating seashells. I finally had to move her out of the patch of shells because she found them quite tastey and I was afraid she would choke. Here are a few pictures from their first real trip to the beach. And yes, the water is still to cold for us "locals" to go in.....

Outside Fun

The weather has been so great lately that we have been able to play outside without being miserably hot or cold. PERFECT!!! The kids really love to go out on the porch and walk around. And yes, Danner is walking now too. (Video to come soon.)They also love their water table. Here are a few pictures of Sawyer and Danner playing with the water table. Sawyer also loved the mat that shoots up water. He tries to drink the water like it is a fountain. Danner is not too fond of it yet because the water is too cold. It is really cute to see them in their bathing suits. I know they are really going to enjoy this summer.

More Ohio Pictures

Our Trip to Ohio

I know I have been extremely slack and haven't posted anything in a few weeks. We have been extremely busy. We had our trip to Ohio to visit Jesse's family. We decided to drive up and left bright and early in the morning. The babies were absolutely perfect for the 10 hour drive. No fussing, crying, whining, or fighting. Even I didn't get too bored. We had lots of fun with the family. We even were able to go to the Cleveland Zoo. It was miserably hot and I, of course, overdressed the babies. But we still had fun. We took the babies for a ride on the Kabota thingy and let the play outside. Here are some pictures from our trip.