So Monday I had a follow-up appointment with my family doctor for a monster uti I had. Good news is it is gone....bad news is I left with more problems than I came in with. Ha....is that my typical luck?

I was having some dizziness which I had associated with either my low blood sugar or the medicine I was taking for the uti. Nope...after an EKG, some blood pressure tests, and a whole lot of blood work I was referred to a cardiologist. Not quite sure what he thinks the problem is but I have REALLY low blood pressure and a family history of heart problems. So now I am off to the cardiologist. My appointment isn't until April 19th so hopefully I am not dying between now and then. They apparently were in no rush to fit me in. For the most part my blood work came back normal. I did have low levels of vitamin d so I have started a prescription for that.

So say a prayer for my heart.....let's hope I didn't inherit the family heart issues. Hello heart?? I have 3 kids to take care of so behave in there!! Thanks!

Say Ahhhh

Yesterday I bit the bullet and finally took the twins to the dentist....all. by. myself. I have had this scheduled for two months now and have been dreading ever since I scheduled it. I hate going to the dentist. I think it is uncomfortable and pure torture to sit with your mouth wide open for 30 minutes. Blech. But I didn't want this feeling to rub off on the kids so I talked it up like we were about to go to a party. Yea, I know, I am sneaky like that.

Really the worst part was waiting in the waiting room. It is a pediatric dentist so there were toys and books to play with BUT there were also things to get into. And I had to fill out a ton of paperwork X 2 and chase down the kids and take them to the potty TWICE and did I mention chase the kids?! So I was a bit relieved when we finally got called back. AMEN...lock us in a room so they can't escape.

Sawyer went first and sat right in the chair. They have a tv on the ceiling to entertain them. He opened up and let the lady count his teeth and stuck out his tongue. All his teeth are in. He has no crowding in there. Yay.

Danner was an even better patient. She sat in the chair, wore sunglasses to block the bright light, and opened wide. She has all her teeth and everything looked great.

In 6 months they will attempt a cleaning. They got t-shirts, new toothbrushes, kids floss, and a prize from the treasure chest. They even smiled for their camera and got a postcard with a souvenir picture. And lo-and-behold .....a compliment on their great behavior for their age.  Really? My kids got a A+ for behavior. Ha.....they need to come home with me, huh?

So all-in-all.....SUCCESS......sigh....

Boys Day

Yeah, apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it is Spring and blessed us with a miserably rainy, cold weekend. So while Danner and I were enjoying our tea, the boys had the own "date".
 Uh yea...you guess it. It involved a whole lotta nuthin.
 Yaay for cuddling with Daddy.
 And yaay for watching movies on the couch and eating tons of popcorn.
 Well there were no complaints from the dudes when us ladies got home.
They were too busy trying to stay awake.

Tea Time

Here is Sophia (Danner's friend) and Danner standing next to a "princess" ( Azalea Belle)
 Danner is quite shy and was only willing to stand there because Sophia was.

 Sitting at the table enjoying her tea.....and candy.

 Painting a ceremic fish. She loved the crafts.

 She got to decorate an apron with glitter paint, markers and stickers.

She also got her face painted, nails painted, and decorated cupcakes. Overall she had a great time. I was so excited to get to spend a special day with my princess.


We had our girl's date yesterday. We got all dressed up....
 We even let the bow stay in.....only because it was a butterfly.
 We posed for pictures.....it took a few trys to get everyone (Danner) smiling.
 She was a grump all day yesterday......
 No Danner.....not open mouth......SMILE darnit.
Whatever.....this is close enough.

Then we headed off to the tea. Not an ideal day to wear cute springy clothes.....it was rainy, cold and miserable. But she was precious anyway.

More pics from the tea coming soon.

Weekend Plans

Pretty sure it is supposed to rain this weekend....of course....that is what happens on the weekend. It apparently is too much to ask to have a nice, warm weekend with no rain or wind. Oh well. It is okay because Danner and I have a date. We are going to a Children's Tea which is supposed to be lots of fun....we shall see. Hopefully she behaves, sits still, and listens. Probably asking alot....but she is shy and usually quite the angel around strangers. Hope to have lots of photos to share from our date.

Other than that I am sure the weekend will be centered around basketball, entertaining kids and Jesse, and figuring out what to eat for dinner. My hubs has been quite the saint lately and cooking me all sorts of fancy dinners. Yum. He has mastered the art of grilling lobster tails.....oh so yummy......and grilled ribs......mmmm. Those are my favs.
I am sure getting spoiled 'round here lately.

Happy Weekend!!


My sweet little Goldilocks. I am loving this hair. It is thick and curly.....but not too curly. He has the perfect girl hair.....ha. See what I mean.
 He LOVES his blankie....
 He chews on it ALL the time....which means I wash it ALL the time.
 See how GREAT these locks are? I know it is getting long......
 Nothing like the twins hair....which is straight and flat......

 And these great long eyelashes.......(which he can thank Jesse for)
 Have I mentioned that everyone-and-their-mother is harrassing me to cut his hair.
 Sorry folks- NOT going to happen
 At least not anytime soon.
Because I am totally in love with my lil Goldilocks Portilocks....


  • I was on a short blogging hiatus......and for that I apologize. Honestly there isn't much new and exciting going on around here. Just a few random things to mention and of course some adorable pictures of my adorable love-muffins.....
  • My babies will be 3 in a little over a week....CRAZY? 
  • We are having a teeny party. You know me....I don't go overboard with parties....ahem.....but seriously nothing too elaborate.
  • I have picked out the most precious outfit for Danner to wear for her party. She loves it and wants to wear it all the time.I have to constantly remind her it is for her birthday party. (pics to come after her birthday)
  • Danner is still obsessed with her jammies. It is getting serious guys. She must have matching undies for all her jammies....and she changes them at least 3 times a day. Anytime a drop of dirt, food, liquid, dust gets on her she flips her lid and must change immediately. Is it time for consoling yet?
  • Sawyer has quite the potty mouth. He has picked up on saying "oh shit". I might have said it once or twice the other day when I almost burnt down our house.....and that is it....seriously. He won't listen to me teaching him his colors or shapes, but he absolutely picks up on my cursing. The little devil. I have been ignoring it. It is not working. Ugg.
  • We booked our annual Hatteras trip for September.....super excited.....but that seems so far away.
  • The weather has been awesome. We have been playing outside practically all day everyday.
  • I am going to be keeping my sister's baby for her when she goes back to work in the middle of April....gulp......wish me luck with 4 kids.
  • I quit drinking diet coke's......no really, I did.....well almost. I am down to maybe one a day and water....lots and lots of water....well lots for me.
  • Danner was looking at pictures the other day and saw one  of Sawyer and said "that's my Sawyer". She saw one of Porter and said "that's Mommy's Porter" .  Ha.
  • Danner is in love with her baby cousin. All her dolls are now named baby Hampton and every time the baby is around she sits beside him and professes her love to him.....melts my heart. Why doesn't she love Porter like that.
  • Porter is adorable as ever and so so sweet. He loves to be outside, he loves to eat, he loves to cuddle. He is talking up a storm with his favorite words being eat, milk, snack, cookies, yogurt......anything food related. Ha.
  • I am really enjoying the kids at this age....I love to hear them talk to each other. Some of the stuff seriously cracks me up. I can't believe these kids are mine.....I sure am lucky!!

 Aren't they cute.
 Crazy guy.

 They sure love each other......nothing like a twin bond.

 "don't kiss me Sawyer"
 He has a new bad habit of chewing his fingers....


to hold you over.....

 Eating livesavers and dancing....
 Buzz and Princess....
 Yes...she IS dancing on my coffee table.

Coloring at their table.