Sawyer loves checking the pool filter every day for bugs, frogs, and spiders. He is especially fond of frogs.


Miss Priss had her hair curled for her dance pictures yesterday. She loves getting all dolled up....

Crazy Month

I know I have seriously been missing from the blog this month. It truly has been a crazy month. The kids got sick, I got bronchitis, a broken rib, we lost our dog.....just one this after another.

I hope to get over this bad blog funk soon and really post some details of our life again. my first babies will be 4 in just over a week.
Ahh...where has the time go.

I have a super fun carnival themed birthday party planned for next weekend. I am so excited about it. They are pretty excited too. I hope to have some cute pictures from that.

Speaking of camera has been collecting dust. Lots of dust. It has just been sitting around not getting used. I have snapped a few cute ones from my phone here and there but nothing too exciting.

We are getting great weather. So good in fact that the kids and Jesse have been enjoying the that crazy or what. Notice I didn't include myself in that sentence. It is far too cold for me. I doubt I will even stick my toe in until it is in the 90s....

Did I mention I have a broken rib? Crazy, right? In fact I have no idea how it happened. Seriously, I don't. I just know it was hurting and finally went to the doctor (for the second time this month) about it. And a few x-rays later it was determined that it was broken. So....I did start taking some calcium supplements in hopes of getting those bones of mine a tad stronger.

Yep I had bronchitis which I guess may have caused my broken rib. I have seriously never coughed so much in my whole life. The kids had a cough too but after dragging them to doctor...they did NOT have bronchitis.

We had to put my sweet little pooch down a couple weeks back. IT was by far the hardest decision of my life. And I never would have imagined how painful it would be to lose him. I am truly heartbroken over this dog. He was my baby for 8 years before the twins came along. He did get demoted back to dog after their arrival. Ha. But he was suffering and I knew it was our only option. My sweet Buster.


This Kid

This kid can seriously sleep anywhere....including the coffee table. He fell asleep there while I was asking dishes just a few minutes before bedtime.