Sawyer is a cool kid. He loves video games and any kind of technology. I don't think he will be our sports kid (don't tell Jesse). He does play t-ball and is a decent hitter. But honestly I don't think he loves it.

He is doing great at school. Has lots of friends and such a social guy. He is very sweet to most everyone (with the exception of his siblings).

Most days he would prefer to be inside playing video games or watching dinosaurs. Honestly, I find the video thing annoying. I now use it as a bribe or take away his time as his punishment. He is just obsessed with technology. Loves the iPad, my iphone, computer, etc. I guess in this day it is totally acceptable. His school has kindles, iPads, and computers in the classroom to make learning "fun".

This kid does love football. He says he really wants to play. He isn't old enough yet and he definitely isn't big enough to be a football player. I will most definitely let him try it out because I am all for getting outside and playing.

He used to be quite the picky eater but over the past few months he really improved his sensory issues. He now will try most anything and actually has improved his list of foods he will eat.

He is quite the scaredy cat though. It is really annoying. He won't go upstairs by himself, won't go the bathroom unless someone is nearby. He usually has to drag someone (Porter or Danner) with him.

His personality has completely changed in the past year. He used to be difficult and had a bad temper when things didn't go his way. BUT somehow he grew out of that and is so sweet and pleasant to be around.

Gotta love him!!


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