Halloween is Coming

Well of course that is the main topic of conversation around our house. Halloween......"how many more days" "what can I be" "can I be this or that" etc etc It's very draining. Especially the "is today Halloween? Tomorrow?"

Anyway....Jesse and I decided that they would be minions for Halloween this year. It took a bit of convincing because the boys wanted superheros and Danner a princess or a cat or something girlie.  I had a homemade costume idea. It would be simple yet cute. However....the hubs decided he needed to go above and beyond to make these minions. I was a bit worried because he just isn't a crafty guy. But I must say they turned out beyond cute!!! It took us the whole weekend to get them ready but totally worth it!  I can't wait for them to wear the costumes on Halloween!

So the finished product......


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