the stars align

Apparently the stars are aligning and things are going quite smoothing on the house process for now. The bank has agreed to fix all the main issues on the house before we even move in. That is great and will save us quite a bit of change that we thought would have to be used for fixing up the place. So....for now....things are a-go.

Off to shop at the twin sale for some goodies for my babes.

Did I Mention....

That we found a renter? A sweet couple from Seattle. I like them. They are relocating to Wilmington for his work. They are moving all the way across the country leaving all their family and friends behind. And I know they will take care of our house. She was already asking if she could paint and plant flowers.....yay. So yay for a renter, signed lease for a year, and already to receiving a security deposit and first months rent. They move in November 1.

Now we are waiting on the bank's quotes to come in to see how much they will pay towards fixing up the place. I think either way we are still getting the house....but we shall see.


So the inspection went fairly well for a house that has sat without power for a few months. There were a few minor things. The big things were 2 leaks in the roof caused from overflow from full gutters. Turns out it wasn't too expensive to have fixed. The upstairs ac unit wasn't cooling properly. There is 2 coils that need to be replaced....$1700. The pool is a complete disaster. Besides the fact that it is completely black water with who-only-knows-what living in there, none of the pumps, heaters, or filters work. That could be quite pricey at $8000. Then to top it off there might be signs of termites. This was kind of unexpected since the previous owners supposedly had a termite bond. So we have some thinking to do. We have until Sunday to back out of the contract. The bank who owns it has agreed to send their own inspectors out to price things out, so hopefully they will pay for some repairs.

Ugh...all the drama....



So they counter offered on the house. Which we accepted. We have a scheduled closing on October 18th....which is a little over 3 weeks. It probably won't close on that date but we shall see. We now have to wait on inspections. During that time we have 10 days to change our minds.

Ugh. This is stressful.

A few more...

strollling down the road with my #1 princess

 we were so close to having a full family shot

 two cuties playing on the beach

 how many toddlers does it take to put up an umbrella
Sawyer catching a wave on BJ's back


Today was a pretty busy day. Granny and Mom took Papaw to the dr first thing this morning. He didn't leave there until 4. He was told it would be best to go to the hospital for further testing but, of course, being the ornery old man that he is, he refused. They are thinking he has something wrong with his pancreas. It could be treatable or not. His primary physician doesn't specialize in the GI so he couldn't come to a conclusive diagnosis. Luckily Jesse does work in GI and knows the best docs in the area to help him. So we have an appt with a specialist since he refused to go to the hospital. He seems to be feeling a bit better tonight.

The twins had school today. It was Danner's turn for show and tell and she decided to bring her drum from Animal Kingdom. Sawyer told me last night that he had to go to the office for pushing. I asked Danner if that was true and she said no. So I decided to ask this morning and the teacher said Sawyer did NOT have to go to the office. That he has been very well behaved. Thank goodness.

He has not been so well behaved at soccer. In fact, I am pretty sure that he is not going to be going back to soccer this year. His coach is WAY out of her league teaching 3 year olds. At Saturdays game she cursed several times in front of the whole team and all the parents. She also was getting agitated with the kids, especially Sawyer. He would play good in the game for a few minutes and then decide he was done and leave the field.  Her practices are all over the place and she sits on the side-lines and tells them what to do. Well...these are 3 year olds who have never played and could use a bit more direction and even some visual assistance.     Ok....rant over.

I fell down our stairs today. It was only about 7 but OUCH it hurt. Especially now. Bruised hip. Bruised shoulder. Bruised wrist. Massage?? yes please.

We had 2 people come see our house tonight for renting it out. One guy we really liked and the other lady...not so much. He is looking at a few other properties and will let us know by Friday. Sure hope he choses us.

Still have not heard back from our offer. Apparently they can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. It has been 3 business days....but it already feels like an eternity. I just want an answer. I am okay with no.....but I would like to know.

Danner has her first dance performance October 9th at Riverfest. Say what?? I watched her practice last week and her whole class knows nothing. So this should be interesting. She has a lot to learn in 3 weeks. But the teacher looked cute performing it. LOL   I am not even sure she will be willing to go on stage to perform in front of lots of people.

Ok...that is it for tonight. I promise I have more pics from our vacation coming soon. Just been an emotionally draining weekend.



Please say a little prayer for Papaw. He has been sick for a few days and is pain. Hopefully we will find out what is going on tomorrow.



We submitted an offer to a home last week. I am super excited because it is a BIG beautiful house. It has everything I wanted in a house...including a pool. It could take up to three weeks to hear a response. So, for now, we wait impatiently for the results. And we work on renting out our house. Anyone want to move to the beach to live in our house?? lol

First Day

The first day of preschool went off without a hitch. No tears. No kicking. No screaming. Just happy 3 year olds exciting to go to school.Danner threw a fit when I picked her up from school. She wanted to stay and play with "Sawyer's teacher".  Bittersweet for this momma. And this was my only picture. I was unprepared and my battery died right after this FABULOUS shot. OH well.....


Luckily we were able to vacation with some of our best friends. It is always more fun to enjoy vacation with people you have fun with. One afternoon we took a walk to a local putt-putt. We had been bribing the kids all week with putt-putt. Finally the day came. We headed down the street.
 Ashley and Danner
 Jesse (pushing Porter), BJ, Brycen, Katie, Sawyer...all heading towards putt-putt. Well guess what happened to close for the season the day before???  Yep...putt-putt.
 Luckily there was a nearby park to help console all the tears. Baby Hampton swinging.
 me and Katie
 Ashley, Nick, Hampton
 BJ, Katie, Brycen
Group shot of the adults.

more vacation pics to come....



The crap load of trees that we had to clean up after Irene. Doesn't look like much but when you are dragging branch by branch down your 1/2 acre's a lot. They all fell on our fence and luckily the fence didn't break.


Soccer Star..

um....not so much. Apparently Sawyer has some soccer talent. However, he is NOT happy with listening to the coach or standing still or practicing. what? In all honesty I want him to finish out the season because we made a committment. But I feel like he is just not ready for it. He may be too young still. There are other kids his age or a bit older that do seem to listen better. But he hates it and cries when he has to go. Maybe he would prefer football or baseball or karate?

But he really does look cute doing it, right?


We are Back

We made it home safely from our vaca......and we had a blast. We did lots of relaxing, beaching, pooling, eating, and playing. It was great. I have a few pics to upload and a few stories to how my littlest one almost became SHARKBAIT. I will save that for another post.

Just wanted you to know we are alive and happy and still have 10 toes.

Happy Monday!


I've been MIA....just so much going on. We have been crazy busy. I thought I would give you an update.

  • Hurricane Irene brushed past us. We had lots of rain and little damage. Mainly our neighbors trees fell on our fence. It was quite a bit of yard clean-up but we put the kids to work....haha
  • Hurricane Irene did screw up our vacation plans. Hatteras Island is still not open to residents yet so it is obviously not open to tourists. So we had to make other plans.
  • We found a last minute deal on a vacation home on Ocean Isle. Pretty nice house and it is only an hour from not too shabby.
  • We have been thinking of renting out our house in order to take advantage of the buyers market. So we would have a rental and then buy a bigger home. We actually looked around at a few houses last night and saw a couple that we liked. 
  • The twins started preschool today. They are going 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. And they both loved it today. Danner didn't want to leave and actually threw a fit the whole way home. It is a bittersweet thing. I can't believe my babies are old enough for school....but oh the 3 hours is super nice to get things done. I still have Porter to keep me company. 
  • It has been slightly cooler this week and it feels amazing. I am pretty excited for Fall to has been a hot summer.
  • September is a pretty popular birthday month in the family. Papa (Jesse's grandpa), Poppi (Jesse's dad), Mimi (Jesse's mom), and Jesse all have a birthday. Happy Early Birthday Everyone!!
Ok that is it for now. I have some pictures to upload but don't have time now. Must check to see if the kids have destroyed anything......