As for Me.....

Well, as for me I have basically been promoted to bus driver. I feel like that is ALL I do these days. Drive the twins to school. Go home. Drive Porter to school. Go home. Run errands. Clean. Workout. Drive to pick up Porter. Drive home. Drive to pick up twins. Drive home. Drive to t-ball or gymnastics or the library or birthday parties. DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE! And I know as they get older and get more hobbies this will only get worse. Ugh!

And as if I am not doing enough....I decided to add myself to the county sub list. I have been volunteering at the twins school every week in their class. And while Porter is at school I need something to keep myself busy. I thought subbing would be a great way to add to the kids college fund. I have only done it a few times....and to be honest it sucks! Bloody awful!!!!

On a positive note. I am taking care of myself! I have become a fitspo. I know most of you don't know what that is. I am really spending alot ALOT of my free time working out. Up to 2 hours a day most days. I have taken a path to clean eating. Of course not everyone in my family is onboard with this healthy choice...(cough.cough. JESSE) but it is a path that I am very passionate about. I have set up an entire room in our house to my home gym. And it is my most favorite place to burn energy, relieve stress, and it makes me happy!!

On the workout plan I really have become infatuated with lifting weights. I have always done cardio....but never have I seen the kind of results that I have gotten with weights. I have added cardio on top of weights as well.

SO prepare yourself! If I am going to will be hearing more about my adventures with health and fitness!!


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  1. okay you can't write all that and not show us a picture of YOU!


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