Good News Today.

Had to add this photo of our DISCO QUEEN. She found Jesse's wig from Halloween in the closet and put it on. She thought she was funny......well, she was.

Well Mega is still Mega weighing in at a whooping 7 lbs give or take some ounces. The fluid looks great and the kidneys are back to normal size. Yayy. Tomorrow is the appointment with the OB. So as of Thursday I will be full term and ready to go at any time.

Maggie is home. They gave her lots of fluids, charcoal, and meds to hopefully help with the poison. There is nothing else to be done with the exception of medicine that I am giving her at home. She is acting okay and seems happy to be home. She still has the IV in her leg and I am hoping to get that out tomorrow pending no problems. We are still not out of the woods yet until her blood levels return to normal. She is supposed to be calm and relaxed due to the blood thinners because any type of trama can cause internal bleeding. I definitely see a problem keeping her calm in the near future. The first day wasn't too bad due to the fact she was drugged and feeling puny but as she regains her strength we might have problems. She is a wild and crazy girl. Poor girl lost 5 pounds and is down to 16 lbs now.

Found the cord...

Here are the kids hanging out having a conversation. They quit talking as soon as I walked in. I assume they were talking about me..... :)

Sawyer loves his new coat. He paraded around the living room with it on.

Danner's new coat. She wasn't exactly thrilled....

Danner likes to dig through her drawers and pick out what she wants to wear. She couldn't decide between the 2 shorts.

So she went to the chair to try them both on (at the same time)

In the end she decided on the stripes.

Jesse always turns the shower on and lets it warm up. Sawyer snuck in and had a quick rinse. He loves showers.

I'm still alive...

If you were wondering, I am still alive. We have been too crazy to post anything new. But here are some recent updates. No pictures....I have some to post but can't find the camera cord.

Danner and Sawyer are doing good. They really have been playing together and laughing at each other. It is really cute to see. They have also become somewhat interested in Elmo. Not sure how it happened. We only watched Sesame Street once. But everytime they see the thing that point and say "Elmo". They are both just getting over a cold/cough. Nothing too bad but definitely kept us homebound for a week. We had the twin sale this past weekend and I am proud to say that I refrained from buying too many toys and basically just got clothes/shoes. I did get them both a winter coat. Sawyer loves his. I tried it on and he pranced around the living room. Jesse thinks that it makes him look like "Ralphie" from The Christmas Story. Danner wasn't too impressed with hers. Quite surprising because she has become quite the fashion queen. SHe likes to pick out what to wear and put it on herself. She still like shoes but prefers just to wear one. She also has been letting me put in some bows and she will keep it in for a while.

Mega is still hanging in there. October 22nd is the c-sct date but we are hoping not to make it until then. Thursday I will officially be full term, crazy huh? I have appointment tomorrow with the specialist and then Wednesday with the OB. Last week's appointment was relatively uneventful. I was having contractions but nothing too strong.

Maggie, our Jack Russell, is in the hospital. I took her in yesterday. We found an empty rat trap (poison) that was (according to the exterminator) baby/dog proof. The only way in (besides being a rat) is with a key. Well yesterday I noticed it was wide open and completely empty. I took Maggie in just with the gut feeling that she was probably the culprit. She acted fine but I wanted to be sure. They took some blood and indeed she had eaten the poision and quite a bit of it. It basically acts like a blood thinner and could have taken her weeks to show symptoms. So they are treating her at the hospital. Not sure what will happen, but she has a long road to recovery ahead. So say a prayer for Maggie.

Pictures to come....when/if I find my camera cord.

Not today...

No baby today, thank goodness. Fluid was about the same and mega seemed to be doing great in there. They did a few tests checking heartbeat, movement, and practicing breathing. And Mega passed with flying colors. So I have another appt next week with the OB to check cervix. Here's hoping we make it until then.

Are you ready for some football???

Sawyer is!!! His jersey came in the mail today just in time for football season. Danner is still in transit and she was a bit jealous of Sawyer's new outfit. She is such the Prissy Pants.

Mega's appt was fine. Blood pressure and weight were fine. She seemed to think that if my fluid is below 5 next week that they will go ahead and deliver. So here's hoping for more than 5. So now we just wait and see what happens next week.

Sawyer Swimming

I tried to post this on the previous post but for some reason it didn't upload. Geez, these videos take FOR.EVER......There has to be a quicker way to get them on here but I have no idea how....

Happy Labor Day!!

We had quite the busy Labor Day weekend. Sunday was Jesse's birthday so we spent the whole weekend celebrating. Friday we went out to dinner with my family. Sawyer enjoyed a great big piece of chocolate cake. BIG.....he ate every bite. I really didn't think he would eat it. He never has enjoyed cake before. BUT. HE. DID. And what a mess. Danner didn't like it. Here is a pic of the family right before dinner. Saturday we went to Jesse's parents to celebrate with them. We enjoyed a cookout and some relaxing (if you can call it that while chasing 2 babies around) by the pool. Sawyer is quite the waterbug. He is practically swimming. I have downloaded a video of him ALMOST swimming. It won't be long until he really starts swimming on his own. Here is Danner catching some rays and Jesse relaxing by the pool. Check out Sawyer's video in the next post.
Sunday Jesse played golf with some buddies while I entertained babies. We were able to sneak away Sunday night for a nice dinner.Granny and Papaw entertained the kiddos. They even got them some "Cozy Coupes" which they absolutely love. Here are some pics of the kiddos new cars and them with Granny and Papaw. Today we played "tourist" and ventured out to the aquarium. The babies really had fun. We went without strollers and let them run around. They were saying fish the whole rest of the day. Sawyer even recognized sharks thanks to a toy shark he has at home. Cute. Here are a few pics from the aquarium. Enjoy the pics of our weekend. Tomorrow is checkup for mega. Not sure if they will do anything besides weight, blood pressure, and measurements, but I will keep ya posted.

Someone Likes the Baby Room.....

Apparently Sawyer loves the new baby room. He is totally jealous and wants to pack his stuff and move right in. He even decided to crawl in the crib and try it out. That is right....he crawled right in the crib. I had no idea he was such a monkey and could do that, but here is the proof....... now lets hope he doesn't learn to crawl out.




Guess what? Mega's room is finished. And I must say it is absolutely precious. Thanks Kim for the cute sea creatures and sea floor mural to match the bedding. And thanks Nancy for painting the room. Crib is up.....changing table is in there. I must say I am excited to have it done and one less thing to worry about. Time is sneaking up on me as October approaches. Several people have informed me that they think September may be a more likey birthday for Mega......any guesses on dates?

I had an appointment yesterday with the specialist. Mega weighs 5 pounds. Bigger already than Danner when she was born. Crazy huh? The only issue was low fluid. Which could be a serious problem. That is the main reason for Danner and Sawyer's prematurity. So basically I am supposed to be taking it easy (funny right?) and drinking alot. She is hoping with the hot weather that that is the cause. I go to the ob next week and back to specialist on the 15th. They will recheck fluid and see how it looks then. HOpefully it won't be like with Danner and Sawyer where I go in for the appt and they send me to labor and delivery to have the baby. I want to make it 3 more weeks at least..... for nursery pictures. Don't they look fabulous?